The Ass Speaks Out

An ass (female donkey) speaking. “Ass - a long-eared, slow, patient, sure-footed domesticated mammal, Equus asinus, related to the horse, used chiefly as a beast of burden.” (

A Prayer To Our Father Book CoverIn my book A Prayer to Our Father, which I wrote together with Keith Johnson, a Christian pastor from North Carolina, we explore the Hebrew origins, of what is commonly known as, the “Lord’s Prayer”. Many of my Jewish brothers and sisters have expressed great concern over the book. Some have even speculated that I have secretly converted to Christianity and am leading others into the Christian faith. Some of my Christian friends have joined in this speculation thinking that perhaps there is a “surprise ending” to the book in which I proclaim my faith in Jesus. On the flip side, some Messianics are spreading the false rumor that I allegedly hold secret meetings during my speaking tours in which I try to convince “believers” to abandon their faith. I hate to disappoint the rumormongers but none of these are true. I have not converted to Christianity, nor do I attempt to convince anyone to change their faith. I suppose the reason for these false speculations is that some people have a hard time understanding why a Jew who does not believe in Jesus, would write a book on his teachings unless he has a secret agenda. I thought I explained this rather well in my books, but I guess not everyone reads my books. Or perhaps I am not as eloquent as I like to think. So I am writing this to try and set the record straight.

Let me start with my views on Jesus of Nazareth, or as he was known 2000 years ago, “Yeshua”. Over the past few years I have gained a great respect for his teachings, but I have not embraced the Christian faith, nor have I become a “Messianic Jew.” I clearly state this in all of my presentations in order to avoid any possible confusion. I am, as I have been for over twenty years, a Karaite Jew, which means I believe the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) to be the perfect word of God. As a Karaite Jew, I await the coming of an anointed King (in Hebrew: “Messiah”) who will be a direct descendant of King David. I have no idea what his name will be and therefore I do not rule out the possibility that his name will be “Yeshua”. Many Jews, and Karaites in particular, may vehemently disagree with me on this last point. All I can say is that when the anointed descendant of David reigns as a flesh and blood king over Israel, as promised in the Scriptures, we will all know his name as an accomplished fact.

So why do I have what one of my sisters (a devout Orthodox Jew) refers to as an “unhealthy interest in Jesus”? It started many years ago, when I came out of Rabbinical Judaism and began researching all of the world’s religions. I was particularly interested in ancient Judaism in all of its forms, and this naturally included the teaching ministry of Yeshua of Nazareth. My interest in this subject is not as unusual as my sister might think. Over the past century, Jewish scholars have increasingly carried out research to uncover the Hebrew background and context of the New Testament. One of the greatest of these scholars was Professor David Flusser, himself an Orthodox Jew, who taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I was trained in the study of ancient Jewish texts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I earned my Masters Degree in Biblical Studies, and I view my own research on the teachings of Yeshua as part of this scholarly tradition.

To give this research some context, a number of years ago I was privileged to have worked with the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were written by an ancient Jewish movement called the Essenes. While I believe the Dead Sea Scrolls contain great value, at no time did I ever become an Essene. Furthermore, as a textual scholar researching the scrolls it was not my role to convince anyone whether or not to believe in Essene Judaism. My role as a scholar was to attempt to understand what these ancient documents meant in their original linguistic, historical, and cultural context. This is how I see my role in exploring the Hebrew background of the New Testament. It is not my role as a textual scholar to lead anyone into the Christian faith. Nor is it my role to lead anyone out of the Christian faith. These are issues of personal faith and belief that are beyond the scope of my research. My role as a textual scholar is to understand what Yeshua taught in the linguistic, historical, and cultural context in which he preached. For those who believe in Yeshua, I would think this should be of great importance. But it should also be important for non-Christians, as Yeshua was indisputably a pivotal figure in world history who profoundly influenced the development of Western civilization.

