Information Unleashed – Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 13)

In this video, Information Unleashed, Nehemia Gordon explains how the Hebrew Roots of Hanukkah reveal the origin of the pagan ban on God's holy name. Learn how Judah the Maccabee ignored the noise of the multitudes, to stand against the ban and reclaim the true miracle of this holiday by proclaiming His eternal name! Please share your comments below.


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Open Door Series

3 thoughts on “Information Unleashed – Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 13)

  1. I would like to get some collective materials to study and share with my fellowship here. Is there some available from you or Keith?
    Shalom and great teaching.

  2. Thank you, Keith and Nehemiah!

    Firstly for making this series available for free, and online.

    I am getting so much information from this and the other videos in this series – above and beyond what is actually said, because it answers so many of my questions.

    Especially in the areas of discerning between God’s instructions and the traditions of men.

    It also applies to me on a personal level – mainly, knowing that I can repent, and receive mercy.

    It highlights mistakes I have made in the past, and that I recognise now, and knowledge on how not to repeat them.

    For learning and instruction above and beyond what is usually available, and mostly based on erroneous traditions.

    You both are richly blessing so many people.

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