Hebrew Voices #72 – Hebrew Gospels from a Vatican Junk Box

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Hebrew Gospels from a Vatican, Nehemia Gordon talks about how he discovered Hebrew manuscripts of Luke and John! These manuscripts have never been shared with the public before this was aired and are particularly interesting when compared to the Greek text. They are also another proof that the name of God is unequivocally Yehovah and clearly show the pronunciation of the name Yeshua.You can download a full transcription and translation of the surviving portions of the Hebrew gospels of Luke and John from the Vatican below. Elvira wrote: “I am so glad you are getting this out there to the world. I was able to read along with the download of the documents as you read them out loud. What a privilege! What an era to live in!”

I look forward to reading your comments!

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I'm excited to finally be able to share with you an English translation of the Hebrew manuscript of the Gospels that I discovered in the early 2000's. All those years ago, I was at the National Library of Israel looking through a microfilm of miscellaneous manuscripts photographed at the Vatican Library when I came across three pages of the Gospel of Luke (1:1-35) and one page of the Gospel of John (1:1-13) in Hebrew. The microfilm was part of a what I call a "junk box" containing several hundred loose pages from numerous manuscripts written by different scribes in different periods. At the time, the catalogue of the National Library of Israel did not list the full contents of the Vatican junk box and made no reference to these Hebrew Gospels. The Vatican Library recently published color photographs of these documents on it's website, opening the door for me to share this with the world.

To help you study these fascinating manuscripts, I created a PDF with the full Hebrew transcription and English translation with links to the color photos on the Vatican website, which you can download.

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95 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #72 – Hebrew Gospels from a Vatican Junk Box

  1. I have a question: How can we be certain that this Hebrew Luke Gospel or the Gospel of John are not late translations of the Greek manuscripts? Maybe could be done a carbon 14 test? Or some other time test? I am very suspicious to see a manuscript written with vowels and come from the first or second century A.D. As I know the vowels were invented and put by scribes between 500-1000 A.D. in the Hebrew text.

  2. The prosbul was instituted by Hillel. The Mishnah states that when he saw that the people refrained from giving loans one to another before the Sabbatical Year, thereby transgressing “Beware that there be not a base thought in thy heart,” etc. (Deut. 15:9), he instituted the prosbul (Shev. 9:3). The Talmud therefore explained prosbul as pruz buli u-buti, meaning an advantage for both the rich and poor. It benefited the rich since it secured their loans, and the poor since it enabled them to borrow (Git. 37a).

  3. Nehemiah; is there a list/catalogue available of these Hebrew gospels with information on where they were found, there approximate age, names of translators if possible, etc etc. From what Michael says at the beginning they are not the work of Shem Tov but it would be nice to know who or at least a little more.

  4. As a child I would ask my dad how is it 3 days an 3 nites(Christian Easter) I would ask what is God’s name. While in prison I found these answers, but I found in Strongs Concordance
    1943hovah another form for 1942 means ruin an mischief, 3050Yah means Lord, most vehement.
    I stumble on this, Please help me understand.
    I use bible verse John14:10,11 “I am in the father an the father in me” so wouldn’t it be pronounced as so??
    (spelled as I pronounce)
    Yahshuwah + Yahowah= Yahoshuwah
    Son in Father Father in Son
    I’m Greatfull for your programming, forgiving me “Teacher” I am not as educated as most but I want to serve, as you an Mr Rood serve God
    Thank you

    • God (Elohim)’s name is “Yehovah”. Strong OT# 3068. ‘Yah’ is a poetic form of Yehovah’s Name. When we sing Hallelujah in music, we are actually singing Hallelu-Yah….”praise Yehovah”. Also, In Hebrew, the ‘Vav’ is not pronounce as a ‘W’ but as a ‘V’.

      His Son’s name is “Yehowshu`a” or I write it Yeho-shua, which means Yehovah Saves. The shortened form of it is Y’shua, or in the Aramaic language, “Yeshua”.

      OT:3068 Yehovah (yeh-ho-vaw’); from OT:1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God:

      OT:3088 Yehowshuwa` (yeh-ho-shoo’-ah); or Yehowshu`a (yeh-ho-shoo’-ah); from OT:3068 and OT:3467; Jehovah-saved; Jehoshua (i.e. Joshua), the Jewish leader: -Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua….(Ed. as well as the complete name of Jesus in Hebrew)

      (Biblesoft’s New Exhaustive Strong’s Numbers and Concordance with Expanded Greek-Hebrew Dictionary. Copyright © 1994, 2003, 2006, 2010 Biblesoft, Inc. and International Bible Translators, Inc.)