In addition to my interest in all forms of ancient Judaism, there is another reason I think it is important for me to share the results of this research, especially with Christians. It relates to an experience I had many years ago in Jerusalem. Living in the Holy City, I meet all kinds of interesting people. One such gentleman was an American tourist who described himself as a “Messianic Gentile”. I had heard of “Messianic Jews” before, but did not know what a Messianic Gentile was. He explained that he believed Yeshua to be the Messiah and wanted to live as Yeshua lived. He told me that as a Jew, Yeshua refrained from eating pork and went to the synagogue on the Sabbath. Although he had no Jewish ancestry that he knew of, he too wanted to live as Yeshua had lived, refraining from pork and going to a synagogue on the Sabbath. At the time I had never met anyone quite like this and was very intrigued. We ended up spending many long hours discussing our respective beliefs and practices. One day, he was telling me about the prayers in his congregation back in America and he proudly announced that in his Messianic synagogue they recited the Amidah. When I heard this I was shocked because I knew something he obviously did not know. The Amidah is the standard prayer of Rabbinical Judaism, and I grew up as an Orthodox Jew praying this prayer three times a day. The Amidah is also known as the “Eighteen Benedictions” but today actually contains 19 benedictions. The 19th benediction, which my friend obviously did not know about, is called the Birkat HaMinim which means “the Blessing of the Heretics”. Despite its name, it is actually a curse of the so-called “heretics”. Historical sources, most notably the Talmud, inform us that this 19th benediction was added to the Amidah around the year 90 CE in order to prevent those Jews who accepted Yeshua as the Messiah from participating in synagogue services. At the time, the Rabbis did not have the authority to prevent Yeshua’s Jewish followers from attending the synagogues but they reasoned these people would stop coming if a public curse was proclaimed upon them during every prayer service. When this “Messianic Gentile” told me his congregation recited the Amidah during their services I thought surely he meant the Amidah without the Birkat HaMinim. So I asked him to show me his Messianic prayer book and I quickly flipped to the section containing the Amidah. To my horror I found that it indeed contained the Birkat HaMinim. It had been translated in a very clever way to obscure its meaning, but there it was in black and white, in both Hebrew and English. I was heartbroken at the thought of an entire group of devout people, who were searching in their own way for Scriptural truth, proclaiming a public curse upon themselves because they did not understand the historical context of their own faith. They wanted to live as Yeshua lived, but ended up reciting a prayer created to curse those who believed in Yeshua. I realized then and there that the Almighty had blessed me with an understanding of ancient languages and ancient Jewish texts and I wanted to share that information with anyone who needed it, even if I disagreed with them on important matters of faith.

As a Jew, it is not all that strange for me to interact with people that I disagree with on matters of faith. This is part of the pluralism inherent in Jewish culture in general. There is an old saying that “if you ask two Jews you get three opinions.” This witticism is based on a fundamental principle in Rabbinical Judaism that there are seventy true meanings to every single word in Scripture. The result of this doctrine is that multiple opinions can be tolerated, even when they are diametrically opposed. This approach has imbued Jews with a relatively pluralistic attitude towards matters of belief, especially when these beliefs do not result in any practical expression of ritual observance. This is in sharp contrast to the Christian tradition of breaking fellowship, and indeed in earlier centuries of burning people at the stake, over the subtlest of doctrinal nuances.

As a Karaite, I do not agree with the Rabbinical principle that there are seventy true meanings to everything in Scripture. I believe there is only one true interpretation. However, with the Temple in ruins and the People of Israel in a state of Exile we do not necessarily know what that one true interpretation is. This necessitates a pragmatic pluralism, which in some ways is even more tolerant than Rabbinical Judaism. Karaite Jews believe we must do our best to discover the truth but also humble ourselves before God and admit that we can never know for sure “until a priest with Urim and Thummim should appear” (Ezra 2:63). This humility means not judging our brothers for disagreeing on matters of faith, and even on matters of ritual observance, as long as they do their best to discover the Scriptural truth. I am not saying every Jew, nor even every Karaite, always lives up to these ideals, but they are nevertheless values deeply rooted in Jewish culture.

Considering that there are, according to the World Christian Encyclopedia, over 33,000 denominations, I would have thought Christians to be even more tolerant to differences of faith and practice than Jews. To be sure, this may be true for many Christians. However, I did not realize how alien this pluralistic approach was to some Christians, until I was on a speaking tour in the USA. After one of my presentations, a man walked up to me and thanked me for the information I had shared. He told me that he had been told by his congregation leader not come to my presentation. The congregation leader had warned him that as someone who does not believe in Jesus, I was not “anointed” to speak the truth. The man objected to his congregation leader: “If God could use Balaam’s ass to speak the truth then surely he could use Nehemia”.

I suppose most Jews would be deeply offended at being compared to a female donkey, but I was more disturbed by the arrogance of this man’s congregation leader. I was raised with the tradition of the Rabbis who taught: “Who is a wise man? He who learns from every man.” (Ethics of the Fathers 4:1). Karaite Jews wholeheartedly embrace this principle, often quoting the words of the 12th century Rabbinical sage Maimonides (Rambam): “Accept the truth from whoever speaks it.” When Maimonides said this he was referring to the mathematical and astronomical knowledge he learned from ancient Greeks sources. He did not dismiss or ignore this knowledge even though it came from pagans, because the knowledge was true in its own right. It is important to note that this was not simply “secular” knowledge to Maimonides; it had practical application to the observance of certain biblical commandments.

