Hebrew Voices #39 – Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation: Part 1

Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation This episode of Hebrew Voices is one of the most exciting things I have ever discovered: A Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation! This 17th century manuscript in the British Library contains the name Yehovah with full vowels and refers to "Yehoshua Mashiach". Torah-loving Methodist pastor AJ Bernard and the mysterious "T-Bone" joined me for a lively discussion of the Hebrew text and English translation. We unpacked topics such as the "Aleph Tav", the Jewish understanding of the Messiah coming on the clouds, and the meaning of Yehovah's holy Name.

Please listen to the episode, study the text, and share your thoughts in the comments section! Geoff wrote: “Nehemia, This was one of your best to date. Wow. I have been intrigued by the Hebrew Matthew manuscripts, but this is a step or more beyond any of that…I will be looking forward to Part 2.”

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122 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #39 – Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation: Part 1

  1. Shalom! I’m adding my two cents on the Hebrew manuscript of Revelations. First of all, I love it!! I love your ministry in general. I believe the two-edged sword refers to the concept in Hebrews 4:12-13, “The word of God is active and alive, sharper than any 2-edged sword….” It gives discernment & ultimate truth. Shalom!

  2. Nehemia the spirit of the lord is 7fold. It is prophesied his 7fold spirit is to be poured out on all flesh in the last days!

  3. The Shabbat is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. “The Lord’s Day” is always a day of judgement. He ressurrected on the first day, which would still be Saturday evening. Nowhere in scripture do they meet on Sunday. If your referring to Acts 20:7 “And upon the first DAY(the word day doesn’t appear in the original text) of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight(or a better translation would be between the even’s).” The Greek word for week is sabbaton meaning the first of the sevens or Sabbath’s counting to shavuoth. In Acts 20:6 we can clearly see it was after passover/unleavened bread. Learn the feast!

  4. Okay, first of all I laugh every time I hear part of this! Nehemia tells “everyone” to calm down (at finding Yehovah in the Revelation 1:8) but HE is the one who is excited!! Either way, it is funny but awesome. I always love your enthusiasm Nehemia!
    I tried to find a copy of Delitzsch’s Revelation but haven’t been able to yet. I then pulled out my Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels (no Revelation of course), but looked for the passage in Luke 1 about the birth of Yeshua. Unfortunately the version I have replaces YHVH (no vowels) with Hashem!! Oh well, I will keep looking. Grrrrr.
    Thanks for this great discussion. I love it.

  5. My understanding from a spiritual aspect of “double edged sword” refers to the words spoken, and how they can be used to heal or kill (so to speak).
    Thank you for the work you share with us, there is so much to learn, and I Thank God every day, that you teach so that I can learn faster.

  6. A very interesting conversation! Going to hear the next one. My thought on this is that perhaps there’s some more investigation needed before we can gain a complete understanding. Praising YeHoVaH for His Wondrous works! Shalom

  7. Shalom,
    V 6″Elohim and his Father. And vers 8 Yehovah the Elohim ” is referring to the one true God. In rev4:8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. The book of revelation from chapter 1 to 22, 95x God referring to God the father. There is no room in the book of revelation for the trinity.
    1 COR 8: 6 But to us there is but ONE GOD, the FATHER, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

    • This is exactly what I believe. I grew up with the Trinity teaching. I never believed it. It didn’t make sense to me. I discovered by myself communing with God in his Word that God is Spirit and anyone who has his spirit is one with him. Christ never had his own spirit. He was bestowed with the spirit of Almighty God at his baptism. When he said I and the Father are one he meant they are together one in the spirit. They are both separate but one together in the spirit. The disciples couldn’t understand it. So Philip asked him to just show us something i.e., the Father and then they would believe. Christ said everything I say to you is spirit. The flesh profits nothing. They eventually got it. But it was a process of understanding what he was teaching. When you discover the right interpretation which only the spirit can unveil it is a miraculous blessing.

      • God=Existence. Yeshua and his Father were literally one, not just in spirit, if you exist; you are Reality or Yehova. If you love God so much that it causes great joy for you to practice Altruism, then you are closer to the Spirit. This was the Good news of the kingdom: an Awakening of the Spirit. The Kingdom is found in Altruism, in being one with Nature’s true will[pouring love into itself through the Trinity

  8. I follow what you wrote. I do not speak English so I’m using Google translation.
    The number seven in the Bible occurs many times and often has a relationship with God and His purpose.
    The number seven indicates complete from God’s point of view:
    7 days of creation – a full creation process,
    7 God’s spirits – the fullness of the Holy Spirit,
    7 congregations – all God’s congregations,
    In general, the book of revelation begins with the information that Jan was presented with a vision in signs or symbols
    The numbers 2,6,10,12,24 have other meanings.

  9. Black Elk of the Lakota, an Yesraelai Lost tribe, actually spoke about seeing the throne of Wakan Tanka(Great Holy Mystery). He said he met 6 grandfathers who were the powers of the world which were one with the great spirit, in the tipi of the sky, the seventh place belongs to the sprit of El.

    One spirit with four winds, the above and the below.

  10. As a veteran, you mention Double edge sword, a double edge sword it used for cutting in left and right and thrusting, a single edge sword only cut in one direction and thrusting, double edge sword was commonly use in cut with both edges and for cutting a swath through several fighters, when a warrior is faced with more than one, he can cut his foes in both direction.

  11. Oh my…I listened to this podcast when it first came out. I read through the English translation at that time too. HOWEVER, for the last few weeks, I’ve been taking a Hebrew reading class, and I decided to look at the actual manuscript today.

    I was startled and delighted by the nervous-excited feeling I felt in my stomach as I searched for vs. 8 with Yehovah’s name. Such an amazing experience.

    Thanks for researching and sharing. I look forward to future discoveries of the manuscript.

