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Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, Bible scholar Nehemia Gordon on the Name of God, evidence from Hebrew manuscripts, vav or waw, origin of yahweh, meaning of hovah, yahuah theory, Jesus ZeusIn Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, Nehemia Gordon's search for answers leads him to uncover an age-old conspiracy surrounding the Priestly Blessing. Generations of scribes, rabbis, and priests colluded to keep a key part of the Priestly Blessing secret. Centuries of religious agendas and tradition obscured its meaning. Join Bible scholar Nehemia Gordon as he leaves no stone unturned in search of the truth. The clues take him from the peak of Mount Sinai to the battlefields of the Yom Kippur War. Find out what he discovered on 9/11 and venture with him down into the literal “pit of hell.”
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In Hebrew Voices, Information Unleashed, Nehemia Gordon explains how the Hebrew Roots of Hanukkah reveal the origin of the pagan ban on God's holy name. Learn how Judah the Maccabee ignored the noise of the multitudes, to stand against the ban and reclaim the true miracle of this holiday by proclaiming His eternal name! This episode is available as a video and as a podcast. Michael wrote: "I called on God for years not knowing His real name and He answered my heart's desire to have a relationship with Him. I now do call on Him by His Hebrew name and my life has changed."
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Hebrew Voices, Bible scholar Nehemia Gordon on the Name of God, evidence from Hebrew manuscripts, vav or waw, origin of yahweh, meaning of hovah, yahuah theory, Jesus ZeusIn Hebrew Voices, Why Would I Ever Stop, Nehemia Gordon shares with Dev Daniel his excitement about finding the name "Yehovah" in over 100 newly available Hebrew manuscripts, how this is a game-changer in the debate about God's holy name, and why he came to Israel to continue this earth-shattering research.

In Hebrew Voices, The Historical Pronunciation of Vav, I explain how we know the letter “vav” was historically pronounced as “v”, set the record straight on the Arabic influence that introduced "w" into the Academic pronunciation of Hebrew, and bring the scribal proof that in the time of Ezekiel they pronounced God’s name as Yehovah.
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In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Name of God in the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, Nehemia Gordon talks about how a Karaite Jew came to study the New Testament in Hebrew, what he discovered regarding God’s name in a Hebrew gospel preserved by Jewish rabbis, and how we know Matthew was originally written in Hebrew.
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In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Yehovah Research Update 2018, Nehemia Gordon talks with T-Bone about the staggering number of Hebrew manuscripts they have looked at to date, compared to the number of manuscripts in which they found Yehovah with full vowels. They also share some interesting anomalies regarding the name and touch briefly upon finding Yehovah with full vowels in New Testament Hebrew manuscripts, as well as how Yeshua’s name is written in these documents.

The Name and New Discoveries, Bible scholar Nehemia Gordon on the Name of God, evidence from Hebrew manuscripts, vav or waw, origin of yahweh, meaning of hovah, yahuah theory, Jesus ZeusIn Hebrew Voices, The Name and New Discoveries, Nehemia Gordon shares with Doug Hamp, a fellow alumnus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, some of his new discoveries about the pronunciation of God's holy Name, the "Yehu'ah" theory, and whether the English name "Jesus" has any connection to the Greek deity "Zeus.
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The Origins of Yahweh with Nehemia GordonIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Origins of Yahweh, Nehemia Gordon talks about what the Samaritans call God, how they understand His name, and what the pronunciation “Yahweh” may truly mean. This episode is available as a video as well as a podcast.Lowel wrote: “This is an excellent teaching. To understand any idea or concept it is always best to go back to the furthest root, and this is what Nehemia has done so meticulously. Being familiar with the academic world, I know that just because “Super Academics” or everybody says something, that does not make it right... Keep up the good work!”

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Why it's YEhovah, but HalleluYAh, Nehemia Gordon explains why the vowel in "Yehovah" changes in "Yah" and why people who don't understand this Hebrew rule are pronouncing Yeshua's name wrong. Kiruv wrote: "Thank you for this clear explanation!"