The original disciples of Yeshua and their heirs understood that truth had value regardless of its source. Evidence of this can be found in the Book of Acts, which quotes the words Gamaliel, a leading Pharisee of the 1st century. Although Gamaliel was not a believer in Yeshua, the Book of Acts considered what he said to be valuable and true in its own right. The notion that a Christian today would categorically deem what Jews have to say as worthless and untrustworthy because of our different beliefs is the zenith of arrogance. I am reminded of the words of Paul of Tarsus (admittedly a Jew) who warned the Gentiles:

“But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, were grafted in their place to share the rich root of the olive tree, do not boast over the branches. If you do boast, remember that it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you.” Romans 11:17-18

I suspect Paul was talking about something that was already happening in his own time: Gentiles were embracing the faith in Yeshua and boasting that they were better than the Jews who did not share their new belief, even though these Jews were the “root” of their faith.

As if this arrogance were not bad enough, shortly after being compared to Balaam’s ass, the specter of anti-Semitism reared its ugly head. I had been invited to speak at a Christian conference when the organizer received a dire warning from a local Christian pastor. The pastor proclaimed that as a “non-believing Jew” I was operating under the control of the “spirit of Antichrist”. When I heard this, I thought the pastor meant it metaphorically, but it turns out he meant there was a literal demonic spirit that was influencing my every move. He explained that it was nothing against me personally but all “non- believing Jews” are under the spirit of Antichrist. Boasting against the root is one thing, but this amounts to cursing the root.

Some of my fellow Jews reading this are probably thinking: “So why bother, Nehemia? Let the goyim languish in their ignorance.” My answer is that there are countless Christians out there who want to understand their faith in its original historical, cultural, and linguistic context. Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew who spoke Hebrew and lived as a Jew, among Jews. It just so happens that God has blessed me with a knowledge of ancient Judaism and ancient Hebrew and I feel compelled to share this information with those who need it, even if I disagree with them on important matters of faith. The Torah teaches us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves which means to treat others as we ourselves want to be treated. I know that if I lacked vital knowledge, I would want someone who had this knowledge to share it with me. I must, therefore, share the knowledge I have with those who need it. I am not saying I know everything, or that I have all the answers. But if God could use a donkey to speak to Balaam, perhaps he is using me for some purpose that is beyond my comprehension. I pray that like Balaam’s ass, this is a burden I can continue to bear.

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  • William says:

    Keep on keeping on Brother, the Nacash will
    try to deceive us at every corner!

  • Gerry Paul Hudson says:

    Thank you, Nehemiah, for all that you do. I loved you since seeing you on Michael Rood’s teaching series. I especially appreciate your work in restoring the true name of our Almighty God. Truly, Israel, who was blessed with the Torah and instructions on how to serve and obey God, is the root of all Torah on earth. As a follower in Yeshuah, I know that Yeshuah did not come to give us a different Torah, but rather to show us true repentance and how to return back to YeHoVaH’s Torah. Yeshuah is THE prophet spoken of by Moshe, who would be like Moshe, bringing us back to God’s Mitzvoth. We of-course believe he is also the Messiah and is soon to return, but let us both revel in the love of God’s Law, as the followers of Yeshuah seek to obey Yeshuah’s example and obey Yehovah’s Commandments! Blessed be the Almighty, King of the universe, who has shown us his salvation.
    YeHoVaH Yoshia. Shalom b’shem Yahshuah.

  • Barry Supernaw says:

    “The notion that a Christian today would categorically deem what Jews have to say as worthless and untrustworthy because of our different beliefs is the zenith of arrogance.”

    There are many arrogant christians to be sure and I’ve run up against my fair share of them. It’s sad really and I just don’t understand it.

  • Mary says:

    Romans 11:17-18, if the Jews are the root who do you think the branches that were broken off are? Who were the wild olive branches grafted in the place of?! The root is God & his Messiah Yshuah, the branches represent ALL believers, the native branches being the Jews and the wild ones being the Gentiles. If you don’t believe this to be the case then explain to me who the “native branches” are and how any Gentile could be grafted in “in place” of them.

  • Mary says:

    Your interpretation of Romans 11:17-18 is incredibly flawed! The “root” is not the Jewish people or even the Jewish faith! The Root is our Father, YHWH in Heaven! This is clearly evidenced by “some branches were broken off” so you could be grafted in “to share in the riches of the root” the branches ARE the followers and believers! The Jews are the “native branches” and the ones who are grafted in are Christians, or the gentiles. It is very presumtuouse of you to think YOU are the root who our riches come from! You may need to investigate your own humble opinion. Who would be the branches broken off except those not walking in faith, not keeping God’s commandments?! ALL believers are the branches, God himself is the root! Rethink your interpretation because it makes no sense. All that said, peace and love, may the Holy Spirit guide you to the one true truth, that you will believe the report of the prophets and that God our Father sent Yeshua who was our Messiah who suffered for OUR transgressions, currently is our high priest in Heaven after the order of Melchizedek, and will be our victorious Massiah when he returns with great glory and power to bring the Kingdom of God to earth for all those who believe and walk in bath and obedience!

