Hebrew Voices #125 – A Non-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jew

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Non-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jew, Nehemia Gordon shares an encounter he had at Speakers' Corner in London, with a Jew who believes he must wait for the Messiah to come, before returning to Israel, and tells us what it’s like for him being an Ultra-Orthodox Jew living in England.

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  • Lillian Santiago says:


  • LG says:

    Great interview! Although I didn’t agree with his views on Zionism, I thought it was awful that the British government was interfering with the way they teach their children in their private schools. I sure hope that they’ve been able to survive with all these lockdowns.

  • Ron says:

    That was interesting.Thanks Elly(?) and Nehemia.

  • Paulette Gray says:

    I budgie (budgerigar) is a native Australian parrot. In the US known as a parakeet

  • JAKE HAVA says:

    The man said the Hebrew schools don’t teach “sex education”, then he goes on to explain what they do teach, which, according to his description, is sex education – true sex education.

  • Walter Schwenk says:

    Eli makes a very lucid appraisal of the political and religious state of Israel. However, I think a strong case could be made that right to dwell in the “Land” is totally contingent upon faithfulness to yhwh.

  • Laura says:

    from Laura in Iowa: Here’s what I got out of this show: for an orthodox Jew, the biggest thing in keeping Torah is keeping shabbat, and the number 2 thing is eating kosher. For the Christians which I grew up around, the top one is drinking and number 2 thing is still smoking. Or looking at porn, not sure now. They don’t assign ranking in sermons, you can gather the importance of each thing to them by the way they speak. (kind of sneaky-like when it comes to drinking. They will mention drinking or drugs within one sentence of one with the word ‘sin’ in it, but rarely both concepts in the same sentence)

    • Neville D Newman says:

      Laura, you wrote that you got out of this episode that “the biggest thing in keeping Torah is keeping shabbat and the number 2 thing is eating kosher.” and also mentioned re. Christians, in your experience, “They don’t assign ranking in sermons, you can gather the importance of each thing to them by the way they speak.”

      I believe we might say that same (latter) thing about Torah. Look at the amount of text dedicated to Shabbat observance, as well as that dedicated to [un]acceptable foods, and compare that to other commands. I think we can gather why those things are considered highly important by the way (and the volume with which) they are spoken about in the scriptures.

    • Sarah says:

      Just because a mouse is in a cookie jar doesn’t make him a mouse. I am sure there are ungodly as well as godly people in both groups. Look for the real “cookies”.

  • Bill W says:

    Nehemia could you please comment on the idea that the old testament has several passages that may indicate there are 2 Yehovahs. I read an article about that recently. You did a show where your 2 guests commented briefly on this but you did not give your opinion.

  • Bill W says:

    That was a very good interview. I wish I had a neighbor like that.