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Disastrous Misunderstanding of the Name Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon explains the meaning of Yehovah, the mistake people make thinking it has to do with “destruction”, and how Yahweh in Gnostic sources is the god of chaos. Listen to the short podcast, and then check out the detailed grammatical explanation of how we know Yehovah has nothing to do with the Hebrew word for “destruction”. Suzette wrote: "Forgive me, I was one of those people who knew just enough Hebrew to be dangerous… Thanks for the article!".
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In this Support Team Study, The Great 'I AM' Revealed, Nehemia Gordon leaves Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts behind and goes back to the basics of the Hebrew language. In this study Nehemia explains how the ‘I AM’ passage in Exodus 3:14 teaches us the meaning of God's holy Name. We will see how the great ‘I AM’ was understood by ancient Jews and how this is the key to deciphering both the meaning of YHVH and its pronunciation. Lynell wrote: “Fascinating study on The Great 'I am' Revealed. Nehemia Gordon presents empirical evidence rather than theory concerning the name of God. He dispels myths and Facebook made-up Hebrew to reveal the name of Yehovah. Considerable evidence presented with logical thought make this a lecture not to be missed.” Not a member of the Support Team yet? You are invited to watch this special preview of this study.
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In Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, Wow It's a Vav, lies the truth about the ancient pronunciation of the Hebrew letter Vav! Is it V or W? Is God's holy name Yehovah or Yehowah? Leave opinion behind, as Nehemia Gordon shares never-before seen Hebrew manuscripts and definitive evidence from the Tanakh. After watching this study, you won't have any doubts about this topic.
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In Part 1 of Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, The Mistake That Got It Right: How Hebrew Scribes Accidentally Revealed the True Pronunciation of God's Holy Name Yehovah, he reveals for the first time all seven instances where the Aleppo Codex contains the full vowels of God's holy name Yehovah, explains the rigorous Masoretic proofreading process employed by ancient Jewish scribes, and exposes errors in the divine title Adonai (Lord) in the widely used Leningrad Codex.
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In Part 2 of Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, The Mistake That Got It Right: Vampires in Genesis and a Strategy for Hiding the Vowels of the Name Yehovah, Nehemia pulls back the curtain on a series of mysterious dots ancient Jewish scribes placed over certain words in the Hebrew Bible, shows how later Jews misinterpreted these dots as evidence of Vampires in the Book of Genesis, and explains the true historical significance of these dots. Nehemia concludes the study with newly discovered evidence from Hebrew manuscripts of how Jewish scribes could have easily hidden the pronunciation of God's holy name, even when they slipped up by revealing the full vowels.
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In Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, 10 Rabbis Speak Out on the Name - Part 1, Nehemia Gordon brings evidence from newly discovered Hebrew manuscripts proving that Jewish rabbis preserved the true pronunciation of God's holy name. Nehemia also explains why scholars ignore Jewish sources while searching out every pagan non-Hebrew text they can find.
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In Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study 10 Rabbis Speak Out on the Name - Part 2, Nehemia Gordon brings Jewish sources, never seen before by the English-speaking world. Gentile scholars have plumbed the depths of every pagan and heathen text for centuries to reconstruct the pronunciation of God's holy name. It's time to let the Jews speak!
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In Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, Jaw-Dropping Revelations from Israel, he talks with Dev Daniel about his adventures with the mysterious T-Bone, a revelation received on a Galilee mountaintop, and the discovery of a large cache of unknown Hebrew manuscripts. Judy wrote: "Wow, this is so amazing, again Nehemia thank you for ALL you do and Share, can't get enough."
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In Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, Praying to Jupiter, I trace the sources for the misguided pronunciation “Yahweh”, from Josephus through a first-century primer on incantations to the work of 18th and 19th Century European Bible scholars. I also share a quick grammar lesson on the seven conjugations and four prefixes of Hebrew verbs that inform a correct understanding of the name and its pronunciation. Join me on this journey as I trace the confusion back to the Babylonian ecumenical spirit of the Samaritans and the connection to the Roman god Jupiter.
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In this Support Team Study, Cutting Through the Confusion from the Show Me State, Nehemia Gordon answers twelve burning questions about the Name of Yehovah. Find out when the vowels were added to the Bible, what Josephus tells us about the Name, and the mystery of the inseparable preposition. Nehemia has also made sure to include a comprehensive source sheet to assist in your study. Not a member of the Support Team yet? You are invited to watch this special preview of this study.
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  • John Gore says:

