Yehovah Silver Round (Denmark 1640s)

I want to share with you an exciting way you can help empower people with information on the Hebrew Sources of their faith and glorify the name of Yehovah!

Years ago, I learned about a coin minted by the king of Denmark in the 1640s that had the name of Yehovah emblazoned across the front. You read that right! A Scandinavian king put Yehovah’s name on his coins... in Hebrew... with full vowels! From the moment I saw this coin, I wanted one, but it was way beyond my budget—and still is.

I decided to have a reproduction of this coin minted as a 1 oz. silver round. The front is based on the Danish Yehovah-coin from the 1640s, while the back has a quote from the book of Malachi, “my name is great among the nations.”

Now for a $100 donation* to Makor Hebrew Foundation, you can own this 1 Oz. silver round, which is a tangible expression of the fulfillment of Malachi’s ancient prophecy:

“for from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting, my name is great among the nations... says Yehovah of hosts” (Malachi 1:11).

The context of the prophecy appears earlier in verse 5:

“And your eyes will see and you will say, Yehovah will be magnified beyond the borders of Israel...”

Anyone who looks upon this 1 oz. silver round will see with their own eyes that what the prophet Malachi spoke 2,400 years ago is true. Yehovah has been magnified far beyond the borders of Israel and His holy name made great! What a powerful witnessing tool! By donating to Makor Hebrew Foundation you will also be partnering with me, making it possible to continue to put out teachings that empower people with information about the Hebrew sources of their faith.

Click below to donate $100 and get your 1 oz silver round. Enter the quantity you want for multiple rounds. They make great gifts!

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One of the really exciting things about the Danish coin that inspired the Yehovah 1 oz. Silver Round is connected to the founding of the United States. On September 2, 1776, barely two months after declaring independence, the Continental Congress issued a report on what coins would be accepted by the Treasury Department of the newly founded nation. The colonies did not have their own coinage and so they had been using dozens of different coins from all over the world. The most popular coin was the Spanish dollar, also known as the “piece of eight”. The report approved by the Continental Congress, written in Thomas Jefferson’s own handwriting, gave a list of approved coins and their value as compared to the Spanish dollar. This report specifically mentions the “Ducat of Denmark,” referring to the Yehovah coin minted by the Danish king in the 1640s, which had become an internationally recognized currency. That’s right! One of the approved coins accepted by the US Treasury when the nation was founded had Yehovah’s name on it! Our heavenly Father’s holy name is intertwined into the very fabric of the greatest democracy the world has ever known! I wonder if the people in Malachi’s time could have, in their wildest imaginations, fathomed that as far away as an unknown continent, quite literally in the place of the “setting of the sun” from the perspective of Israel, that Yehovah’s name would be made great among the nations!

The Danish coin also had the Latin phrase “Iustus Iudex” meaning “Righteous Judge,” a phrase describing Yehovah in Psalms 7:12 and 2 Timothy 4:8. The phrase “Yehovah Iustus Iudex” was the personal motto of King Christian IV (1588-1648) who commissioned these coins.

The report by Thomas Jefferson approved by the Continental Congress includes an incredible degree of precision, testifying to the integrity of the American Founding Fathers. The Ducat of Denmark was declared to be worth 1.934329 Spanish dollars. The care the Continental Congress took in precisely weighing each coin, reminds me of the verses in Dt 25:14-16 and Proverbs 20:10, which talk about just weights and measures.

Click below to donate and get your 1 oz silver round:

Limited quantities available. To donate by check or over the phone please contact Dev at 800-420-8206 or send her an e-mail.

* The Yehovah 1 oz Silver Rounds are certified pure silver and are IRA eligible. Makor Hebrew Foundation is a 501C3 tax-deductible not for profit organization. The amount of contribution that is deductible for US federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money contributed by the donor over fair market value of goods provided by Makor Hebrew Foundation.

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22 thoughts on “Yehovah Silver Round (Denmark 1640s)

  1. it came! it finally came!…the big one….keep out of reach of children… all jokes aside I just got my coin in the mail today and I’m stoked about it! It’s in a case and everything pretty legit! Thank you Nechemyah and the Makor Hebrew Foundation keeping my thirst at bay with this spring!

