Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS #10 – Matthew 4:12-16

In Hebrew Gospel Pearls PLUS #10 Matthew 4:12-16, Nehemia and Keith reveal how the pope tried to change the Bible by tampering with an ancient Hebrew manuscript, how translators tried to change the map of Israel to fit their misinterpretations, and how Herod's forbidden marriage contributed to the Protestant Reformation 1,500 years after his death. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #121 – Back to Work!

In this episode of Hebrew Voices Back to Work! Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson saddle up to discuss going back to work together... to do Hebrew Gospel Pearls! It's a big commitment, so they desperately need your input. Be sure to watch this special episode "Back to Work!" to learn what is involved in them studying Hebrew Matthew together and then vote to let them know if they should do it. Ron wrote: “REALLY hoping it goes ahead! Can’t wait to hear Nehemia’s expertise on this.” Continue reading