      Maybe someone else will be able to explain better, and I hope you can get all your questions answered.

  5. thank you so much for giving us the translation of the gospels from Hebrew. Please is there a Hebrew version of John 6:53-55 for you to translate into English?? We really want to understand that part. since we believe Yeshua speaks about Pesach, not a “holy communion” the church made of it. Besides that both the Tenach and the Britt Hadashah forbid the drinking of blood. . So why would yeshua order his disciples to do so figuratively? Hope you can shed some light on this bible verse .we would like to get insight on the Hebrew linguistics of that part. shalom from the Netherlands Han & Hanny.

  6. Thank you for the presentation and also the PDF with Vatican Library links! I checked them out, and found the name Yeshua and Yehovah a few times already- so cool. I can’t wait for more information to come out about these manuscripts!

  7. I obtained a Hebrew copy of the NT published by England for converting Jews to Chrtianity in 1981. It looks just like a Harkavay (font type/ paper/binding/etc)… I heard what NT says when it says Jesus said “they’ll always be hearing, and never perceiving”… and I noticed how without the jots/tittles the same base words are rendered a dozen different ways. So I have been wrestling with the OT Hebrew in my Harkavays and Readers Hebrew bibles for a bit trying to find His Words and understand what they mean.

    I open up this Hebrew NT and feel slapped in the face, it was published in 1981 – I was 6 – I open it up and its soooooo easy to read right from the start in Hebrew – the English is saying The Sermon on the Mount, but the Hebrew is saying He is The Son of Man, He is The Monorah, He is The Light, He is Olam, on and on and on – where the translator found all these words hiding to make them fit “the script” somehow i do not know – when I go to the 5 books I have to dig deep to even find 1… they’re all in Genesis but Jesus seemed to be giving His Sermon very specifically on The Law and right after blessings, He goes into 10 commandments and then refers to the cursings as “woes”… He is disputing the entire theology of the OT. Idk what to do with this 81 yet – just the Hebrew that started as Hebrew is a spiritual wrestling trying to engage – adding to it Greek that very strongly seems to be from Hebrew, retranslated from Greek back to alledged Hebrew representing the English better than the Greek does – aRgggghH for real – i wanna cry. you would think any translator would use the words in the passage of scripture Jesus is specifically referencing (for instance אשר is found in OT as blessed, but not in the blessings… ברך is used…) this is 1 of 3 i checked before i gave up for the night, grabbed a bottle of wine and ranted at God for a few hours in prayer while attempting to suppress emoting scorny bent Isaiah meets youtube ranter posts on my Facebook. My brain hurts and my heart hurts more. ?

    • please please please can you do a post on early Jewish theology and THE SON OF MAN – Joseph is referred to S.o.M. in Genesis in the base words clear as day: בן אדם – this is a big deal cuz the S.o.M echos the egyptians savior (which we all know with Joseph and Ham (or 1 of Noahs sons), then Solomon influences on their theologies over Yah’s Times, that doesnt NOT make sense at all… but i haven’t seen anything to help me understand what Israel heard really when Jesus said He was The Son of Man.

      • If you want to know and Understand about THE Son of Man term Jesus referred to Himself as, you will need to read Enoch!!!

        The First Scripture for the Last Time!!!

        Being Restored by YHWH Now!

        Here is a link to Enoch at Chapter 46 where the Son of Man is described.

        (btw don’t bother with 2 or 3 Enoch. One Enoch is legit short of the Aramaic DSS of it being revealed to tidy up what we have in Ethiopic from Greek ancient manuscripts.)

    • Yeah that’s what I would probably feel like too after spending so much time tripping about words. I am honestly starting to miss the days I knew nothing about “Greek Primacy”, or “Arabic primacy”, or whether I should say “Holy” or ” Set apart”. It was so much simpler when I just read Jesus’ words from my KJV NT and was learning about how He wanted me to live.

    • I can only imagine your level of frustration – but feel much the same way without having come from the same place!

  8. Nehemiah makes a good point about the word “ormah”. I am reading through Yehoshua, and in chapter 9 we find that the inhabitants of Givon acted בערמה which is translated as slyly, the exact opposite of what Zecharyah and Elisheva are being commended for, namely being righteous בלתי ערמה. Pretty cool to see!

    • Vowel and cantillation marks were added to the older consonantal layer of the Bible between 600 CE and the beginning of the 10th century. The scholars who preserved the pronunciation of the Bibles were known as the Masoretes. These junk scripts can only be far later versions of the Greek texts.