    • Charles, Don’t know if you’ll see this, but I was wondering which Hebrew reading class you’re taking. I want to find one. Thanks, Gregg

  12. Hi Nehemia
    On the Hebrew Book of Revelation
    Revelation 2:8-9 In considering what you mentioned about the council/gathering of satan, it brings to mind the early church councils of Laodicea and Nicea, where many important aspects of torah was changed to suit the ‘Roman world’ for eg the sabbath to Sunday and the prohibition of anything to do with the ‘Jewish love feasts’ etc… And still applicable today in mainstream Christianity. Please do let me know your thoughts on this.
    Thanks vyomi

  13. please allow us access to the full translated version you have prepared. and as you can see I was right about Yahusha’s [as in Joshua’s] name these last few years. you are an inspiration to many of us. please give our love to the family

  14. Nehemia,

    Thanks for another great presentation. When you were discussing the Nicolatians, and then progressed through word puns and then ended up at the Tree of Life, I could not help but see an important theme in Revelation that most Christians overlook.

    Revelation make reference to Torah observance three times, all associated with that group of people surviving the destruction presented within the book. Revelation 12:17 and Rev 14:12 mention a group of individuals protected by God who 1) keep the commandments of God and 2) have the testimony of Yeshua. Torah observance is important even in the Christian world. I will tie in the third reference but first a look at Heaven.

    Heaven is described in Revelation 21 and 22. Chapter 21 describes a new heaven and earth. It also describes a new city, Jerusalem, that is brought down for survivors to dwell in. The city has gates and foundations. A careful look at the end of chapter 21, especially Rev 21:27, it says not everyone gets to go in to the city. There also appear to be kingdoms of men outside the city. Revelation 22:1-2 describe the Tree of Life growing over a River that flows from the throne of God. The Tree is described as having 12 fruits meant for healing and it grows from both sides of the river. I also note that the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” is not there… so we cannot make that mistake again.

    Here is the verse that ties this together…. Revelation 22:14. “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” Wow…. Torah observance is important in Christianity as it is what allows access to the new Jerusalem, God’s throne and the Tree of Life!

    Maybe someday we will get an opportunity to access the rest of Revelation in Hebrew.



    • Towrah observance is the only way to be cut into the covenant. Christianity, via it’s love of Paul’s lies are currently “off the mark”. Yahowah only has one covenant, not two, and in order to be cut in one must be Towrah observant. Pure and simple. All other organized forms of “religion” are screwed.

  15. For the Dear Pastor, Sunday vs Shabbat. You cannot get 3 days and nights in the grave; if buried on Friday and raised on Sunday. Have to us the Hebrew measure of night and day; not the Gregorian.

    • The 7 stars are the 7 leaders, .or kahila.
      Isaiah 11:2, start at 11:1 to get the full flavor, a branch Zemach – will emerge from the trunk of Yishai, a shoot will grow from it’s roots; the
      1)Spirit of Adonai
      2)Spirit of wisdom and 3) understanding (Torah)
      3)Spirit of Counsel and 4) power
      5) Spirit of knowledge and 6) and reverance
      He will be inspired by fearing (obeying) Adonai
      This is like a menorah, as there is a trunk or stem,
      is offshoot from it’s roots, someone in line of David; each called spirit is not a trinity, light comes from one source and has 7 characteristics, but it’s all light
      And He is a judge

      This is a temple text and also, on the Day of the LORD, this is season of Yom Kippur; there are 10 days of awe;
      He judges the 7 congreations, the wholy righteios, the wholy wichked and the undeceided (you can put them in the categories, they have time to repent, Chapter 2

      • The 7 stars are the 7 leaders, .or kahila.

        Janice, I hope the following is speaking about the same council you are making reference to.

        Unlike the ancient Qahal/Kehilla, abolished in the Russian Empire by Tsar Nicholas I in 1844,[1] the modern Kehilla council was elected like a municipal council, with lists of candidates presented by the various Jewish parties: Agudat Yisrael, the religious and non religious Zionists, but also the marxist Bundists and Poalists, the liberal-minded secularist Folkists, etc.


        In actual fact this would emphasize my point about a timeless message being sent to the seven congregations.
        Also the mixed background is of interest plus the characterizing you are proposing, hence rebuke to the people of Asia Minor.

        Besides the message in Isa 11

        Rev 5:6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

        Zech 4:10 For who has despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run back and forth through the whole earth.

        Zech 4:2 And said unto me, What see you? And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon, and seven pipes to the seven lamps, which are upon the top thereof:

        • PS
          Please correct me if Qahal/Kehilla, is different from what you are saying. I couldn’t find anything else about the name. I plead ignorance about kahila. I assume the article represents what you talking about. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  16. Very good to find this document, but this is a 17 th century doc and not an ancient manuscript, good to hear the audio but is there any more manuscripts in Hebrew before Rome became Christianised ?

    Regards IAN & Shalom

    • Ian, He did say it was purchased by this Sloane person in the 17th century, so not necessarily written then. Since they don’t have the actual document in hand, it is impossible to determine the age. I imagine some of the language, grammar and vowel markings could give clues about the time frame also. As Nehemia has said, this is still an interesting manuscript for what it does contain. This is now a 3rd Hebrew Revelation that uses Yehovah instead of Lord/Kurios when appropriate. The other 2 were known to have been translated from the Greek, but this one is still uncertain. Shalom.

  17. verse 20 from the hebrew it says :that though saw are the seven congregations ( they are the second gate)

    There are 12 gates mentioned in Rev 21:12, but those gates apply to the 12 tribes of Israel, with their names written above.

    The question arises, who and what are those 7 congregations?
    Also, why seven congregations and why seven stars to the seven congregations, who are the seven messengers?

    My conclusion so far ..: The message of the book of Revelation is mainly for the end times, hence the message has to be timeless and not just for those seven congregations at the time.

    The congregations also have to be seven categories of people, as there are seven types of corrections.