    • Olive Weitzel says:

      The root IS the people of Israel, planted by Elohim the Father through His Word (theMessiah), because G’D created Israel through Abraham. But because this tree did not bring the expected fruit (deeds of righteousness G’D(the owner of the garden) the Gardener (a picture for the Father as Jeshua Himself explained in Matthew) broke branches out and crafted wild branches in…
      Read Jesaja chapter 11 vers 1: G’D Himself speaks of the Root of Jesse! Also Jesaja chapter 11 vers 10. Where do YOU have your roots? In the true and righteous word of G’D? Or in pegan customs of “christianity”.

  • Cynda LeTullier says:

    Thank you for sharing the Truth od Scripture in language, history, & cultural context to us gentiles how with honest & open heart seek to learn the truth of God’s Word. I appreciate you. Please keep up the good work. We need your insight to Scripture.

  • Mev D Jansen van Vuuren says:

    Hallo Nehimiah. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge. I listened to the Torah and prophet pearls i think this year for the fourth time. Loving and obeying Yehovah’s commands. Just one question please. I am a nurse working in a Premature ICU. What is the Torah about blood transfusion. Withou blood transfusion the little preemies can not survive because their bodies can not make red bloodcells up until 36 weeks of gestational age. I understand that eating blood is forbidden. What about transfusing blood?

  • Michaela Crider says:


  • Julien says:

    I hope by now you discern the difference between Christian ministers and Jewish Rabbis. And I hope to she’d light to these missunderstandings. As a rule many Christian ministers will lack biblical knowledge and experience. So Everytime you meet a minister, you need to wonder how much Bible does he really know. You can I am sure figure this out with a few assessing questions. Remember that most Christian ministers are most likely new converts, and sometimes even lack propper qualifications to be ministers even. In other words they’ve infiltrated into the ranks, because of pressing ministry need sometimes. Also becoming a minister can be rather easy. Sad but true. Most Christians I know, including myself would never choose official ministry. The unspoken sentiment is that you are either a looser who cannot manage to get a job elsewhere or truly are called. Radically different reasons to go into ministry, but you need to be aware of this.

    The other thing you need to know is that there are not many intellectuals among gentile Christian ministers. As contrast I’d say that most Rabbis are probably intellectuals by training. The other thing I’ve noticed is that every Jew I’ve met are quite analytical or at least think critically, sometimes intensely so to the point of coming accross as cynical. I can tell you as a gentile believer in Yeshua who mingles with gentile believers and non believers this ability to think critically and analytically is lacking hugely.

    It was warned even by Paul as well as others that some preach the gospel with ulterior motives, so it’s even worse today with the millions claimming to be Christians. These millions of Christians need ministers. So if anything, I’d say, chances of evil spirit influence might be with that minister accusing you (evil /bad eye), because his inherent ignorance of discerning spirits/flesh because of lack of biblical knowledge, he is decieved.

    So don’t feel bad. Don’t engage and get out of that situation asap. Maybe you can say a prayer. Unless it’s a person who can reason, you can’t show them reason. And in this day and age all ppls lack this ability to reason, easily swayed by the deceitful heart.

  • Janice Hausmann says:

    Thank you for your continued strength in this teaching, I am one of those people who desperately want to understand but doesn’t have the knowledge of the Hebrew language and depend on people like you to give us the correct interpretation.

  • pamela crockett says:

    never met you listen and watch your video’s. Love that you are willing to share your knowledge of the Hebrew and the ancient writings. I didn’t get the impression of an hidden agenda rather i see and hear a love and excitement for the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Looks to me like your agenda, if some want to think that, is to shout it from the Mountain Top. Keep sharing please.

  • With regard to the ‘Benediction of the heretics’ (birkat ha-minim), our community (which is related to the Ebionites), has this prayer among the petitionary prayers in our Shabbat morning service: “May those among the Jewish people who do not follow the Way we follow be blessed, and may their names be enrolled in the Book of Life; may they prosper, and may their names and the names of their descendants not be blotted out; may their wise men and women be found a place among the righteous, and may their holy ones be uplifted over the wicked, and be saved by the glory and power of YHVH. May they find peace, may they be protected from our common enemies, and may they not become lost or extinguished.”