  9. Nehemia, you mention that Rashi tells a story of Abram breaking up his father’s idols. That story is found in Sefer ha-Yashar. I have listened to your commentary on the “Book of Jasher” that you do not believe that it is authentic because it is referred to in the book of Joshua and yet there are references to historical events that occurred well after Joshua’s time. Do this same logic not also apply to Torah? You state in your commentary of Jasher that you believe that Moses wrote all the books of Torah yet there are events that are described that occurred after the death of Moses.

    Sefer ha-Yashar is not Torah. There is no prohibition against adding to or taking away from so it is not law, however there is information to be gleaned – especially as it pertains to Nimrod and the pagan feasts that were created to honor Ha Satan that are being practices to this day by people calling themselves “Christian” but who are truly “Constantine Christians” for the follow the teachings of the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine rather than the teachings of Yeshua ben Yahovah.

    There is also good information regarding the Melchizadek priesthood (not the false one proclaimed by the Mormons) that was passed from Adam to Noah’s son Shem who because king of Salem (Jerusalem) and how Abram was sent to live with Noah and his son’s after Nimrod sought to have the infant killed after his prophets saw a sign after leaving the home of Terah after the birth of Abram. It also tells what happened to Lot’s father and why Abram felt the need to watch over his brother’s son.

    The Melchizadek priesthood was passed down to Abraham by Shem (called Melchizadek – it is a title and not a name) after the rescue of Lot and the defeat of the kings that had raided the land. Shem paid a 10th of the spoils to Abraham and passed on the priesthood that eventually died out and was replaced by the temporary Aaronic priesthood until it was restored and was passed on to Yeshua ben Yahovah (where it will not depart).

    My thoughts regarding the Sefer ha-Yashar is that it is a historical record that someone felt the need to update throughout history as best they could. But if Rashi references it (Abram and his father’s idols), then why not read it but remember that Torah is the foundation of our faith and the true Word of Yahovah and, if there is anything contained in the Sefer ha-Yashar that deviates from Torah, then Torah wins!

    • Have you ever figured out why the genealogy in Gen 5 and later has Methuselah out living the flood?

      This is key to what you are thinking above.

      Ancient texts have different datings and all agree that Methuselah did die before the flood as the Bible says in words but violates in dates.

      These tweaked dates are also why the secular records don’t line up with Biblical records.

      A video on that you may find amazing is Patterns of Evidence.

      It will affirm your trust of the historical record in Scripture MUCH!!!

  10. This was such a wonderful podcast, I had to listen to it again. Thank you again. Yehovah is truly moving among His people and calling them by name.

  11. Hello Nehemia:
    Thank you for sharing the information regarding the Hebrew testimony (gospel) fragments. I’m eagerly looking forward to more on the Hebrew fragments from the other New Testament books you uncovered.
    I am curious to know in each case if these look to you be translations from the Greek or reflect a Hebrew-to-Hebrew text transmission independent of the Greek. I’m also curious if there’s anything we can glean about their age, if they come from a single library and the type of Jew or Jews responsible for their existence. Presumably they were confiscated by the Catholics from people forfeiting their belongings.
    Jews remaining literate of Hebrew, yet cradling the message of the New Testament, though largely hidden, will never go extinct–for which we can all be grateful.

  12. A quick question — Gospel of Yochanan v 6 — why did you translate Elohim as God there and elsewhere it is Elohim? My Hebrew is limited so I may be misreading/misinterpreting
    Thank you so much – exciting material

  13. Nehemia, Watching this again (3rd or so time). It dawns on me now, if you found 1 page from the gospel of John in the junk box, the Vatican should have the rest of the book there somewhere. This page fell out and was tossed in the box, but where is the book it came out of? I so pray Yehovah will cause that and more to be released to the world soon! Yehovah bless you for all the great work you are doing and have done. I am so glad I was led to hear you speak and get your books several years ago. These revelations have changed my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  14. As always you are my hero, my teacher, a profit sent to us in modern times to bring us back to the truth of our Fathers. Thank you for answering the call.

  15. Ok so we have maybe have a manuscript, real or memorex, recorded 70+yrs after supposed accessions of The savior? REALLY??

  16. In your audio, you skipped over the sentence:

    “And Elohim, he was the Word.”

    This is the one that the Trinitarians give us trouble with.
    Can you explain it?

  17. Well I can tell you that document 1r[04.fs.000] is from Jeremiah 13 and 1v[02.fs.000] is in German and filmed upside down! Interesting stuff. Shalom.