    When John wrote this message, did he include Goyim people in those categories? If so, where do they fit in? Would it be correct to say that the number four stands for Israel? (4 women producing the 12 tribes for example?) The number three for the Goyim, as in 3 types of races? (3×4=12 )(3+4=7)

    verse 20 from the hebrew scripture it says”.. :that though saw are the seven congregations” ( they are the second gate)

    It begs the question..

    The second gate or fitting into the gates of twelve, of which the second gate is part of it?

    And if this is correct, the Goyim people would have to be seen as being grafted into the tribes of Israel..?

    Any thoughts anybody?

    • Sorry for not making myself clearer.
      To quote from the Hebrew manuscript:

      “(20) The secret of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and the seven golden lamps , the seven stars are angels of the seven congregations and the seven lamps that you saw, are the seven congregations. (they are)
      The Second Gate.”

      The Second Gate is in reference to the seven congregations . The only gates in the book of Revelation I can find is in Rev 21:12

      The Second Gate could possibly refer to the house of Judah, which would, in my view , make perfect sense, as the priesthood of Yeshua is not from the house of Levies but after the order of Melchizedek and from the house of Judah.

  18. Shalom Nehemia, you stated there are more Hebrew NT manuscripts, more than we know about. Can you tell me what you have discovered so far regarding NT Hebrew manuscripts which have not been made public? Thanks and shalom.

  19. Well as I first have said wow just wow ..
    But after sending out a note to someone I ordered several books even thou for example I’ve watched the Hebrew Yeshua verses the Greek Jesus a dozen times I just read thru it until appendix 2 ( I got the book ) yesterday
    And burned thru it until about midnight getting to appendix 2 melted my Brain…And I’ve read it thru 3 times for clarity …

    So I must share a testimony ever since ” coming to Torah” I have NOT been able to reconcile the
    Anti-christ verse’s especially the verses of 1-2 John I can’t find bases for these words AT ALL!
    At least I can’t ( Gloss over) these words.

    Perhaps we will gain some understanding in part two…

    Or someday someone will open a vault or cave ?

    Anyone have thoughts, maybe Mr AJ Bernard?

    Waiting humbly in awe!

    • Rocky, Not sure if you found an answer some other place, but I wanted to comment.
      First, BIG AMEN about Nehemia’s book – his others are pretty good too.
      I was intrigued by your question about not being able to reconcile the “anti-christ” verses that John mentions only. I John 2:18,22 ; 1 John 4:3 and 2 John 1:7 ;

      That is a good point. This same John was given the vision of the Revelation, so he saw the Beast and False Prophet who are to come and all they do. Maybe he is the only one who referred to them as “anti-Messiah”??
      I’d never considered that. He was also the closest disciple to Yeshua and really loved him and was loved by Yeshua. I am sure he knew exactly what he was talking about.

      I only worded it this way because many people have “found Torah” but then find teachers who will lead them away from Yeshua. I hope that is not what you are dealing with. I will assume it is not.

      I SO wish we could find early copies of John’s writings in Hebrew (I am sure he wrote in that) to clear up such things.

      Have you ever noticed how in the Book of John there are lots of comments like “A feast of the Jews” or “after the manner of the purifying of the Jews” or even “the Jews’ Passover was nigh”. What in the world?!!??

      John was Jewish, born and raised. He was not a rabbi but a fisherman and would have spoken Hebrew. It is just very odd that he would have written with those phrases. Someone obviously translated his writings to Greek and later to English to come up with the phrases about “the Jews”.

      I know I didn’t answer your question, but I wanted to touch base. Yehovah bless you, brother. Shalom.

      • Personally I truly believe that when John writes his book he is as fully persuaded like Paul who wrote in Romans 2:29 that he that is a Jew is circumsised in the heart the inward experience , thusly why John repeats the same Doctrine that the Torah established

  20. WOW. This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had studied ancient languages(starting 50 yrs. ago). As a cutlery buff, the double-edged sword cuts both ways, i.e.; the swing, and the backswing. And, it pierces twice as nice upon the thrust. The handler of such a blade (such as a Dive Knife) must be very careful not to cut himself by mistake. Great symbolism and allegory for The Word. The ‘7 spirits’ may be just that – as in the 70 spirits that lead the nations and their language from the time of Babel to now – they would be of Elohim (included in Heavenly Council, but not necessarily of the Godhead) – just my guess. Thanks tons, and anxiously await part 2.

  21. The discussion about the “Lord’s Day” in the episode on the Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation was interesting. There was a man named Samuele Bacchiocchi who for his doctoral thesis wrote a book entitled From Sabbath To Sunday. This book is perhaps the greatest defense of the Sabbath written during the 20th century. The interesting thing about this is that Dr. Bacchiocchi was a Seventh-day Adventist who received his doctorate in Church History from the Pontifical Gregorian University at the Vatican. In From Sabbath To Sunday he lists three possible explanations for the Lord’s Day: 1. Sunday, 2. Easter Sunday, and 3. The eschatological day of the Lord. This was a possibility mentioned by Pastor Bernard in the podcast. In this book he defends this third possibility and gives very good reasons why the “Lord’s Day” is not Sunday. It was decades after Revelation was written before any Christian writings specifically identified the “Lord’s Day” as Sunday. It is interesting to note that in a later book, The Sabbath In The New Testament, Dr. Bacchiocchi lists a fourth possible explanation for the “Lord’s Day.” He says that it also could be referring to the Sabbath as you mentioned in the podcast. He says that this is the explanation that he personally believes is the correct one. Why didn’t he even mention that the “Lord’s Day” could have been referring to the Sabbath in his doctoral thesis? This perhaps might have been a bridge to far for his Roman Catholic doctoral thesis supervisor. So why would a Seventh-day Adventist want to get his doctoral thesis at the Pontifical Gregorian University at the Vatican? This would give him access to the Vatican Library with sources that were available nowhere else. So the basic conclusion of Dr. Bacchiocchi’s book is that the Sabbath (and Passover as well) were discarded by the Early Christian Church in the second century because of antisemitism. Until the Simon bar Kochba rebellion the Jewish religion was an approved religion of the Roman empire and Christians were considered to be a Jewish sect. After the Simon bar Kochba rebellion was crushed and Judaism was outlawed and the a heavy tax was place upon the Jews to pay for the cost of the war, the Christians started distancing themselves from Judaism. They did this by discarding Passover in favor of Easter and by discarding Sabbath in favor of Sunday. This does not seem like a good reason for discarding the day of worship specifically commanded by Yehovah Himself.