    Black’s “Law” Dictionary – NOMEN: …If you know not the names of things, the knowledge of things themselves perishes; and , if you lose the name, the distinction of the things is certainly lost.
    The conspiracy to separate man from Yehovah is not a theory.


    Nehemiah, have you heard from some that there’s a “u” sound to the vav in place of the “w” or “v” sound? Would appreciate it if you could address this as well. Hope I’m not suffering from bias confirmation.

  • Marilyn benham says:

    Can Christian’s remarry after divorce?

  • Yesudasu says:

    God grace with nehemiah sr

  • donald henderson says:

    when Zacharias could no longer speak or say a word. Was he not still able to relate to that which is in all?Like we might be doing at this moment?Can a word be made an idol?

    • Paul Case says:

      Yes, but he couldn’t communicate his beliefs to others unless he wrote it down, and even then his readers would have to know how to decode the letters he wrote. Otherwise we end up back in Gen 11. I’m assuming you can decode my writing, just as you assumed readers could decode yours. The sounds are in our head even if we do not say them aloud. This is why deaf children have such great difficulty learning to read.

  • Michael Muller says:

    The Father God ” YEHOVAH ” His Son ” YEHOSHUA “. To do otherwise is to break the 4th commandment of Exodus 20: 7. God bless

    • Ferdinand says:

      There in nowhere mentioned the Holy NAME of the Father God in bible. Yehovah in Tanach is very Yeshua in the “New Covenant”. We only assume that the Fathers` name is Yehovah due to the fact that Yeshua is the “Only BEGOTTEN” son, thus He inherited the Sacred name from His Father, who is YeHoVaH. Please read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and look for someone who pronounced the Fathers` Name – there is none, not even Jesus. Every time God speaks to man it is the Son Yehovah – Yeshua.

  • Joe says:

    Mr Nehemia may Yehovah bless your sleuth like efforts to search out Gods name the Almighty of the Universe. But your a bit late lol Jehovahs Witnesses beat you to the punch. Nonetheless your just confirming what they have been teaching and preaching all along.
    Nevertheless you are to be commended for further proving and solidifying the Name of The Greatest Amazing Being in Existence. I thank you for this.
    May the nay sayers agnostics wolves in sheeps clothing extremists who teach Gods name is a mystery or that it should never be used and those haters may they eat their words. Humans people places and things have names, Jesus made Gods name known. God names every star in heaven yet he doesnt have a name? Ludicrous.
    Thank you again Mr Gordon for your passion enthusiasm and desire to uncover Gods name by sorting through all the archeological and literary quagmire.
    May your continuos search lead you to the Messiah Yehoshua Jesus the christ Yehovahs son. Genesis 3:15 Proverbs 8:22.
    There is too much evidence leading to Messiah Yehoshua.
    Jah Bless

  • lorieta says:

    can you tell me why you place emphasis on a certain syllable which is different than say the way Jehovah Witness’s place on their pronunciation? We know its not a J my question is why do you pronounce the name with a different emphasis?

    • Paul Case says:

      Many languages, including Hebrew, have a rule for when to emphasise/accent a syllable, but English doesn’t have a solid rule.