  • Brent Hawkins says:

    The Baalams ass article described in detail my thoughts about receiving information from various sources as well as experiences I’ve had with a district superintendant pastor friend of the united Pentecostal church when I used you as a source reference of information, he became belligerent! Yikes. However the depth of the richness of information he could not refute which left him with nothing more than name calling as a defensive recourse. I found it amusing to witness a temper tantrum from a 68 year old as though he was an infant.
    All in all I greatly appreciate you for your efforts because my life has been forever changed for the better due to you having answered your calling.
    Sincerely Shalom, Brent

  • Donald McGrew says:

    Nehemia , I truly enjoyed reading this. You are a rare man. I think this is the attitude the Father loves.

  • Lm says:

    Nehemiah we pray for you always and thank you for generously and freely sharing your knowledge to both Jew ans Gentile. May you continue on with your inspiring work. We love you!

    Shaloam to you.

  • prayunceasing says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge Nehemia. My friends and I often read/watch your postings. We too are seekers of the truth in the Tanach.(Sp), and we happen to be believers in Yeshua so we study his teachings and his followers teachings. Your teachings have added to our knowledge, and understanding in both.
    We pray with you that Yahweh would open our eyes to see the wonderful things hidden in His Torah.

  • Grafted In says:

    I am a Christian from America. I am among, what I believe to be, a rapidly growing number of Christians who feel a kinship with Jews. I love Israel, possibly more than I love my own country. Your interaction with the Christian in America reminded me of a sad fact of some (many?) Christian denominations and churches in America. They believe in a philosophy known as replacement theology. That is they believe that since Jew’s rejected Yeshua as Messiah, then God has replaced Jews with Christians as His chosen people. I assume that this philosophy is, at least in part, the source of the opinion of his congregation leader.

  • Vicky Johnson Mitchell says:

    You amaze me, Nehemia, that you are so willing to teach even after the inexcusable abuse. If there is one thing I believe about Yeshua, it is that he came to draw us to the Father. Clearly you know him (Father) which is more than many would say who claim to follow Yeshua. I believe it can be argued that I have learned more from you than any other teacher I have had. Thank you for your humble attitude and deep love of the Father and his word. May you be richly blessed for your work!

  • Catherine Coblentz says:

    We are followers of Yeshua and we love Nehemiah’s teachings. Our small home church supports Nehemiah’s ministry and is very grateful for the in-depth teaching.

  • Catherine says:

    “I know that if I lacked vital knowledge, I would want someone who had this knowledge to share it with me. I must, therefore, share the knowledge I have with those who need it.”

    Nehemia, please continue…I need it.

  • Daniel says:

    Nehemia, I know that you are a very busy man, “Going about our Father’s business”, and that you probably do not have the time to read all the FB messages and responses to your posts.

    However, I wanted to respond to this, because it answers so many questions that even I have had to field, on your behalf — None of this was “News” to me, but I’m glad that you addressed it so “eloquently”. ?

    I don’t “follow” you as a “Tracher/Preacher”, however I consider you a “colleague” in a quest for truth, and in as much I want to hear what you have to offer at the table of Midrash — That stated, although I am a thinker (which you once complimented me on), I realize that your academic achievements are greater than mine — Obviously — I just do not allow this fact to give you a “peristal” in my search. ?

    I once asked you (sincerely), if Karaite Jews had some form of Halacha — In other words “How do you determine the correct path”? You did not respond to me then, but you did in this article.

    Ironically — This is how I understood pursuing YHVH’s righteousness with “All our heart, soul, and might.” Just as the Torah is dynamic, depending upon our status/gender and roll, so is YHVH’s judgement upon our diligence in seeking Him.

    Each is given a variance in talent, and as long as (in amunah) each of us gives our truly best, He considers it righteous.

    Therefore, let us continue to seek Him diligently, until He reveals more of His Truth to us — Step by step, day by day — This is our Halacha.

    Blessings as always. ❤️

  • Olive Weitzel says:

    Dear and precious Nehemia! Why are your lessons in English only??? There are so many curious people in Israel who want to learn from you but in Hebrew!

    • Heiki says:

      Could be that there are more that speak English than do Hebrew. I am Norwegian, and English is better 🙂
      Someday I may be able to understand and read Hebrew, but that time is sadly not yet.

  • Bonnie Norton says:

    Please, please, please, do not grow weary of carrying this burden. You have been such an incredible blessing to my husband and me, especially in introducing us to Yehovah’s wonderful name. We have gained SO MUCH spiritual insight from you. That fact that you are attacked from all sides should be an “encouragement” that you are sharing things Satan does not want to be made known. Be of good courage and may Yehovah bless you!