    • I agree with you on the Sabbath still being the Lord’s Day based on the passage in Isaiah 58:13-, and the fact that Isaiah even ends his book speaking of it. Isa 66:23
      23 From new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before me,
      declares the Lord. ESV
      That doesn’t negate worship on Sunday for anyone who wishes to do so, but from the beginning, the seventh day was the day that was blessed and sanctified by Yehovah Himself after He finished his work of creation, and later re-emphasized by Moses, but based on the many things that Yehovah says about this day, it seems to be a very special day to Him There is NO mention anywhere of another day being set apart and blessed by the Lord anywhere in the scriptures. Sometimes it seems to me that scholarly thinking gets itself in kinks instead of simply looking to scripture to explain scripture. Because the Gentile believing church tends to think of itself as being a whole new entity…never mind the fact that the new covenant was promised in Jeremiah as well as Ezekiel talking about the Spirit being given…
      It seems sometimes that the Gentile church thinking tends to get somewhat out of proportion about its “exclusive position”, but that is just my opinion. After all, the first members of the Church were Jewish…..not to mention that its leader just happens to be of Jewish birth, too.

  22. Very interesting discussion, thanks to everyone for bringing this to light!

    The “Elohim and his Father” part in 1:6 in the Greek, “God and his Father” (KJV), for the Greek text, is referred to by many Greek NT scholars as an example of the Granville Sharp rule (or “Granville Sharp construction”) — articulated in 1778 — in which classical grammarian Granville Sharp discovered a construct in much of classical and biblical Greek that states that “when you have two nouns, which are not proper names (such as Cephas, or Paul, or Timothy), which are describing a person, and the two nouns are connected by the word “and,” and the first noun has the article (“the”) while the second does not, *both nouns are referring to the same person*.” (James White, of Alpha & Omega Ministries).

    So, two possibilities exist here (in my mind), either this was translated from Greek, or it’s a deeper construct that isn’t totally related to Greek. In my opinion, the latter is more likely, because, the “rule” wasn’t discovered until the 18th century; and, the guy who discovered it was only looking at the Greek language, as far as I can tell.

  23. A two edged sword represents the spirit of truth, and the word of truth, or Torah which is also referred to as a two edged sword because of it’s power which pierces even to the marrow of the bone. Why? Because it is a thick strong dagger type blade, the type used in Judges chapter three. It is used to stab, not to swipe. It is not a thin long flexible blade like the type we typically see used in sword fighting.

    • In preparation for this episode, I went looking for the type of sword which would have been common at the time. I didn’t find much, but I did find the Roman Gladius, which would certainly have been a common sight in Judea, and was a double edged weapon used primarily for thrusting. The Gladius was only about two feet long… a very short weapon… but the Romans conquered the world with it, because it was a very powerful weapon when wielded properly. That is, you couldn’t be very effective without considerable amounts of training…. much like the Scriptures. If you only read the Bible once a week, or if you don’t spend time studying deeply, it won’t be very useful to you.


  24. I follow Yahshua Messiah. All Christian’s do not believe the MYSTERY of the trinity. I believe the trinity is The Mystery written on the forehead of the whore of Babylon. Since I was a very young girl, age 4 is when I first prayed to God, I knew by the time I was 5 or 6 that who I called Jesus was a man, a flesh and blood person. He had an earthly Mother and a spirit Father who I knew only then as God. I was such a believer at age 4 or 5, that I dressed my little sister and took her across the street to church, while my mom slept. We were not allowed to have the wine I remember. I volunteered to be baptized in the river in our back yard by age 7. My mother was not there. My two older sister’s and I took the row boat across and sat in the park ther with hundreds of other people and listened to the Jesus people. How was I to know that this would become what I still call today, my real baptism, a full immersion, and I remember it well to this day. I remember the men didn’t want to baptize me, but I insisted, so they finally did. When I began coming out of churchianity a little over 10 years ago, I went to the SDA church looking for fellowship with Sabbath keepers, though only for a couple months. I asked the pastor there if a person was “required” to believe the trinity doctrine in order to be saved. It was a question I already knew the answer to, but I had to get his opinion none the less. He said, “No.” I hate to sound harsh, but I compare the trinity doctrine to what I call Satan’s big lie, for this was the belief that man could be God, knowing good and evil; but not just any old god, but Yahovah God, or “in the “person” of Yahovah God. This brings me to point number two. We are commanded, not inquired of, that we shall make NO image of Yahovah, for He is a spirit, and not flesh. Also let’s note John or Yochanan chapter 17, where Yahushua prays to Yahovah his Father, and elsewhwere he teaches us to do the same, and again in the Revelation Yahushua says, “Do not bow down to me, for I am your brother.”This leads me to the conclusion: The Catholic church invented the trinity, or carried on this pagan tradition from Babylon, that a man “if ordained by them” can take the place of Yahovah God on earth. This certainly rings true if a person studies the Catholic doctrines in depth, and reads the words on the Poop’s fish hat which read Vicar of Christ, or IN PLACE OF CHRIST, and this proves my point because the Catholic church teaches that Jesus Christ IS God. Therefore the Poop reigns as god of this earth. I have also noted in my walk that people who believe the trinity also have a stunted spiritual growth. In conclusion: I believe that It is more horrific for Christian’s to believe that Yahushua is The God, Yahovah, than for a Jew to profess that he does not know that Yahushua is The Messiah. I follow Yahushua H’Moshiach, and he has NEVER lead me astray! Shalom

    • A correction, if I may…

      You’re referring to Rev. 22:9 with your “do not bow down to me” comment. If we read one verse ahead of that, it clears up the issue:

      Rev.22:8 I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me, 9 but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God.”

