The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew with Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 2)

Open Door Series Part 2 features Nehemia Gordon speaking on the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew. Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew and academic scholar, relates how he joined together with Keith Johnson, an African American Methodist pastor to study an original Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew. Gordon explains the flaws inherit in the best translations and explores the rich meaning in the word puns only present in the Hebrew text. He focuses on passages from the Lord’s Prayer, which led him to the realization that the concept of God as Father is also prevalent in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Gordon concludes with a moving account of a personal revelation of God’s Fatherly love and his willingness to carry the sin debt for us.

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  • Sean Lewis says:

    Of course, yeah, I’d love to hear a Hebrew Gospel Pearls series.

  • John Flaherty says:

    Dear Nehemia, I find the Hebrew Matthew fascinating. I have been reading that it is regarded by many as a lost book and only fragments remain. My curiosity begs me to ask the obvious question first: How much of it do we actually have of it?

  • Jason Livingston says:

    Do you plan on doing a full translation of the Hebrew Matthew or only translate the important bits that better clarify how the original may have actually been written?

  • mussa says:

    Dear Nehemia

    I am researching on The day of the LORD which focus on the book of revelation i have seen the 2 chapter translation is their a full translation i would read ?


  • Dirk de Klerk says:

    I find your work very informative and clear.

  • Stephanie Shiflet says:

    I am so very excited to have in hand A Prayer To Our Father! I am still reading it but it is certainly a MUST Read. I am in the process of learning the Hebrew Mathew version in Hebrew. Your Wall has a teaching; word by word by Kieth Johnson! For years I have said the KJ version. Now I can learn to say it from the Hebrew Mathew in Hebrew!

    Bless you Nehemia, what a mighty worker of YeHoVah you are to His Kingdom!

  • Charles Atkinson says:

    You mentioned on A Rood Awakening 4-20-18 that when you found this Hebrew Matthew manuscript in the early 2000’s that you also found Mark, Luke, and John.

    Why did you wait until now to mention these?
    Money to purchase a photo copy so they couldn’t be swept into hiding? No interest in them until now? Someone else told you to wait?