  • don says:

    When I was in the Marines during Vietnam while still on boot camp, as we were preparing to sleep for the evening the Drill Instructor would tell out “Your night prayers” and the Christian Lords prayer was recited.. Myself and the 3 other Jewish Marines never heard that and started to commence to go to Alaska they (the Christian Marines) recited their prayer. We’ll one Marine saw me going to sleep and says to me “you know your being very disrespectful to our Lord JESUS and a word to the wise.. Dont let me catch you sleeping again during the” lords “Prayer” look its not prayer I told him and I meant mezn no Disrepect whatsoever. He said I warned you.. Dont go to sleep during the prayer again.. Listen this guy was not my boss and I couldn’t careless with his threat and what he said. So the next night when the Christian lords prayer was being said, I started to go to sleep.. When the prayer was done and the drill instructor left the barracks area he pulls me off the top bunk bed and starts a physical altercation (fist fight) the Drill Instructor hearing a loud commotion returns to the barrack and breaks up the fight, he tel the D. I. what I did and instead of him reprimanding or chiding him or reading him the riot act.. The D.I let’s him go on just with saying that I don’t have to recite it, but then tells me that during that or prayer I am not to start sleeping but must recite a prayer of my own..but it better be in English so I (The D. I.) can understand it.. I never forgot that incident.. Years later I was attending Overeaters Anonymous and after years of attending meeting oit of the blue at the end if the meets Gary start to recite that prayer.. Jews objected to it so it’s brought up to a vote. But have more attending Christians than Jews it’s leads voted down, plus the bite creates a lot of animosity between The 2 faiths attending. So I left The group permanently.
    What I see in the Karaite leadership and adherants is to much cosying up to Christianity and their beliefs and lately. It almost seems like messianic Jews already. as a Karaite myself.. I just don’t like it.. Maybe I’m missing reading the situation, I hope that I may wrong

    • Tesha Bair says:

      As a “Christian” I wish I could apologize for those two incidents. I mean, we claim to believe that we should do to others what we would have them do to us. Such a contradiction we put up when we try to force others into believing as we do.
      If I may suggest the possible solution to those things is for us as Christians to realize that Jesus was a Jewish man…perhaps we Christians wouldn’t be so anti-Semitic. I like Nehemia’s blog and podcasts (etc.) for that very reason. Understanding the Jewish faith as the root of Christianity should eliminate the prejudices that cause conflicts such as you have unfortunately experienced.

      • You needant apologize fior any ones behavior other than your own.From your writing you appear to a very understanding and compassionate person .I just received this transfusion of your response..sorry for the delay in responding back to you..I did experience unpleasanyries while serving I have believe that we all grow somewhat in understanding one another and perhaps new found mutual respect..

      • You needant apologize for any ones behavior other than your own
        .hiwever your sentiments are well received by me..I would hope that better understanding and mutual respect exists today more than in the past..thank you got it your reply..siry about my delay in responding back..mycomputr is on the blink and using my cell phone .to oergorm all computer functions

    • TYPO go to sleep not Alaska

  • Ruth says:

    Thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge with people with whom you differ on matters of faith.

  • Peter Phiri says:

    Baruch HaBa B’shem יהוה
    You are a Moreh Nehemia for all that are willing to listen and seek Yehovah with fear and trembling. I for one have been blessed by your teachings and enabled me to understand and seperate from the lies l had inherited from our forefathers. Keep on sharing the Torah pearls, prophet pearls and Hebrew voices you are equipping the people of Elohim with knowledge. Big up to Keith and Yono too. Shalom servant of the Most High 😉

  • Judith says:

    I realized then and there that the Almighty had blessed me with an understanding of ancient languages and ancient Jewish texts and I was morally obligated to share that information with anyone who needed it, even if I disagreed with them on important matters of faith.
    I feel so blessed that you feel compelled bij YHVH to teach us the ancient paths of our faith! I do believe I can say “OUR” because with all my heart I believe we do have the same Faith!! We both believe that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the forefathers whom we come out of and we are brothers and sisters!!

    Karaite Jews believe we must do our best to discover the truth but also humble ourselves before God and admit that we can never know for sure “until a priest with Urim and Thummim should appear” (Ezra 2:63). This should be the way we all stad in our believes. We search for truth indeed but only when the KING of ALL truth shall come will we really understand ALL things!
    “Who is a wise man? He who learns from every man.” (Ethics of the Fathers 4:1).
    And I have learned so much from your teachings and tapes. In my heart heart you are more familie to me than my own familie flesh and blood. I have so very very blessed by you, Keith, and Michael that it goes beyond expression. I am so very grateful that you decided felt led) to help us understand our Roots!

    “But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, a wild olive shoot, were grafted in their place to share the rich root of the olive tree, do not boast over the branches. If you do boast, remember that it is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you.” Romans 11:17-18 AMEN!!

    “I Accept the truth from whoever speaks it.”