      That is, John bends to the angel showing the vision, not to Yeshua.

      Aside from that, in order to deny the Trinity you have to take creative interpretations of some very important New Testament passages such as Luke 5:24, Mark 14:62, John 1:1, Acts 5:4, and others.

      The Trinity is something we discover in the New Testament, not something we impose upon it. The Doctrine of the Trinity is the church’s best attempt to make sense of some of those passages listed above.


      • AJ and Ezracha – great story of your early life, by the way (Ezracha)! I agree the trinity is man’s confusion of things written in scripture, but also helped by satan to get us off track.

        I will say that Revelation chapter 5 is a beautiful picture of Yeshua receiving power, authority and dominion from Yehovah his Father – very much like Daniel 7. One like the Son of Man comes before the Ancient of Days and receives power, authority and dominion. From this and other passages in Revelation (and other places in NT) Yeshua does receive worship from all creation! Yehovah does not stop this, nor do the 4 living creatures, the 24 elders nor any of the thousands of angels! He is worth to receive this.

        BUT, no where does it say in any of Scripture that Yeshua is the being we know as Yehovah (God). He is called repeatedly the Son of God, the son of the Most High, the Son of man.

        One of the best examples is when Joseph is given power and authority over all of Egypt and everyone has to do as he says. He is NOT Pharaoh, and does not replace Pharaoh. He acts in the authority of Pharaoh.

        All that to say, I AGREE with you! Sorry but I get excited sometimes when discussing such things.

        Yehovah bless you both. Shalom. Gregg

    • John 17:3
      “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the ONLY TRUE ELOHIM(YAHOVAH), and YAHUSHUA, whom thou hast sent.”
      1Corinithians 8:
      But to us there is but ONE ELOHIM, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord YAHUSHUA, by whom are all things, and we by him.

      For further study Elohim is One Revelation 4;14 and 22 in fact from chapter one to 22, 95 times Elohim refer to YAHOVAH without adding Him and His.

      In heaven angels are not worship trinity.

      And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.(Father and His Son

      • John 4:21-24 Elohim is Spirit = In John 17: 11 Yeshuah called His father Holy Father so
        Holy father = Holy Spirit
        Elohim Himself is Holy Spirit. There is no room for third person.

        Revelation 21:22
        And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.(two YAHOVAH & YESHUAH

        salvation belong to who?
        Revelation 7:And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.
        Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.
        16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God,
        17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

    • Thank you so much for your post. This has been my quest to understand and establish a believe on “the rock build without hands”. Can you help me by explaining The concept of Ha Satan vs. Satan and his role ? Is he The adversary that rebelled or the adversary that fallows YHWH orders?

  25. Nehemia,
    This was one of your best to date. Wow. I have been intrigued by the Hebrew Matthew manuscripts, but this is a step or more beyond any of that. I agree with all three of you that this manuscript is really interesting, regardless of its origin. I will be looking forward to part 2.


    By the way, I am taking a break from ancient Hebrew (I am overwhelmed with vocabulary) and spending some time on modern Hebrew. I look forward to the next time you get a chance to stop in northern Colorado.

  26. Nehemia, can you tell us what you actually said in this study at the time mark 29:56, right after “what kabballah teaches” ? I know what I think I heard, but I’m unsure and it surprised me. Could you give us a transcript of that couple of sentences, please?

    • “Meaning, what Kaballah teaches, or the key teaching of Kaballah, is that the true God is unknowable, He’s infinite, and us finite humans can’t know him. And that infinite deity is called Ein Sof meaning, “No End”. And that what we experience are ten emanations that come out of God like light from a candle.”

      • Shalom Nehemia, you stated there are more Hebrew NT manuscripts, more than we know about. Can you tell me what you have discovered so far regarding NT Hebrew manuscripts which have not been made public? Thanks and shalom.

  27. Year’s of fear and darkness clouded my heart and mind. My thinking was distorted. I was worthless in my own mind. Yehovah, You saw. Yehoshua, You appeared to me and I saw Your Love and Acceptance for the first time in my miserable life I saw love and acceptance. I repented and You freed me from the darkness that kept my hands a prisoner. You lifted that darkness out of me. I felt and I saw it leave out of me. I saw from You, Your Spirit from You literally flow into me so beautifully, so gently, beauty pouring into my heart. You changed me. You accepted me. You gave me the beautiful gift of life in You. Your everlasting Love in my heart. I trust You.

  28. Thank you for sharing such a great discovery.I am looking forward to part two and for more Hebrew texts to be discovered (hopefully). I have always wondered why there are so few of them, as most of the early and possibly later Nazarene’s were of Hebrew origin..

    Interestingly, the book of Zechariah might shed some light unto the seven lamps..
    And said unto me, What see you? And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon, and seven pipes to the seven lamps, which are upon the top thereof..
    Zechariah 4:2
    (This indicates that there is one candlestick — the oil at the top — lighting the seven lamps…
    ..or one could say one spirit giving understanding to
    the seven candlesticks which you saw are the seven churches. Rev 1:20

  29. To be honest, I don´t really see the sensation to this manuscript. Sure, it is another witness to the correct pronunciation of The Name (which is awesome!), and it contains some interesting linguistic concepts. However, it is still merely a 17th century Hebrew manuscript of of an utterly censored series of books: The “New Testament”.