  18. WOW! WOW! WOWSA!
    My soul was dancing as I listened!
    As u xplained meaning of word in Hebrew about ..next to….my mind goes to seeing TORAH as an entity, not just precpts being written down as just words on scrolls.
    So I picture TORAH…along side of YEHOVAH ….”in the beginning”….as the monitor of all creation.
    Also see John 1:1……In Ber’ashite (sp) in a different concept.

    As I understand, WORD to any Hebrew, would be..TORAH.

    Thus …In the beginning was ..the (specific) WORD….Torah

    And the WORD..TORAH..was with YEHOVAH…

    And the WORD was YEHOVAH…

    The same…TORAH…was “in the beginning” with—-duuhhhh—-YEHOVAH..

    NOW a problem…

    Vs3….All things were made by him…him not being in caps signifying YEHOVAH…so is the “him” TORAH as an entity or just a poor translationor is it YEHOVAH?
    Your thoughts appreciated!

  19. Nehemia your prayer at the end brought chills to me asking for Yehovah to soon send forth his Son to finish the restoration of all things wow.

  20. Sorry if this offends some but history can be offensive.The Catholic/Church of Rome was opposed to Scriptural Sabbath keeping Christains and use to hunt Christains down to wipe them out.Just like the Nazi’s use to hunt down the Jews,kill them, and take they’reart,gold,possessions. (So that you might understand the caution) Scriptural Sabbath Keeping Christains typically do not view themselves as having anything to do with Catholism or it’s daugthers. The Roman Church would hunt them down,kill them, and take they’re scrptures.(booty)So the Christains became very secretive and basically were very selective of who they shared they’re scriptues with ( because of the persecution and threats to life) and basically went underground. Some Scriptual Chistains might only give out a page or a verse to someone they might want to share the scriptures with.Sometimes,secretly passing pages off.This could be one of those items that were taken from such Sabbath Keepers or individuals they passed them to.So you may not have a full book in Hebrew.But, it’s nice that there is evidence of it being in Hebrew.


  22. Fascinating. Could someone point me to a teaching about phonetic and pronunciation rules that preclude the pronunciation of the Holy Name from being Yehowah or Yehuwah? Basically, I’m curious about the “vav” vs. “waw” arguments. I’ve seen a few arguments on both sides, but I’m still not settled on it myself.

  23. These findings unveil more truth that the disciples would have first written the letters in Hebrew and that these things were hidden for a reason. All glory to Yehovah for unmasking these treasures and using you to do so. His plan can not be stopped!

  24. Love this, can’t get enough. can you post and ‘roughly’ translate your found John & Luke documents like you did the first 2 chapters you found of Revelation?

    Nehemiah, you say you blessed but we are also blessed by your findings to get even closer to YehoVaH more and more every day.

  25. I tried to post this earlier, so please pardon any duplicate: Do we have any provenance for these extant texts — what year they date to for starters? Great finds!

  26. Do we have provenance information for these texts — what century these extant texts from etc.? Great find!

    • Not trying to be a critic, but Nehemia’s research on the Tetragrammaton should lead one to understand that first vowel in the Name is the Hebrew letter “Shva” and pronounced in English with a short “e” sound, as in the Hebrew names Yehonatan, Yehoshua, etc. — not a short “a” sound. Shalom.

      • Sheva is neither a consonant nor a vowel… and it is a short “e” sound (transliterated as an upside down e).

  27. Very important information. Someone needs to search the archives (without letting them know what you are looking for) and search out the actual books these leaves came from. I thought that IBM had already digitalized the Vatican’s archive.

  28. Wow, Nehemia! You have brought me to tears! Seeing these 2 gospels in Hebrew is so inspiring & touching! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work on these manuscript pages & for sharing them with us! Such a blessing!!!

    • Access to the manuscripts has been limited by technology until recently. As Nehemiah said on Shabbat night live, he saw them on micro-film, but didn’t have access to high quality photos until recently.

  29. I have been reading text about the virgin birth. And in this document there seems to be the error. Miryam is said by Gabriel to be pregnant, then miryam says she hasnt known a man. Matthew and Luke are the only places the virgin birth is mentioned and Isaiah 7:14 is not about the virgin birth of Yeshua. Am i misunderstanding this text?

    • Septuagint says “Look, the virgin shall be with child and bear a son, and you shall name him Emmanouel.”

  30. Nehemia thank You so much for sharing those manuscripts in Hebrew, what a gift. To see both names YEshua and YHVH in the gospels of Luke and John and to hear their pronunciation in Hebrew is a complete Privilege!
    Elohim continue blessing and using you to teach us!,,!

    • Angela, it is really exciting to see the Hebrew writing and translation here. If you can find a copy of the Aramaic English New Testament which comes from the Eastern Manuscripts, you will also find YHVH/Yehovah all over the place in the New Testament….such a blessing to read and at times astonishing to see the relationship between Yeshua and Yehovah.