  2. Shalom!!! May YeHoVaH bless and keep you. I ordered one because it is pretty cool, and to help you out. I also wanted to say THANK YOU because It has been my earnest desire to know the REAL NAME of our Creator.

  3. I’ll take one of those coins, for sure.

    BTW, Nehemiah, I am the designer of the T-shirt for Michael Rood with the YHVH.

    I hope you got yours from him.

    Thank you for dedication and generosity.

  4. Very cool, and glad to participate! Did a little research on Christian IV as I was curious what inspired this king(not finding much regarding motive), but he had the longest reign of any scandinavian monarch, and these coins were minted late in his reign (with age comes wisdom?). His mother, coincidentally, came from the birthplace of my great, great, great grandfather (Carl Christian). She was from a different royal Danish line, and his coronation reunited a split royal house. At any rate, thanks so much – and may YeHoVaH bless you immeasurably!

  5. Wow! This reminds me of Psalm Chapter 12 “The words of the LORD are pure words, as silver tried in a crucible on the earth, refined seven times.”

  6. Mazel Tov Nehemiah on completing this worthy project of this minting, and for bringing correct punctuation of the name of our CREATOR to be imprinted onto its face! What an awesome Bat or Bar mitzvah gift, or present for a Mattan!

    It is a pleasure to donate to MeKor Foundation, especially when you provide this type of earnest incentive as a sponsoring bonus.

    Moreso, I wish to thank you and ALL behind the scenes at Mekor, (Boker Tov Dev, Zvi, and the camera crew, for making your Ministry come to life and for YOU Nehemiah, for bringing us quality teachings that are faithful to the Karaite Principles!

    We missed your physical presence at the KJA’s Re-Dedication of B’Nai Israel.
    But, your name and righteous works were spoken highly from the lips of many that weekend!

    May YHVH KEEP YOU, and BLESS YOU and ALL your WORKS performed in HIS NAME!

    L ‘Shalom

  7. YeHoVaH once again brings forth hidden things! I am so excited this verifies in tangible proof His Name Must be CALLED UPON. Thank you ABBA for bringing Nehemiah in my path, bless him with all you have for him, In Yeshua I ask, Amein

  8. Wow, that´s probably the most creative way of raising money I have ever encountered. Absolutely lovely idea, and with such a deep meaning!

    Do you also ship to Germany? And if I get a coin, will I also become a member of the Support Team?

    I was planning to become a member anyways because – after a tough period of financial distress due to a failed startup – Yehovah has blessed me with a great job opportunity as an IT-consultant. I am so grateful for this, although times were not easy lately and required a lot of trust, faith and determination from my side! On Monday will be my first day at work …

    Yehovah is great, and when you put genuine trust in him and (try to) follow his Torah, he will take care of provision.

    Anyways, I guess supporting Makor Hebrew Foundation would be a delicate way to give something back. So again, do you also ship to Germany?

    Thanks, all the best and Shalom!

      • Hi Dev,

        Thanks a lot for your fast reply. I´ve just ordered my coin and I´m more than excited 🙂

        May Yehovah bless Makor Hebrew Foundation and all people directly associated with it. Your effort is great and very important to this world – and therefore you will thrive and continue to enrich many people´s lives. You are privileged to be part of a big plan.

        Thanks again and God bless

  9. Shalom! Thanks for sharing this exciting information on the Hebrew Sources of our faith and glorifying the name of Yehovah! It is so sad that not all who claim to be believers are not interested in thie revelation, May our Father’s name be sanctified. Hallelu-Yah!

  10. How did the Danish king know the correct pronunciation with full vowels? if the ban on the name started in 135 AD around the Bar Kokhbah revolt?

    • Reminded me that during the Nazi occupation when all ‘Juden’ were required to wear yellow star of David, the King went out in public wearing one(as a sign of solidarity with Jews). The next day, hundreds of gentile Danes followed the King’s example and also wore yellow stars. Don’t know how true the story is, but heard it first in Jerusalem.

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