    When will people finally realize the fact, that the NT is full of insertions and deletions, edited to the maximum by the roman catholic church. In the beginning, there were almost 40 gospels, surprisingly only 4 made it into the canon (of which only Matthew seems to have some degree of authenticity; presumably written around 50 CE in Hebrew). If one would genuinely care for the evolution of their christian faith, he would have to acknowledge that it is a melting pot of philosophical and pagan elements, only serving one goal: control of the masses. Christianity is a truly political outcome with the intention to unite the stumbling roman empire under the banner of a common faith (back then, every city had their own gods/ faith! Impossible to control!). A faith based on words (confession of Jesus Christ as the savior from all sins), rather than deeds. Yeshua was a great prophet trying to teach the people the true word of JHVH, aside from all the religious dogma and traditions of ancient Judaism. Furthermore, HE IS THE SWORD!!! (cf. Math. 10: 34-36) NOT THE SAVIOR/ MESSIAH !! At least that´s what he said about himself, in contrast to what was laid into his mouth by Paul.
    I guess he would be quite shocked to see what mankind produced out of his teachings 🙂

    One aspect to disprove the divinity of the NT: The “Concept of Logos” by John. This concept of logos (greek for word or reason) as the son of God is an old philosophical concept. Philon of Alexandria (jewish philosopher) tried to combine this logos-concept 100 years before the gospel of John was presumably written (ca. 115 C.E).

    WIKIPEDIA: Philo followed the Platonic distinction between imperfect matter and perfect Form, and therefore intermediary beings were necessary to bridge the enormous gap between God and the material world.[34] The Logos was the highest of these intermediary beings, and was called by Philo “the first-born of God.”[34] Philo also wrote that “the Logos of the living God is the bond of everything, holding all things together and binding all the parts, and prevents them from being dissolved and separated.”[35]

    Plato’s Theory of Forms was located within the Logos, but the Logos also acted on behalf of God in the physical world.[34] In particular, the Angel of the Lord in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) was identified with the Logos by Philo, who also said that the Logos was God’s instrument in the creation of the universe.[34]


    I am not saying that the logos-concept is wrong or non-existent. The point I try to make is that most “Christian” concepts are not “innovative” or “divinely inspired”. This whole trinity and salvation thing is pure dogma. Maybe Logos indeed is the son (or more precisely: The pure product of the male and female energy inherent in JHVH and hence in EVERYTHING). However, the Tanakh, which in contrast is the divinely inspired, clearly teaches us that everyone is responsible for his deeds/ sins. There is no salvation by merely confessing something. Follow the true teaching of JHVH (the Torah) and you will be justified by your deeds, not your words.


    • Edit:
      I just found a verse that perfectly emphasizes the wrong notion most people in the western world hold regarding true faith.
      “Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.” Romans 3:28.
      Hence, according to St. Paul, the previous law and commandments of God are worthless, this simple belief will guarantee for all comers a place in heaven.
      Why would anyone believe this assertion rather than believing in the word of JHVH or the teachings of Jeshua himself: “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:18-19

      I guess there is nothing more to add …

      • To be fair on the apostle Paul, it might be worth while to include verse 31.

        In Rom chapter 3 where he says :”Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid:yea, we establish the law.

        • Yep, the bible willingly lends itself to support just about any doctrine you wish, if you just pick out the supporting verses. The devil did this when he tempted Yeshua in the desert.
          That’s why contemporary Peter writes to us that Paul’s letters are hard to understand and unstable people twist them to their own destruction.
          With Paul one has to always read the whole chapter, better yet the whole letter, plus understand where he was coming from. He was a religious lawyer before encountering Yeshua. Then he was overjoyed of being set free from pharisaical Takanot (man made laws).
          Also the Greek language, while using the word “nomos” = law, does not differentiate between Torah-law and other laws. The Hebrew uses several different words for law.

  30. The Day of Yehovah
    Amos 5:18 explains clearly what that means. And so does the prophet Joel.
    Saying the Lord’s day is Sunday is utter nonsense and made up by the Bishop of Rome / Pope / Catholic Church with the help of Constantine.
    Yochanan in his long vision got to see how THE Day of Yehovah is going to play out.
    One of the old deceptive teachings of the Catholic Church is that the day of the Lord and His judgement has already happened, that we are living already in the millennial reign of Christ and that the pope it the one reigning on earth as the vicar of Christ. I know this from an old friend who grew up catholic. He claims no longer to be a Catholic but he still believes that lie and therefore interprets the whole book of revelation as one big allegory and all just spiritual.

    • AMEN, the “LORD’s Day” is the day or Yahovah, a day of vengeance, and a day of salvation, depending on whose side we’re on.

      • I know that there is a Day of the Lord…a time of judgment but why are we getting so complicated?

        YHVH tells us what the Lord’s Day is in Isaiah 58:13-14 and I can’t help but feel that John is referring back to Isaiah when he says, I was in the Spirit on the Lordly Day, or the Lord’s Day. YHVH is very specific about the Sabbath being the LORD’S HOLY DAY, the day that He blessed and sanctified. I don’t find anywhere else in scripture that Yehovah speaks of any other day as being specifically HIS DAY. Even in Christ, it is still His holy Day, because Yehovah was in Messiah, reconciling the world to Himself. He doesn’t change. Just because believers worship on the first day, doesn’t make the 7th day any less blessed or make it cease to be the Lord’s Day.

        13 “If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath,
        from doing your pleasure on MY HOLY DAY,
        and call the Sabbath a delight
        if you honor it, not going your own ways,
        or seeking your own pleasure, or talking idly;
        14 then you shall take delight in the Lord,
        and I will make you ride on the heights of the earth; ESV

  31. Your info. on a Hebrew Revelation is exciting!.

    I have been working through the Book of Revelation for several years now. I am not a scholar but a student who has been studying the Temple services and Appointed times for over 20 years. Many books have been written by Christians about Revelation. None however have taken into consideration that this is a Jewish book. Written by a 1st century Jew given a vision of the last days. The Lord’s Day is in Scripture is the Day of YHVH, the Millennium (not Sunday). Yeshua used the language of the Temple liturgy and the Mo’edim. I do not have all the answers but more than before.