  31. Hello Nehemia. I know you prefer to stay out of the theological issues. But what does it really say at John 1:1 according to the hebrew grammar? It is not a matter of taking sides, just please let us know what exactly is in the text. Thankyou for your great job anyway. All the best!

  32. Wondering what insight you may have regarding the Hebrew version of John 1:1 – Particularly, your rendering ‘And Elohim, he was the
    Word.’ Does this, in your thinking, further the teaching of Yeshua’s deity?

      • Fair enough…

        Do we have other textual examples in Hebrew texts where 2 different ‘things’ are equated as the same thing and is there a linguistic rule for such occurrences?

        Thanks Nehemiah. Appreciate your time.

    • YHVH Is Spirit/Breath. It’s hard to speak without breathing. Words are actually compression waves of breath/air, and so the Word is God’s Breath (That’s Him!) moved by his Speech in such a way as to create the Universe. Therefore, the Word(s) He spoke are also His Spirit, so it’s Him, echad!, just configured so you and I can see, smell, and handle(!). Every atom and molecule is part of God. So, Gen. 1:1-1:2 can solve your question. It doesn’t have to be theological, it can just be logical and natural.

  33. What a feast! I am as excited and as emotional as a little child to have received all of these blessings through you and your work. The Bible is the Bedrock. It is the only possible foundation. I am having a good Shabbat. Toda raba Nehemia.

  34. May Yehovah be with you! I agree with you that these times are the most exciting to be alive, outside of being at Mt sinai and hearing the voice of Yehovah. Praying for you.

  35. Yochanan one verse 10

    He was in the world and the world was made through him.


    I do have a question:”The world was made through him”
    Can the word “through” have more than one meaning?
    Could it be translated as “for”? And the world was made for him?

    Thank you!

  36. This is very exciting!. I am always humbled by your Hard unendiing labor for Truth and Wisdom. Wherever you find it and whatever your beliefs you don’t let that stop you. With Admiration, Thank You Nehemiah

    • I eat a good meal when I am hungry to sustain me physically. Hunger is a truth that does not need validating; it shows up three times a day. I study God’s word to sustain me spiritually because I hunger and thirst after righteousness. Nehemia’s findings are a great sustenance. Taste and see that the Lord (Yehovah) is good.

    • Hebrew uses the original alphabet, which was invented for Hebrew or a close cousin to it. As with other Semitic languages, only the consonants were written down (no vowels). Around 700 ce, various systems for writing vowels were developed for Semitic languages, with each language developing distinct vowel symbols.

  37. Thank you for ALL you do. To share with you, I use to read the 1st 13 verses of John over and over when I was a kid. It was like poetry to me. Now, to hear you read it in Hebrew and see it written in Hebrew, it made my heart soar. And the place from where you found this manuscript, I can’t help but laugh. HaShem has such a sense of humor. It was placed there just for you to find. And to see Luke in Hebrew it is so awesome. LOVE IT.

  38. Thank you so much for the money, time, and all the emotion garage that must come your way as you put truth out there for people to see. I am so excited to see the clarity that the Hebrew language can bring to these gospels. Thank you, thank you. Bless you.

  39. Oh my!!!!! I KNEW the New Testament had to be in Hebrew first! I am beside myself with excitement!!!! And anticipation!!! Bless you, Nehemia, if you even knew how many lovers of Yehovah are praying for you as you search for these manuscripts that have been hidden for 2000 years. But it is time for them to be found. It must be Yehovah’s time. How amazing and exciting! Blessings be upon the Name of Yehovah forever for this mercy!!!

  40. Nehemia, I am so thrilled that you are sharing these finds! I have wished and prayed for years that Hebrew versions of the gospels would be discovered. I believe the originals were penned in Hebrew and not Greek or Aramaic. I realize these are not the originals but they can reveal some of the flavor of them.

    What shocks me is that there are already people in the Messianic realm who are scoffing at these as frauds!!???? Unbelievable, you always make yourself clear when describing what you’ve found and I’ve never heard you make an outlandish claim. Stubborn, stiff-necked people refuse to see and hear what YEHOVAH is clearly bringing to light. My God!

    Either way, YEHOVAH bless you for continuing to do what you do! You are a great blessing to the followers of YHVH and yes, to believers in Yeshua!

    • Amen! We are waiting with bated breath! So disappointed not to have verse 14 in this first chapter of John, but I know Yehovah will reveal that one, too, in time.Really curious to see what it says….

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