Hebrew Voices #47 – A Disastrous Misunderstanding of the Name Yehovah

In Hebrew Voices, A Disastrous Understanding of the Name Yehovah, Nehemia Gordon explains the meaning of Yehovah, the mistake people make thinking it has to do with “destruction”, and how Yahweh in Gnostic sources is the god of chaos. Listen to the short podcast, and then check out the detailed grammatical explanation below, of how we know Yehovah has nothing to do with the Hebrew word for “destruction”. Suzette wrote: "Forgive me, I was one of those people who knew just enough Hebrew to be dangerous… Thanks for the article!" Continue reading

The Secret Abraham Didn’t Know

Secret, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, El Shaddai, name, Yehovah, Exodus, Rashbam, Jewish, Torah, 19th Century, Mosaic, anti-semitism, shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, knowledge, God's holy nameShalom Support Team! Thank you for standing with me on the Wall! In my Support Team Study, The Secret Abraham Didn't Know, I explore the depths of Exodus 6:3 and consider over a dozen possible explanations found in Jewish sources throughout the ages. This verse became pivotal in the deconstruction of the Torah by 19th Century German scholars who denied its Mosaic authorship. This anti-Torah latent antisemitism is predominant in universities and seminaries around the world, so addressing it is no trivial matter. I also talk about some aspects of this in chapter 2 of my book "Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence". Join me as I turn scholarly confusion into an intimate knowledge of God's holy name and essence! Continue reading

The Mistake That Got It Right – PART 1: How Hebrew Scribes Accidentally Revealed the True Pronunciation of God’s Holy Name Yehovah

An example of Yehovah being erased using erasure dots.In Part 1 of Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study The Mistake That Got It Right: How Hebrew Scribes Accidentally Revealed the True Pronunciation of God's Holy Name Yehovah, he reveals for the first time all seven instances where the Aleppo Codex contains the full vowels of God's holy name Yehovah, explains the rigorous Masoretic proofreading process employed by ancient Jewish scribes, and exposes errors in the divine title Adonai (Lord) in the widely used Leningrad Codex. Continue reading

Information Unleashed – Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 13)

Hebrew Voices with Nehemia Gordon - Information UnleashedIn Hebrew VoicesInformation Unleashed, Nehemia Gordon explains how the Hebrew Roots of Hanukkah reveal the origin of the pagan ban on God's holy name. Learn how Judah the Maccabee ignored the noise of the multitudes, to stand against the ban and reclaim the true miracle of this holiday by proclaiming His eternal name!This episode is available as a video and as a podcast.

Michael wrote: "I called on God for years not knowing His real name and He answered my heart's desire to have a relationship with Him. I now do call on Him by His Hebrew name and my life has changed." Continue reading

The Tower that Still Stands – Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 11)

The Tower That Still StandsIn The Tower That Still Stands, Nehemia Gordon tells the story of how he found the name of God with full vowels as the Twin Towers were falling on 9/11, and how we can find strength in the Midgal Oz, the “strong tower” that still stands. Looking forward to reading your comments! Sarah wrote: "This episode gave me chill bumps, again and again! I just had to stand up and shout!" Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #49 – Why Would I Ever Stop

Nehemia Gordon and Dev Daniel talking about the name of God.In Hebrew Voices, Why Would I Ever Stop, Nehemia Gordon shares with Dev Daniel his excitement about finding the name "Yehovah" in over 100 newly available Hebrew manuscripts, how this is a game-changer in the debate about God's holy name, and why Nehemia came to Israel to continue this earth-shattering research. You are invited to watch the video or listen to the podcast. Continue reading