Ten Rabbis Speak Out on the Name of God – Part 1

Rabbis, Name of God, Nehemia Gordon, Vav, waw, Lost Book of Jasher, sacred Tetragrammaton in Greek, Tetragrammaton, Hebrew Name of God, Joseph Dan, History of Jewish Mysticism and Esotericism, The Footnote In this Support Team Study, 10 Rabbis Speak Out on the Name - Part 1, Nehemia Gordon brings evidence from newly discovered Hebrew manuscripts proving that Jewish rabbis preserved the true pronunciation of God's holy name and explains why scholars ignore Jewish sources while searching out every pagan non-Hebrew text they can find. Continue reading

Jaw-Dropping Revelations from Israel

Jaw-Dropping Revelations from Israel, Revelations Israel, Dead Sea Scrolls, Name of God, Nehemia Gordon, Makor Hebrew Foundation, Hebrew manuscriptsIn Nehemia Gordon's Support Team Study, Jaw-Dropping Revelations from Israel, he talks with Dev Daniel about his adventures with the mysterious T-Bone, a revelation received on a Galilee mountaintop, and the discovery of a large cache of unknown Hebrew manuscripts. Judy wrote: "Wow, this is so amazing, again Nehemia thank you for ALL you do and Share, can't get enough." Continue reading