    It was shocking to realize the Seven Churches aren’t those ancient congregations described in Ephesus, etc. They are here today. The ‘white washed (or sanctified) paganism of Jezebel that people refuse to repent of. The Nicolatians, those that separate the Priests, Pastors, etc. from the laity. And the laity that are willing followers rather than take responsibility and search for themselves if what they are being taught is truth. Only the group represented by Philadelphia have kept His word.

    Jewishencyclopedia.com has a tremendous article on Eschatology. Most don’t know that Judaism has an end time theology. John’s vision and much of the sayings of Yeshua and writings of Shaul (1 Thess. 4::13-5:9) speak of Jewish expectation in the language of the Fall Festivals. Well worth reading.

    Thank you Nehemia for all you do. You are truly a blessing.

  32. Nehemia’s best podcast ever! Just kidding. I’ve enjoyed many others but this one is a really exciting and interesting rediscovery. It was made so much better with the trio of perspective and interpretation. MORE, MORE, MORE!!!

  33. Shabbat Shalom, Nehemia. Loved it. Although, I have questions regarding AJ’s interpretation of the Greek for ‘first day of the week’ in Acts….

  34. My Bible correlates the “seven Spirits” of Revelation 1:4 with “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him [1], the spirit of wisdom [2] and understanding [3], the spirit of counsel [4] and might [5], the spirit of knowledge [6] and of the fear of the LORD [7];” (Isaiah 11:2 KJV) 🙂

    • Yep. The question becomes this: Are those seven aspects of the Holy Spirit, or seven unique spirits?

      Thank you for your comment!

      • I’m not certain, based on my elementary understanding of Hebrew, but each of these spirits appear to be attributive to the only proper noun provided, which is the LORD (Yehovah)?

  35. Shalom achi Nehemia!! 🙂

    My name is Levi (given at birth) and I have been listening to your shows for a little over a year now! I actually met you at Yehuda Glick’s one year anniversary party at the Menachem Begin center in 2015 but at the time I actually didn’t know who you were! If I knew then what I know now, I probably would’ve been a bit more obnoxious to you! Haha But anyways, I grew up a Pentecostal and when I began to train to become a pastor in my denomination, AVINU SHEBASHAMAYIM began to open my eyes to see wondrous things in HIS Torah. At the end of that year, 2015, HE opened up the door for me to go to Israel to volunteer with HaYovel. I have since been back to Israel 3 times, spending a quarter of the last two years in Israel (6 months), volunteering in Israel with HaYovel. My life has been completely transformed by AVINU SHEBASHAMAYIM since going to Israel.

    I recently gave a donation to your foundation and I purchased your book, Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence. After listening to you share, I realize I want to start using the name of AVINU SHEBASHAMAYIM, but I want to have full backing and understanding of why I can say it, versus why many of my dear Jewish brothers don’t. I’m planning to start calling on HIM in HIS Name this Passover.

    The ultimate purpose of my message is to give feedback on your most recent Hebrew Voices where you discussed the most exciting manuscript of Revelation in Hebrew!! 🙂 I truly cannot contain my joy when I think about what this means!! I wanted to bring up some things for you to consider, which weren’t addressed on the show…

    1. What you didn’t address on the show is who this angel (messenger) is that HAELOHIM sent. I believe it is clear in the context that this angel is Yehoshua…

    2. When it reads in the manuscript, “ELOHIM AND HIS FATHER,” isn’t it possible that Yehoshua is being called, “Elohim,” just as it is believed John wrote in the opening verses of the Gospel of John, chapter 1? Here, Yehoshua is called, “Elohim,” and yet He is being distinguished from the FATHER, who is called, “HAELOHIM.” There are various places in the Tanakh where people and angels are called, “elohim,” and yet “HAELOHIM” is reserved for the MOST HIGH, Yehoshua’s FATHER, alone…

    3. I believe it was failed to mention that the appearance of the Son of Man is not supposed to be a reference to Daniel 7, but in fact, to Daniel chapter 10 and the description of the angel (messenger) who appeared to Daniel in that passage. The description is almost identical to that used to describe Yehoshua in Revelation 10. It also draws parallels with Paul’s alleged encounter with Yehoshua on the Road to Damascus in the Book of Acts.

    I loved the show and appreciated everyone’s contributions to the discussion. However, I was hoping that some of these things would be brought up, perhaps in the next show. This manuscript of Revelation in Hebrew is truly an epic discovery, and I would hate for it to not get the full attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing your findings with us! Your work is most appreciated!

    Shabbat shalom l’kulam!! 🙂

    • We are on the same page. Please do call on the holy name of The Father, as it is commanded. There is scripture which indicates that there will be a “conspiracy” to rid the world of His set-apart name, and of His son’s name. Do not be a part of it Levi. One of my names at birth is Jo. 🙂 Shalom from Ezracha Bat Ephrayim, daughter of Joseph (Watchwoman On the Wall 2015)

    • Notice when asked HA SHEM the first answer given. Then the character for Earth? YHVH pictographs Helping arm of strength with inviting open palm to take you = Y (a picture is worth a thousand words) Then H= man being pulled from dirt arms raised in awe. V = tent peg-nail To uphold keep together before and after. Notice first scripture Gen.1:1 Elohim Aleph Tav Shamayim VAV Aleph Tav TAV Aleph Resh Tzadi. ( Try reading Messianic ALEPH TAV) Amazon. Gets a lot deeper. Shalom

  36. nehemiah. Toda Aba! Awesome podcast filled with answers for my heart and mind. Now, I pray for patience, until PART TWO. There is a part two, yes?


    keren De Tornos

  37. That was beautiful.
    The double edged sword
    Hebrews 4:12
    Refers to God’s word having the power to do war against our enemies and ourselves.
    The will of God
    The will of the adversary
    The will of man — my will not aligned with God’s can be overcome by hearing the word of God which is the two edged sword.

