Hebrew Voices #6 – Biblical Sites with an LA Screenwriter (Rebroadcast)

"Fun Joel" Haber in Nahal HaShofetIn this episode of Hebrew VoicesBiblical Sites with an LA Screenwriter, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Joel Haber, a licensed tour guide in Israel, whose tours are so enjoyable that he earned the nickname “Fun Joel.” Joel shares powerful examples of how reading the Bible, in the land of the Bible, brings the verses to life — sharing details from the binding of Isaac, the Valley of Elah, the routing at Mt. Hermon, and the broad wall in Jerusalem. Joel explains in-depth how the roads, the riverbeds, and the typography all help to clarify events, as well as how matching historical and archaeological records with biblical accounts proves the Bible is clearly not a made up book. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #79 – The Truth About the Seven Noachide Laws

In this episode of Hebrew Voices The Truth About the Seven Noachide Laws, Nehemia Gordon talks about how the Noachide Laws are actually a Rabbinic construct, how in-fact we see in Isaiah 56 that there is one law for the native born and the sojourner, and the incredible number of people around the world who are joining themselves to Yehovah. Daniel wrote: “I really appreciate you explaining the origins of these noachide laws. Blessings to you Nehemia!!!” Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #30 – Nephilim and Demons in the Book of Enoch

Hebrew-Voices-Nephilim-and-Demons-in-the-Book-of-EnochIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nephilim and Demons in the Book of Enoch, Nehemia talks with Dr. Miryam Brand about the Book of Watchers, which is another name for the first 36 chapters of 1 Enoch. The intrigue begins in Genesis 6:1-4 when “sons of God” got together with “daughters of men” and “Nephilim” seem to have been the result—a passage Nehemia considers the most difficult in the Tanakh. The Book of Watchers is an attempt by ancient Jews to explain this mysterious passage in the Torah.

Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #78 – Chinese Origin of the Sukkot Etrog

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Chinese Origin of the Sukkot Etrog, Nehemia Gordon talks with ordained-rabbi Dr. David Moster about the "fruit" we are commanded to use on the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23:40). They discuss how the Citron or "Esrog" arrived in the Land of Israel in the Persian Period, how it played an important role in the rise of the Pharisees, and how it eventually became the distinctive symbol of Judaism - replacing God's holy name. Their conversation explores the Orthodox, Samaritan, and Karaite interpretations of Lev 23:40, its function in the Feast of Booths, and why a southeast Asian-Jewish fruit is a key ingredient in traditional Christmas cakes. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #2 – The Origin of Sin (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nehemia Gordon discusses with Dr. Miryam Brand the origin of sin and her book, Evil Within and Without: The Source of Sin and Its Nature as Portrayed in Second Temple Literature. Gordon keeps the gems accessible to non-scholars as they track revelations about the origin of sin through the centuries. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #77 – Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages

Hebrew Voices - Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages - Nehemia Gordon with Dr. Daniel LaskerIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Israeli professor Dr. Daniel Lasker, about the painful memory of forced conversions. They talk about the reason most Jews do not have a ready-answer about why they do not believe in Jesus, why people argue things they don't really believe, and how a sarcastic sense of humor served as a defense mechanism in dealing with traumatic realities in Jewish history. This episode contains a world first: a Jewish professor attempts to explain to a Karaite Jew the nuances of the Trinity in Christian theology! Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #76 – Jewish, Finnish, and Zionist

In this brand-new episode of Hebrew Voices, Jewish, Finnish, and Zionist, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Michel Grünstein, a Jewish journalist in Helsinki who explains about the new European antisemitism, the Left's war on ancient Jewish practices, and how Trump's wall has become a symbol of hope for freedom-loving people all over the world. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #20 – Adventures in Hebrew Typesetting (Rebroadcast)

Hebrew Voices - Adventures in Hebrew Typesetting - Nehemia Gordon with Rapahel FreemanIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Adventures in Hebrew Typesetting, Nehemia Gordon chats with Raphael Freeman, world-class typesetter and Founder of Renana Publishers in Modiin, Israel. Gordon and Freeman discuss the special challenges of Hebrew typesetting from the letterpress era to the digital age. With its consonants, vowels, dagesh, two sets of accent marks, and myriads of combinations, creating fonts for Hebrew is considered by Microsoft to be more complicated than for Chinese. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #21 – A Physicist on the Nature of God (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew VoicesA Physicist on the Nature of God, Nehemia Gordon explores the connection between science and the Bible with orthodox Jewish physicist Dr. Gerald Schroeder. According to Schroeder, there is no conflict between Torah and “teva” (nature), as the two complete one another. Schroeder explains the tradition that Moses was given only part of the Torah, the other part being hidden in nature, an idea introduced in the 12th century by Maimonides in “Guide to the Perplexed.” Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #50 – My Favorite Bible Verse (Rebroadcast)

In Hebrew Voices, My Favorite Bible Verse, Nehemia Gordon talks about the first verse his father ever taught him, and why he suspects his favorite verse might have also been one of Yeshua’s favorites, and quite possibly the last words on Yeshuah's lips. This episode is available as a video and as a podcast. Continue reading