  • Evelyn says:

    For all the peoples will walk, each in the name of its god,
    But we will walk in the name of Jehovah our Godi forever and ever. — Micah 4:5

  • David Johnson says:

    Why do so many questions go unaddressed on such an important issue as God’s name?

  • Andrew slone says:

    Is not God, God no matter how you pronounce his name

    • Michael Payton says:

      Then if they will really learn the ways of My people to swear by My name, ‘ As Yehovah lives’ even as they taught My people to swear by ‘my lord’ they will be built up in the midst of My people

      Jeremiah 12:16

    • Joe says:

      Yeah but God is a title and there are many gods to the world. God calls himself the True God whos name is Jehovah Yehovah. Psalms 83:18 Exodus 3: it makes so much more sense that he would have a distinguished name rather than a title.

    • Claudio says:

      It was an entire land…empty
      But you find one house alone but complete.
      And you may said.

      It is no builder

      Look up the universe…empty

      Look up the earth and yourself
      Would you said..
      Its no builder?

      Men is trying to set people in Mars
      With the basics to support life there….and you may said
      Fantástico engeniering

      Look the earth and yourself
      What special device you need to get air or food or water to

      Congrats…you find the builder
      Now you can try to find his name
      His poder is not in doubt
      (GOD: Prowerfull)

      Hope you understand

    • Lyle Paulson says:

      Andrew, imagine yourself in a crowd, and you hear a voice yell out, “Hey, you!” Would you have any reason to believe that that was specifically directed at you? Now suppose that someone yelled out, “Hey, Andrew!” Undoubtedly, that would get your attention. There is a reason that we are given names.

  • wblueg says:

    Has anyone listed the New Testament instances where Yehovah should be used?

    • Adrian Seresheff says:

      Yes! You can freely download or stream The New World Translation of the Scriptures. In this translation you will be overjoyed to find God’s name accurately restored about 7,000 times in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Greek Scriptures.

      • Ken says:

        That is good but don’t you need to adjust the spelling to match the Hebrew original?

        • Joe says:

          Ken not really because Jehovah is the english translation of Yehovah

          • mik says:

            just a bit more on joe’s comment (sept 13th), the letter “J” didn’t arrive in the english language until about the 16th century also the letter “Y” was known as the “thorn” used as a short version of “the” this is old english as in ” Ye old shoppe” or “The old shop”, i only know this from a ex-girlfriend who studied & spoke old english at collage back in the early 80’s.
            Also i’m really chuffed i happened across this web site, finaly i’m getting some much needed usefull education,

          • Rony says:

            How can a pronunciation of a name be translate? Can I call your name Yoe? Or Koe or Coe or Soe or Joa or anything else?

            • Jan says:

              And what about french people they dont know ‘h’ and it os not pronounsiated. It is good por not? Can I pronounce Name without H? I am not to able pronounce this sound. Jehovah (Yehovah) is so kind that accept all people in all languages even with some different posiibilutes of prononciation. Sorry for my english, if you understand my message with some errors, more is able understand our heavenly Father . Important is call him and make his name sake.

          • Paul Case says:

            The English have not pronounced ‘J’ as a ‘Y’ for centuries! They wanted to distinguish themselves from the Old English links with German (Prussian) to create a stronger ‘British’ identity. In some countries JWs have changed the spelling to Yehovah to reflect this fact, but many JWs, like most church-goers in all denominations don’t even know much about their own religion because they don’t bother to learn.

        • Lyle Paulson says:

          His Hebrew name was “Saul” of Tarsus. He was later known as “Paul”, the apostle. This was acceptable and didn’t cause any problems.

