Hebrew Voices #74 – The Name of God in the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

Matthew 1:18-25 from the Hebrew Gospel of MatthewIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Name of God in the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, Nehemia Gordon talks about how a Karaite Jew came to study the New Testament in Hebrew, what he discovered regarding God’s name in a Hebrew gospel preserved by Jewish rabbis, and how we know Matthew was originally written in Hebrew.

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Verses Referenced:
Exodus 3:15
Matthew 23:1-3
Matthew 1:18-25

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10 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #74 – The Name of God in the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew

  1. Nehemia, since you are reading and studying some of the new testament, I wonder if you would shead some light on fasting from a biblical perspective. How did they who fasted as did John and Yeshua survive 40 days without food or drink? What did fasting really mean? Or is the English translation missing the boat due to translation?

    • I don’t believe it says that Yeshuah fasted from water. It does say this in luke however “For forty days, being tempted by the devil. And he ate nothing during those days. And when they were ended, he was hungry.” Meaning it was food.
      It also states that food of the bread of life.

      I cannot see the body lasting long without water being that it is made up of I think it’s 97% water (not sure if the exact amount) but it’s been proven to we can live many days without food, but not many days without water.

      If someone has any quotes where it says specifically water as well as food, please post the info, as I have found nothing.

      • Thank you for this most helpful information. As always you are a great gift to us who have been seaching the truth of the written word. It’s always best to search the earliest script. Since I am not a scholar but a student I am so grateful for the gift of You, Nehemiah.

  2. The ZOHAR is written in HEBREW but it is a heap of nonsense.

    Closer to chaos than anything else. Both examples to hide a truth.

  3. Totally grateful to Shem Tov for preserving this second or third witness to the accuracy of the NT. Between greek, aramaic, and hebrew sources, we can hope to understand what Yahshua REALLY taught and beware the traditions of men. Also majorly grateful to G Howard, and also to you Nehemia for popularizing this source of information.

  4. Greeting Nehemia,
    Question, why did you not point out the Name of Yehovah in this book. I think it is very important.
    I was so excited to get the book because of that.😕 Blessings to you, Marta Goodrich

  5. Nehemiah,
    Thank you for verifying once again what I have thought for many years now.
    I don’t say this to brag, because everything I am blessed with comes from my Father in heaven, and all credit and praise goes to Him, always, but I have a what I will call (for lack of words) a 6th sense about things in this life, from just knowing things are correct, or not correct in my heart, not knowing why, or how I know, it’s simply unexplainable. I guess you could call it blind faith, (like Peter had walking in the water) and it is definitely a gift I do not take lightly or for granted.
    I’ve been a believer both in worldly church and now just a believer, my entire life. I’ve been blessed many times over. For almost 40 years (I’m now 54) I have been given this gift and felt wrong some how when situations arise or people use wrong names for instance.
    For awhile I used Jesus and god of course, then I came to groups now that are more Hebrew based and keep Torah and feasts and such. I recently within the last 6 years came to realise Yahweh as everyone seems to like to use, does not seem correct nor feel right using it.
    I for a few years, used it, but rarely, because it just felt out of place. Once the word Yehovah came around, I instantly and immediatly felt in my being that this was the correct name, and have since used it regardless of what others may think or use. Again I cannot tell you why or how I know this, and I cannot explain it (aside from how I have already), it would be like our Father trying to explain something that only he could understand, but I feel it is the correct name, and until I am told differently by my Father, I won’t be using any other word, and will continue to call Him by what I believe to be His name, Yehovah.

    Thank you for this, it re-confirms that my gift or feeling is spot on and again it is a blessing to have this gift of understanding(?), I’m not really sure how to explain it exactly. Thank you for your research and insight and in depth study on this.

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