    Shalom, Judith

  • Arley Steinhour says:

    As a Memory/Encore, I have re-pasted your article to my wall, Nehemia.
    Your words are worthy of a re-read by any and all, (even if you can’t quite see that the Jew is the “Cake,” and the Gentile, the “Frosting.” Both incomplete without the other.) AMEN

  • Dot Olsen says:

    A friend of mine messaged me and asked about this article so I had to come here and search around and send her the address so that she could read it. As long as I was here and had the opportunity to give it a re-read, I did so. I have now read this four or five times since it was originally posted, and every single time I come away so impressed with your honesty and the uniqueness of your calling to not allow the goyim to languish in ignorance. Thank you for all that you study and share with us so freely.

  • Jon says:

    Yeshua was not a Rabbi.
    Matthew 5

    • Brian Foust says:

      Rabbi means “teacher” so yes he was… maybe you’re getting Rabbi confused with Pharisee?

    • Arley Steinhour says:

      Shalom, Jon. Isn’t the word ‘Rabbi’ the Hebrew base for ‘Teacher??’ If so, Jesus would be a Rabbi/Teacher (Undocumented, of course, by the Temple leadership, of Farisee and Sadducee).

      • Rabbi originally meant more than just teacher. It was someone ordained with supposed Deuteronomy 17 Mosaic authority.

        • Gary Michaels says:

          Throughout my adult life I’ve maintained the posture that, unlike the priests, rabbis have no Tanakh-derived authority. Are you saying that they actually do have a God-given mandate?

        • Thank you. I have read of some of your teachings and have wondered what your real beliefs were. Your writings here are revealing in which you state you are not ‘Messianic Jew’ nor a believer in Yeshua (Jesus). The two have ‘Faith’ in and are Believers in the Messiah (Hebrew), Christ (Greek), The Anointed. It is my wish and prayer that you will come to know Him in your spirit, as your Salvation. When that happens you will know beyond a shadow of doubt that He is, that is when the Spirit of YHVH bears witness with your spirit. The LORD bless and may HIS Face and Light shine on and in you.

  • Bob Irving says:

    In romans, Paul is absolutely not saying Jews are the root. Jews are the branches that were broken off for rejecting yeshua(in his understanding) because rejecting him is rejecting Torah, putting them under the curse of Torah in which they shall be “cut off” or Num15:31. Paul is surely referring to Yeshua’s words(he was a follower after all) when Yeshua says He is the vine Jn15:1-5.

    • Brian Foust says:

      okay, si every preacher AND Rabbi on earth is wrong… you’re right. smh

    • Harry says:

      Irving Yeshua taught from the Torah and prophets only and Paul did the same. The root of everything is found through the Jews and the center of everything will be in Jerusalem whether or not anyone beleives or not. Yehovah said it it will be done and the Jews are not called Jews by blood only but by faith and the branches are usually the people that have no covenant with God..

  • Yasmin Coats says:

    Well said.

    I don’t envy you your mission, but I do appreciate very much that you’re trying.

  • josefa schmidt says:

    Thank you for your teachings I have read your books and your teachings in youtube again thank you.
    Shalom from Australia

  • Bill says:

    Nehemiah, I am so glad for this letter so we can now know you better. I am a Danite from the House of Israel and also am a Catholic and have been Torah observant for 20 years which obviously causes me a lot of spiritual distress at times. I love you my brother and what the pastors said are disgusting. This is where I am coming from: “We need to love and honour the Jews because Jesus chose the Jews to implement his plan for OUR salvation and we are told to love him with all our heart mind and soul and he is God and chose to be Jewish. So in actual fact the Jews are even greater than us because he chose to be one and he chose them for his plan- not us.” Yah bless you Nehemiah and stay strong in your calling.

  • Questor says:

    Since Messianic Gentiles that are becoming Torah Observent are essentially Karaite in their view of Judaism…not liking that the Oral Law is held as the final say on what we are to do, and so forth, when YHVH has stated through the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah, through all of His prophets, including one Yeshua ben Yosef, what we are to do quite plainly.

    I do not know how Abba is going to straighten out all of our varied understandings of Who He is, and how everything is going to be done at the end of the Age…I only know that He will, and that YHVH loves all of us, Jew and Gentile alike, and wants us to come as close as possible to Him. You are informing us who we are learning to be as we grow, and though I naturally want you to be on good terms with Mashiach ben Yosef for your own sake in receiving the Ruach haKodesh, I know that YHVH will lead you exactly where He wants you to go, and lead you ever closer to Himself, for you love and follow Him.

    All blessing to you in the name of YHVH, and in Yeshua ben Josef.

