Nehemia Gordon on the Name of God

Shattering the Conspiracy of SilenceNehemia Gordon's search for answers leads him to uncover an age-old conspiracy of silence surrounding the Priestly Blessing. Generations of scribes, rabbis, and priests colluded to keep a key part of the Priestly Blessing secret. Centuries of religious agendas and tradition obscured its meaning. Join maverick Bible scholar Nehemia Gordon as he leaves no stone unturned in search of the truth. The clues take him from the peak of Mount Sinai to the battlefields of the Yom Kippur War. Find out what he discovered on 9/11 and venture with him down into the literal “pit of hell.” Tags: Yehovah


In Hebrew Voices, Why Would I Ever Stop, Nehemia Gordon shares with Dev Daniel his excitement about finding the name "Yehovah" in over 100 newly available Hebrew manuscripts, how this is a game-changer in the debate about God's holy name, and why he came to Israel to continue this earth-shattering research. Tags: New Discoveries

In Hebrew Voices, The Name and New Discoveries, Nehemia Gordon shares with Doug Hamp, a fellow alumnus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  some of his new discoveries about the pronunciation of God's holy Name, the "Yehu'ah" theory, and whether the English name "Jesus" has any connection to the Greek deity "Zeus. Tags: New Discoveries, Yehu'ah

In Support Team Study, Wow It's a Vav, lies the truth about the ancient pronunciation of the Hebrew letter Vav! Is it V or W? Is God's holy name Yehovah or Yehowah? Leave opinion behind, as Nehemia Gordon shares never-before seen Hebrew manuscripts and definitive evidence from the Tanakh. After watching this study, you won't have any doubts about this topic. Tags: Vav or Waw

In Support Team Study, Praying to Jupiter, I trace the sources for the misguided pronunciation “Yahweh”, from Josephus through a first-century primer on incantations to the work of 18th and 19th Century European Bible scholars. I also share a quick grammar lesson on the seven conjugations and four prefixes of Hebrew verbs that inform a correct understanding of the name and its pronunciation. Join me on this journey as I trace the confusion back to the Babylonian ecumenical spirit of the Samaritans and the connection to the Roman god Jupiter.
Tags: Yahweh

In Hebrew Voices, A Disastrous Misunderstanding of the Name Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon explains the true meaning of God's holy Name, and how some twist this to their own destruction. Listen to the brief podcast, and then check out the detailed grammatical explanation of how we know Yehovah has nothing to do with the Hebrew word for “destruction”. Suzette wrote: "Forgive me, I was one of those people who knew just enough Hebrew to be dangerous… Thanks for the article!" Tags: Yahweh

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