    • Lyle Paulson says:

      Yes. Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society have produced the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. In the English version the form “Jehovah” is used consistently in the Hebrew- Aramaic scriptures as well as the Greek Scriptures. The spelling will vary slightly in accordance with spelling traditions of other languages. From the site, this Bible as well as several other translations may be freely downloaded. The app JW Library may be downloaded for phones and tablets. In the 2013 edition (soft grey cover) NWT appendix A4 you will find “The Divine Name in the Hebrew Scriptures” and in A5 “The Divine Name in the Christian Greek Scriptures”. There is also the NWT “Study Bible” version which is only available as an “online” edition. This edition, being digital, is able to be “fine-tuned” as improvements in translation are made.

  • MIchael share says:

    Hi Nehemiah thanks for your teaching is very good in guidance from Christianity to the truth.. Name for Jewish and name for gentile differs.. What bother me is that some scholars say name gogene [spelling not sure is used for both jews & gentiles….

  • Naama says:

    I know that Jehova witnesses in Israel use the name Yehova in Hebrew for more then 50 years years.andin the world almost 100 years.. so they are right?

    • Ken says:

      They are correct on the name but there are other doctrinal differences compared to mainstream Christian denominations.

  • Franklin Hazle says:

    How will the name be declared so that all can start calling on him personally if they want him as their God?

    • Ken says:

      If you are sincere, You can call on the Father YEHOVAH, and from a Christian viewpoint,
      Yeshua ( Jesus ) told his followers to ask the father in His name ( Yeshua ) when praying? I hope this helps.

    • Joe says:

      As we speak There is a world wide preaching work of Yehovahs kingdom and Jesus as appointed king and messiah.

  • Larry Brandon says:

    Good works! Bless you! Love your teachings, I’m messianic and I enjoy your works. I hope God reveals himself to you but that’s between you and him. Continue to do the good works and I’m sure he’ll give you a divine revelation one day. You’re awesome thank you so much! God is good!

  • Sandy says:

    Nehemia, Is Elohim another name that can be used? Or is that name also incorrect?

    • marcos says:

      Elohim is a title for the most high God, actually means gods, indicating majesty or grandeur, El Eloah, mean God

      • Mark says:

        Let us make man in our own image? Who said it?

      • Michael Payton says:

        El-Moshe called him by Elohim when using a title instead of His name.

        • Ken says:

          How do you explain Exodus 3 v 14 onwards.
          God tells Moshe his True name.
          I am sure as Moses was called the Friend of God, He would have used his name many times when conversing with the most High.
          What does Abba Elohim,
          Mean ?

      • daniel says:

        ‘Elohim’ referring to YHVH means the Majestic Singular “God” – we can tell because of the masculine singular adjective. When speaking of ‘no other gods (elohim)’ the masc. plural adjective is used, so that is the distinction.

  • Sandy says:

    Thank you. I don’t know how to ask this without spelling how I think a name is pronounced. Please forgive me. Is the name that is pronounced Yod hey vav hey the same name as the one that is pronounced Yehovah? If so, does that mean both are spelled Yehovah? I hope that question makes sense. Please be kind. 🙂

    • marcos says:

      Yes YHVH leads to Yehovah

    • Ken says:

      Yud hey vav hey are the four Hebrew letters that
      Spell out the Devine name.
      These are the consonants, the vowel sounds are inferred by notation marks.
      These are what Nehemiah Gordon has found in many original ancient Hebrew manuscripts.
      YHVH Is known as the tetragramaton.
      But with the vowel points,
      it is Pronounced YEHOVAH???

  • Michael Gibson says:

    Nehemia , I listened to The broadcast on Leviticus 16 and you informed everyone that there is an actual place named azazel , I trust your knowledge more but did you know that strong’s actually define’s it as scapegoat? Bless you

  • Wilhelm Wolfaardt says:

    Hi Nehemia, we listed to your two teachings on the pronunciation of the Name Yehovah. Can you perhaps eloborate on the 305 times in the tenach where the vowel pointing is not e o a, but e o i. Sorry, I cannot type Hebrew here.
    Other scholars say this happens when Adonai or Elohim appears immediate before or after the Name of the Almighty.