  • Daniel says:

    Thanks Nehemia for that letter. If in anyway you were to be an ass as the ass of Balaam, there would be lots of very good prophets about.I certainly can tell by a couple of comments that you have not committed to the faith in Yeshua Messiah and obviously not a orthodox Jew by your current statements.

    Beside that I honour you to have an attitude to come to the Christian faith with a non-judgmental attitude but rather with a servant spirit as Yeshua of Nazareth has demonstrated in such a perfect way during His life time on earth. Perhaps Yehovah is using you Nehemia pre-empting, as to assist Christendom like Zec 8:23 seem to infer.

    Having said that it is very understandable and should be least surprising that some Christian leaders be cautious as to protect their flock when someone of a Jewish faith not confessing Yeshua of Nazareth as Messiah, come to teach a congregation of Christians. Christian are acutely aware of Satan’s crafty schemes to deceive… “even the elect” (Mat 24:24) even though Christians are so prone to deception.

    But the reality of the day is that there are many wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and anyone should be on his wits to discern danger. As believers we are advised to test the spirit and act accordingly. So it is right to test and be tested and the response will show the nature of the message and intentions offered.

  • R S says:

    You always have such a good sense of humor…You are a great teacher, and speaker. It is wonderful you use your gift of knowledge to bless others.

  • Mimi E says:

    Thank you Nehemia. May God bless you and yours richly for your good work and I pray that you will never be discouraged. Looking forward to meeting with you one day.

  • Joel says:

    Once again, YOU THE REAL MVP! May YEHOVAH bless you, keep you, and continue leading you bro!

  • Margie Loubser says:


    May YAHSHUA BLESS AND KEEP BOTH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Don’t know too much about the politics, but then again i choose not to and it never solves problems unless it is patterned on ELOHIMS WORD ALONE ANYWAY.

    So my brother let man and their doctrine and reasoning be what they are and for you my brother just look to ELOHIM AND WHAT HE HAS SET BEFORE YOU, HE WILL BLESS YOU.

    i THANK ELOHIM FOR THE LOVE THAT HE HAS PLACED ON YOUR HEART FOR YOUR NEIGHBOUR, AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING. i maintain that love is correctional, so you are instrumental no matter what man says. This is not about us anyway it is about ELOHIM.




  • thank you so much, YHWH bless you more and His face shine on you, i’m one of the goyim from philippines who seeks truth..

    • i just remember my thread apost in a pastoral theological forum here in the philippines 2yrs ago ” The hebrew name of the Father and iesous kristo his son (greek)—-ang tatay hebrew, ang anak greigo?… with this thread i was branded as cult… truly we cannot boost as a wild olive grafted to the original as , replacement theology is just a product of not knowing the hebrew mindset vs greek mindset

  • Linda says:

    Nehemiah you are truly an anointed man of Yehovah. The truth is the only thing worth knowing . It’s what sets us all free. I will keep you lifted up in prayer that Yehovah keeps you strong as you share His truth. You have a humble heart after Yehovah . Todah!

  • Yvette says:

    I have said it before and I will say it over. And over : Nehemiah is an awesome brave man of Yahovah!
    Being stiff and shut down limits what we learn how we grow and how The HOLY SPIRIT can work through us .I have not read book one you have written I want to however I have budget constraints .You have conveyed very well these thoughts to me through you tube videos and postings.I see your heart for God it is so very Beautiful.

  • Ahava says:

    You have something called compassion. A lot of people do not understand that concept. Keep up the good work! God knows it helped me.

  • Gerald Stewart says:


    God uses his people in different ways you are truly blessed at explaining the Torah as well as the traditions and customs of the period they were written in. I would give anything to have the opportunely to sit with you and listen to you speak. I listen to the Torah Pearls and have learned so much from you. All I can really say is that you have changed my life and the way I understand the Torah. Thank you so very much. You keep doing what you are doing as it is what God has placed on your heart to do.

  • thank you Nehemiah.may God bless you.

  • Stubblefield, Herman says:

    Nehemia, you have a lot of good old common sense. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • KH says:

    Nehemia, I read your book, in fact all your writings I can get my hands on. As a (new to) Hebrew Roots Messianic, I very much appreciate your position. I’m also coming to understand how the Christian Jesus has been presented as a prophet who has “spoken apostasy against Yahovah…to make you stray from the way in Yahovah commanded you to walk…;” that Christianity “entices you secretly, saying, ;Let us go up and serve other mighty ones’-which you have not known, neither you nor your fathers…” (Debarim 13). The Church has, since the 4th century, promulgated an abomination!! I grieve that I have walked in that way for 34 years, but rejoice that, because of you, Michael Rood, Keith Johnson, and several more, have found my way home!! Blessings on you, Nehemia, for standing true and faithful. KH