Discovering Common Ground with Keith Johnson (Open Door Series – Part 1)

Open Door Series Part 1 features Keith Johnson speaking on the topic of "Discovering Common Ground." Johnson relates the fascinating beginnings of his prophetic friendship with Nehemia Gordon. A dream led Johnson to Jerusalem in search of a Torah scroll and ultimately to an encounter with Gordon, who taught him to read the sacred text in its original language, history, and context. The duo’s unique partnership illustrates the “mixed multitude” that stands with Israel and the God of Israel as the people fulfill their destiny as a light to the nations.

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  • Catherine Fassino Ozment says:

    Thank you so much for this series. Cannot wait to get to the rest of the teachings.

  • Anita Burke says:

    i’m going back for seconds, this was great.

  • Stephanie Shiflet says:

    Such revelations, for such a time as this… WOW! I’m so very excited for The Kingdom of YeHoVah! Baruch Haba B’Shem YeHoVah!

    Three Men with different and very distinct experiences have been brought together to raise up, the Remnant of Israel from not one denomination but from them ALL. Mr. Rood, Mr Johnson, and Mr. Gordon, Thank you for all you are doing to spread the truth through the entire world.

    I sincerely want to encourage everyone to earnestly pray for YeHoVah to teach them to love what he loves and hate what he hates. To Open their eyes, ears, and hearts to YeHoVah’s spiritual things and to receive HIS understanding of His spiritual things. We no longer can sit back silently, it is time to sound the shofar of the name of The Most High God, El Elyon, YeHoVah!

    Next I want you to consider giving and contributing to all three of these men’s ministry’s. Even if you can not give money you can further The Kingdom of YeHoVah by speaking HIS Truths through referencing scripture and using these Men’s Ministries as a reference. I myself am not a great speaker, but I can always find a teaching by either of these men and encourage those I talk to about watching.

    May YeHoVah, our Father and Yeshua Ha’Mashiach give you all His Blessings and great Shalom of Heart and Mind.

    • betty peterson says:

      I have been waiting all my life to hear the truth,thank you nehemia.Please pray for my family

  • Forest and Andrea Acker says:

    Living in Belize, Central America we felt radically alone in our new grasp of the importance of Torah, despite the fact that we were raised Pauline Christians. We havr shed so much doctrine and it is incredible confirmation to hear and see the testimonies of others in this growing movement of restoration of truth. Yeshua is calling the nations into His Fathers covenant, despite how the Catholic church has long twisted abd supressed His true teachings!!!!!

  • Pearline Moore says:

    Such a refreshing, tireless search for the “TRUTH” and the deeper meaning of God’s written WORD and not what man makes it out to be. The two different perspectives represented in your research is wonderful. I would love to receive your teaching in my in-box on a regular basis, perhaps weekly. Any plans for such an offering?

  • A Jones says:

    I would love to get a copy of the music to teach my children. Please tell me where to find it.

  • jackrabb1t says:

    Can you please post a transcript of this video?

  • Hey Keith! How do I get you and Nehemia back to Phoenix? Really enjoyed out time together, even if you couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Blessings.

  • Mimi says:

    Thank you very much. I like this very much. So where do we sign up for the Hebrew lessons?
    God bless you both. May you live for ever!

  • george says:

    this is some awesome stuff !

  • Keith Johnson relates the fascinating beginnings of the prophetic friendship between himself and Nehemia Gordon. A dream that led Johnson to Jerusalem in search of a Torah scroll ultimately led him to Gordon who taught him not only to read the sacred text, but to mine its beauty and perfection. The duo’s unique partnership illustrates the “mixed multitude” that stands with Israel and the God of Israel as the people fulfill their destiny as a light to the nations.

    Keywords: Torah scroll, Breslau manuscript, Hebrew Matthew, Lord ’s Prayer, antisemitism, Smithfield revival