Prophet Pearls #8 – Vayishlach (Obadiah 1:1-21)

The Edomite City of Petra, Prophet Pearls Vayishlach, Obadiah, day of the lord, edom, edomites, haftarah, Keith Johnson, measure for measure, mount zion, negev, nehemia gordon, obadiah, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, petra, Temple Mount, Tetragrammaton, Vayishlach, yom YehovahIn this episode of Prophet Pearls, Vayishlach (Obadiah 1:1-21), the single-chapter vision of Obadiah, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson bring volumes of insight. We learn how the eschatological views of preterism, historicism and futurism apply to this Portion. We also learn that Obadiah’s identity has been determined by a rabbinical method of interpretation known as “make-it-up.”  Word studies include:  “hamas,” “Sepharad,”  “yom Yehovah,” “Edom,” “measure for measure,” and “drinking from the cup.” While we are warned by the sins of Edom, we are encouraged by Gordon’s eye-witness account of prophecy fulfilled in the Negev. And we look forward to the day when saviors ascend Mount Zion and the kingdom is Yehovah’s. Continue reading

Prophet Pearls #6 – Toldot (Malachi 1:1-2:7)

In this episode of Prophet Pearls, Toldot (Malachi 1:1-2:7), if context is key, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson have opened the door. We learn the exact historical context of Malachi’s message, a specific event at Sinai to which he referred, and the current events on the Temple Mount that prove the Prophet’s words to be as relevant as ever. Gordon tracks down a lost root to clarify the job description of a “messenger” and sets the record straight on “Levites,” “priests” and “cohanim.”  Regarding Malachi’s prophecy, “my name is great among the nations,” Gordon tells of Icelanders and Filipinos who have gathered themselves with Yehovah and encourages listeners to be ready to do likewise. Continue reading

Prophet Pearls #51 – Nitzavim (Isaiah 61:10-63:9)

Prophet Pearls Nitzavim, angel of his presence, Elijah, haftarah, Isaiah 61:10-63:9, Keith Johnson, Metatron Enoch, nehemia gordon, Nitzavim, Nitzavim haftarah, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Prophecy, Prophet Pearls, prophets, prophets portion, Temple Mount, watchmen walls, watchmen walls jerusalem, Yeshua, yeshua haftarah, yeshua reading synagogueThis week, Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Nitzavim which covers Isaiah 61:10-63:9. These watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem recount their most recent visit to the Temple Mount and Gordon gives the historical background of Muslim-control of the only holy site in Judaism.  Gordon and Johnson discuss the Isaiah passage read by Yeshua in the synagogue—which confirms first-century Haftarah readings. We learn statistics on named and unnamed angels in the Tanakh and Gordon provides three rabbinical traditions for the “angel of his presence” mentioned in this passage.  In closing, Gordon asks Yehovah to turn the hearts of those who desecrate the Temple Mount—and to send his messengers to help those on the wall do his work. Continue reading

Prophet Pearls #50 – Ki Tavo (Isaiah 60:1-22)

Prophet Pearls Ki Tavo, glory of Israel, haftarah, Isaiah 60:1-22, Keith Johnson, ki tavo, ki tavo haftarah, ki tavo prophets portion, nehemia gordon, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Temple MountIn this episode of Prophet Pearls,  Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Ki Tavo, covering Isaiah 60:1-22. Gordon and Johnson revel in this sixth in a series of seven “Haftarot of Consolation,” as the prophet Isaiah details the future glory of Israel. Gordon and Johnson provide eyewitness accounts of the fulfillment of some of the prophecies—such as walls built by foreigners and the ingathering of exiles. Word studies include uri/wake up, kavod/glory leaving, netzer/branch and hamas/violence. We learn that signs of a hastening are going on right now and that eternal life on Earth is a Jewish concept. In closing, Johnson prays for the day when there are no coups and no confusion and Messiah reigns from Jerusalem. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #23 – The Temple Floor Lady (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Temple Floor Lady, I meet with The Temple Floor Lady, Frankie Snyder. Frankie works at the Temple Mount Sifting Project in Jerusalem, reconstructing ancient floors. Frankie explains how she pieces together the pieces of floor discovered in the archaeological excavations. I got excited when she showed me, and let me touch, the ancient paving stones that covered the surface of the Jerusalem Temple in the 1st century CE. Unlike a Mosaic, which makes use of uniform cubes, the "opus sectile" floors of the Temple were made up of light and dark stones from all over the ancient world, cut into diverse shapes and sizes, and fit together into a grand puzzle to form intricate patterns. As I was speaking to Frankie I realized the floor tiling of the "House of Prayer for All Nations" was a picture of God's people. Made up of diverse colors and shapes, coming from far off lands with different backgrounds and ideas, the nations flowing unto Jerusalem will prophetically fit together into Yehovah's plan of salvation for mankind! Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #4 – Triumph Over Terror (Rebroadcast)

Keith Johnson, Yehudah Glick, triumph over terror, freedom of worship, Temple Mount, Yehovah, name, 1 Chronicles 23:25, 1 Kings 8:41-43, 2 Chronicles 33:4, 2 Chronicles 33:7, 2 Chronicles 6:6, 2 Kings 21:7, bfa international, Deuteronomy 31:10-13, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Dome of the Rock, knife, knife attacks, nehemia gordon, Numbers 6:24-27, Psalm 122, Sukkot, temple mount truth project, Terror, terrorism, terrorist attacks, Yehuda Glick, glick , Zechariah 14:3-4In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Triumph Over Terror, Nehemia Gordon speaks with his old friend and “Pearls Partner", Keith Johnson — an African American Methodist pastor who came to Israel to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Yehuda Glick’s survival of an assassination attempt by a Muslim extremist. Glick is an Orthodox Rabbi and human rights activist who works to make the Temple Mount accessible to people of all faiths. The attempted assassination aroused Jews from all walks of life to proclaim triumph over terror through freedom of worship on the Temple Mount. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #5 – Ambushed on the Temple Mount

Hebrew Voices, Ambushed on the Temple Mount, israel, news, Temple Mount, Islamic, Jordanian Police, Jerusalem, israel, news, Jerusalem JaneThis morning I was peacefully walking on the Temple Mount with a born-again Danish Christian lady named "Jerusalem Jane." And then we got ambushed!  Islamic guards masquerading as Jordanian Police surrounded us! The confrontation became an international incident. And we caught it on video. In this episode of Hebrew Voices, I go behind the scenes with Jerusalem Jane to talk about what really happened.

Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #3 – Temple Mount Treasures

Zachi Dvira holding a paving stone from Herod's Temple. This piece of bituminous limestone was smoothed by millions of Jewish pilgrims who visited the Temple in the First Century AD. Yeshua of Nazareth may have stepped foot on this very paving stone.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Temple Mount Treasures, Nehemia speaks  with Zachi Dvira (Zweig), co-founder and co-director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project. Dvira relates the shameful history of when the Islamic Religious "Waqf" bulldozed 9,000 tons of material from the Temple Mount and dumped it in the nearby Kidron Valley. But the news gets better as we learn how Israeli scholarship, ingenuity, technology, and chutzpah are reclaiming the travesty and unearthing treasures—one bucketful at a time. Continue reading