To Hell and Back with Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 8)

Gehenna - the Hinnom Valley - in Jerusalem, To Hell and Back, Nehemia Gordon, Open Door Series, Hell, Jerusalem, Bible, Gehenna, Hinnom Valley, Hounds of Hell, Bible Hill, idolatrous, cult, grace, Creator, UniverseIn episode 8 of the Open Door Series, Nehemia speaks about his adventures to Hell and back, literally. Hell is a geographic location in Jerusalem known in the Bible as Gehenna, or the Hinnom Valley (shown in the photo on the left). Nehemia's adventures in Gehenna and encounter with the "Hounds of Hell" was a life changing experience. Come along with him on the journey from the depths of Hell to peak of Bible Hill, from the merciless cruelty of an idolatrous cult to the abundant grace of the Creator of the Universe!

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9 thoughts on “To Hell and Back with Nehemia Gordon (Open Door Series – Part 8)

  1. Hi Nehemia,

    Thanks for making this available to everyone – I always enjoy your perspective and insight.

    You mentioned that the word ‘chen’ (favour/ grace) is linked to ‘twinkling’ (of the eye) in a concrete sense. As you explain, I can quite easily see the contextual link, e.g. as in ‘if I have found favour in Your eyes’. Could you please also expand on this from an etymological perspective – so far I have mostly seen ‘chen’ being associated/ sharing a root with the Hebrew words meaning ‘to encamp’ or ‘camp’ (‘machaneh’). Can you shed any further light on this?


  2. Glory to God for the mercy and grace of our Father toward sinners!

    Earlier in the day yesterday while reading my Bible, I was struck by the existence of female sacrifices and spent hours puzzling over the reason for them. I watched this video late last night.

    Then again today I read about a female sacrifice for unintentional sin. This time your words came back to mind and it struck me that you might have given at least a partial explanation. Female sheep, goats and cows all have wombs.

    Could this be the significance? Is the female sacrifice for unintended sin an allusion to the special mercy and compassion of God in forgiving sins we didn’t mean to commit?

  3. Hi Nehemia,

    Great talk (as always)! I don’t know whether the account of the conversation between the Israeli guard and Otto Adolf Eichmann was true, but knowing what the Catholics and the Lutherans believe, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this conversation took place exactly as you heard it. Catholic and Lutheran leadership believe that ALL babies, if they die before they are christened (infant baptism), go to hell. Unbelievable, I know, but true. I am a Christian who attended a Lutheran high school, and the above is what we were taught in religion classes. It used to blow my peers’ and my teachers’ minds when I would ask, “Well then, am I going to hell because I wasn’t baptized as an infant?” I can still hear the gasps of horror whenever I asked that question. LOL!

    I was a believer but it wasn’t until I turned 20 that I was baptized — because I chose to be baptized, not because someone else forced it upon me. This was always a point of contention between me and my contemporaries as they believed since they had been christened as infants that they were “saved” and therefore, could behave any way they wanted. I saw this as hypocritical.

    I believe as the New Testament teaches that when one repents and confesses with one’s mouth and believes in one’s heart that Jesus Christ is one’s Lord and Savior, then as a response one will want to be baptized as a testimony of one’s dedication to Jesus. I look at baptism as a kind of wedding ceremony by which we announce to the world, “This is my beloved, and I am His.” Furthermore, although some children are mature enough to understand this concept and ask to be baptized, usually adults are the ones who engage in this activity. I waited until I was 20 because I wanted to be sure of my faith so that I could walk in it. There’s no point in “faking it” with God. If He’s real (and He is), He knows the difference.

    The point is baptism does not “save” anyone, neither do “rituals.” Eichmann was wrong and well knows this by now.

    God bless you, Nehemia.

  4. Whether it has been this episode8 or the previous ones, they have been very instructional for me. As with this one, it has helped to make more clear the meaning and significance of the scriptures. Having looked and understood them from a western mindset over the previous years, it is exciting to find and learn these new treasures through the instructions you have given. More alive. Thanks for being a good steward of the Word.

  5. You mention Herman Göring hanging himself. He didn’t, he escaped the noose by poisoning himself with a cyanid capsule that was smuggled to him.
    He will face his judgement before YHVH, and I guess someone will ask him “you know, Yeshuah was a Jew?”

    Really enjoy the series.

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