  38. Looking forward to the subsequent parts. The PDF tutorial is powerful. THANKS! Truly over the top…

    (Oh, consider how the English “lordly day” in Rev.1:10 is demonstrably referring to “The LORD’s Day” with “The Day of the LORD”, often used in the Prophets, and thus the nature of the book of Revelation.)

    • 2nd listening: Even better (when not exhausted)! To A. J. and “T-Bone”, your inputs, efforts, and commentaries were blessed. To NG, great job on bringing it all together. For my planned, 3rd listening, I’ll take some serious notes on the printed PDF with time to study. TY!!!


      • Thank you for your kind words, Aron! I too listen to most of Nehemia’s teachings multiple times. I learn so much from them!

  39. Thank you gentlemen for your giddy discussion; exactly how my wife, Bonnie, and I received it. Wonderful!!

  40. There is no way someone in the first century is redefining a biblical term of “Lord’s day” to now be on the first day of the week when the only Lord’s day throughout the Tanak is the 7th day. Only someone looking backward and reading into the text would assume it is 1st day. I don’t think it matter when we meet or how often but the most horrendous thing about Sunday churches is the false teaching of lawlessness. Every single Sunday church that I have ever heard of or been a part of, teaches that the Torah is abolished thereby abolishing the Sabbath and the food laws. Why would anyone continue to attend any gathering where error is taught?

    • It is translated through syntax. It’s the difference between “In the beginning, Elohim created ET the heavens” and “In the beginning, it was Elohim that the heavens created” (without ET this is a valid translation!).

  41. Oh my!!! I just started listening to this podcast, and I am beside myself with excitement and awe of Yehovah and what he is doing today! I have been yearning for someone to discover a Hebrew manuscript of Revelation, and was sure that it had to exist somewhere! You are blessing my soul with this ‘revelation’!

    YEHOVAH Elohim bless you! Appointed for such a time as this, you must surely be like Nehemiah of old who, with Ezra, was so instrumental in getting things back to the way of Yehovah again in Jerusalem after years in Babylon.

    May He lead and guide your research. I’m glad you are such a stickler for the study of the Words of God and not the traditions. I can trust that! In the end, the Words of God will be the only thing that really counts…especially when we stand before the Judge of all the earth. Thanks so much for all you are doing. I know the Spirit of God is resting upon you for a reason….
    P.S. You don’t have to post this…but just had to write.

    • Nehemiah, I wish that someone would re-translate this manuscript for us with the Strong’s number over the word so I can connect the word in Revelation to the Hebrew scriptures…like the interlinear does with the number over the Hebrew word, the Hebrew word, and the way it is pronounced underneath, and then the English translation underneath. But most of all, I just want to know the number for it, so I can find the same word in the OT and look at how it was used in the OT. Limping along a bit and can figure out some of it, but I am not always sure where there are prefixes or what they actually mean when they do show up. “And” seems simple, but not sure. But I just want to know how the same word is used in the Old Testament. Thanks so much.
      Also, I am so excited to see the actual names of YEHOVAH ELOHIM in Revelation. Can’t wait for someone to discover Revelation 22:12-13!
      In the Hebrew Translation of Matthew, the name for God was translated a bit differently (at least in the first chapters) and I don’t know why. And from what I could tell, there was NO word translated as Yehovah in the Matthew Hebrew translation. Now why would that be so?
      So now to find the whole manuscript of Revelation, and then after that, I am DYING for someone to find the book of JOHN!!!! “IN the beginning, there was “the WORD” and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD and the same was in the beginning with God….and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” How was all of this translated in Hebrew?! : )
      Thanks so much for sharing all of your research with us!

  42. Thank you nehemia for all your work. I was so excited about this podcast, unfortunately you have only the first chapter. Anyway… That Yehovah help us keep his law as Yohannan said 1Jo 3:4

    Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.

  43. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much for the time spent in discovery, analysis, translation and recording the discussion so that we all can benefit and become closer to the One we have come to believe. Amein.

  44. I have always thought that Revelation would have been in Hebrew. Why would Jewish Yeshua, talk to a Jewish prophet in Greek? It makes no sense.

  45. Nehemia; is there any reason why “Sh’dai” could not mean “which is enough”? Could not “El sh’dai” simply mean “the elohim of sufficiency”?

  46. My cup runs over . For a person who does not know Hebrew or Greek listening to you on the Hebrew Text of Revelation was great . This is helping me to understand the text as I read it in English .

    I was hoping that you would explain Revelation 1: 1 – the phrase ” to show his servants that which
    was necessary to be with wrath, ” ; the same in the King James as ” that which shortly must come to pass ” ; in the Orthodox Jewish Bible it is translated as ” MAH DI LEHEVE (“what will happen,” Dan 2:28f), the things which are destined to take place, and speedily; ” ; while in the HalleluYAH Scriptures it is translated as ” with speed ” .

    Anyway I thank YHVH and ha’Masiach for whatever he is revealing through people like you , Keith Johnson and Micheal Rood which is helping me in the spiritual walk gifted to me by YHVH in the spiritual desert of Hyderabad , India .

    May YHVH bless you and be with you at all times .

  47. Rev 1:5 (RVA) “…Jesucristo, el testigo fiel, el primogénito de los muertos…”
    Primogénito de los muertos = first born of the dead ones = the first one among the dead to resurrect.

  48. That was Awesome in the truest sense of the word! I look forward, with great anticipation, to hearing Part Two of this most illuminating podcast.

    Many Thanks!

  49. I have been reading the Book of the Revelation recently, and wondering if it is a correct translation. What a timely, timely addition to my reading! No more wondering, thank you Nehemiah

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