Hebrew Voices – Emergency UN Update (Rebroadcast)

Hebrew Voices: Emergency UN Update - Nehemia Gordon with Michael RoodIn this special Hebrew Voices, Emergency UN Update, Nehemia Gordon talks with Michael Rood about the United Nations resolution on December 23, 2016 attacking Israel, and exposes a modern-day Antiochus. This episode is available as a video and a podcast.

Cecille wrote: “AMEN!!!! What a message!… You are the true ambassador to the nations on the globe from Israel to remind all, the specific establishment on the Rock of the God of Israel His Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). That Land belongs to God.”

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Becky Stewart says:

    Why in Isaiah 11:6 did the kinds of animals change? The lion is the wolf? What? Help! This is really strange! Thanks!

  • cecille12 says:

    AMEN!!!! What a message! Truly called in an Emergency presentation to the world! You are the true ambassador to the nations on the globe from Israel to remind all, the specific establishment on the Rock of the God of Israel His Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). That Land belongs to God. Has the world forgotten? The Jews are still His People and He has been with you all through these 2000 years of Diaspora. And I do agree with you, that the Rabbis have made decisions that kept the Jews from returning to your Land earlier! Instead of following the Word like the Karrites, the Jews have listened to mortal man to the point of losing their lives! The Holocaust of the Jews in Poland is a direct administration of the Rabbis telling their flock to stay there instead of getting back to the Land of Israel. Kristallnacht was a warning from Hitler to get out of the country he decided to own. Hitler saw that the shaking did not drive the Jews out, he stepped up his extermination plans. When the Jews kept thinking it was going to turn back to their good, Hitler had his cronies carry out the termination of the Jews off the earth. What good is it to have your houses, money, administrations, your all in the nations which God never meant for Israel to stay. Reminds me of Lot’s wife turning to salt. Now the bodies of the Jews have dusted the earth in Germany, Poland, Austria, and God knows, the other places as far as Russia, pointing to future judgment to those who would do such horrendous deeds to His chosen Jews. Israel is the only nation on a higher plane and is His gift above other nations that He only promised her. I believe you have the authentic mouth and though it saddens me and I know others, that the twenty years of the New Moon declaration you have to step away is not an easy task. But I believe the Almighty One is directing your path to dig the Truth for us all. You are a true scholar and your humility and absoluteness for the Word of God, the Torah and even the whole Tanach comes through in your prayers you share with us. I pray for you daily and I know others here at the Wall stand with you in your strength for proclaiming the truth from Hebrew. GO!!!!

  • Kitty Corbett says:

    Michael Rood erred in repeating the prophecy concerning the territory promised to the Israelites. He said from the Euphrates to the Nile. The actual prophecy states from the Euphrates to the River of Egypt, which is NOT the Nile, but is a river named River of Egypt, an ancient southern border of Israel. You can find it on the map.

  • Carol Coring says:

    Shalom Nehemia, I have always enjoyed the collaborative scholarship you and Michael enjoy. I have learned & also had many of my understandings validated. We are living in a very interesting time. It is an honor that we are alive for these things, though not always fun.

  • Nicholas Mansfield says:

    Dear Nehemia, Michael, and all your readers/listeners who seek the restoration of a Mosaic-Torah observant Israel for Judah & Israel, a big shalom, and may God open our hearts to see through the deceptions around us!
    Approximately three weeks before the recent UN resolution condemning Israel, a very significant event occurred in my own country, New Zealand. We had a Jewish Prime Minister, John Key, who drew more than 50% of the popular vote in our last election, which is an increased majority over his government’s previous terms. Key’s first election victory saw a significant tax relief to all believers, a 33% rebate on charitable donations, a boon to our local Jewish population, and those of other faiths. Then Key announced his resignation on December 5, 2016. It seemed really strange at the time, but then came the UN resolution backed by a small group of minor countries, including New Zealand. I immediately smelled an Obama conspiracy.
    I ended up arguing with my father and sister on a recent holiday about the issue. They rubbished my claims. My father challenged me, asking, do you back the settlements or not? I stated that the situation is highly complex, and a simple yes or no is not going to cut it, I could argue both ways. The next day I walked with my father, and he asked me to explain things which he could not comprehend at all, regarding religion, and modern Israeli history. I endeavoured to explain to him, as simply as I could, through his rejection of God, that unto Israeli-Jews, this is a matter of life or death. He opened up to me about his early teenage years, in the early 1960s, when he worked in Sydney, Australia for a small Jewish family of tailors. One day the wife of the owner received a box of goods, and she took them out into the street, hurling abuse at the man who had delivered them, and threw them to the ground. She rejected the box when she discovered how the contents were German made. My father learned after the event that her family had been largely annihilated under the Nazis. Then he went to the library to research the matter of the Nazi Holocaust, of which he had no knowledge at the time. The librarian said to him, you don’t want to know about that stuff, it’s Jewish rubbish! He said, no, now I really want to know this.
    A friend called on me yesterday, with a wonderful gift, Benyamim Tsedaka’s “The Israelite Samaritan Version Of The Torah”. We touched on the Key/UN matter, and he filled me in on the missing details. Word had come to him through a Green Party activist. There was one precedent to Key’s resignation, in New Zealand politics. This precedent occurred with David Lange in 1989, and the issue at hand is known now within the local Jewish community. It turns out that history does repeat, and Key was put between a rock and a hard place by John Kerry, barely two months ago. In fact, there was a huge ruckus behind closed doors. Key could not support such a resolution. So, Obama is said to be the one behind it all, and he has brought down the leader of a US ally through his meddling.
    My Sephardic work colleague and I agree, that the Palestinians don’t acknowledge their clear defeat. God has elected to commence the restoration of Israel. It is upon us all to preach a message, and educate, and be a light to those around us. The problem, as regards religion, is that of many in Sunni Islam, but the smouldering war is really about politics and power. As the leading angel said to Joshua, “No!”. God will not judge us on whether we were born to a particular nation, but on how we interpret His law, and on our mercy.

    • Ya'aqov Ariel ben Ezra says:

      I never argue with people, when asked, I just give them only ONE Scriptural Passage, Revelation 18;24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and OF ALL THAT WERE SLAIN UPON THE EARTH. this passage shows that religion is the prime and only cause of ALL bloodshed throughout human History. I’m a Messianic who hates religion with a passion, as a Messianic I have that close and Loving relationship our Supreme Creator. A JW ones asked me; “explain to me the “Son of God””. By the Holy voice of the Holy Spirit my reply was; “When you make an appointment with a friend to meet her/him at a certain place at a certain time; and you are late or did not keep that appointment, than you are not a person of integrity, (he agreed), when you do and you are on time, than you are a person of your word, (he agreed), you are reliable, (he agreed), your WORD than is ONE with you, (he agreed). Jesus is God’s Holy Word; and when God says He would do something, He keeps to His Holy Word, (he agreed), His Holy Word is so close to Him that He in fact called Jesus – His Word – His Son, so His Son is ONE with Him, as Jesus said; “My Father and I are ONE”, amazingly…..(he agreed), he had no choice.

      • Shmuel ben Naftali says:

        My brother, be’shalom I respectfully disagree with you. I am an Ebionite, and like my 1st century Jewish forbears, I accept Yeshua as a human prophet. We may be one with our word/message, but YHVH actually *IS* His message [Davar], and YHVH alone (ie human beings are physically not what they believe). Ha-Davar YHVH’, the Message of YHVH, stands for the entire body of teaching, principle and goodness that is identified with YHVH. The Message is everything that YHVH is – God’s holiness, power, purpose, justice, moral law, wisdom and love – the sum total of everything that comes from YHVH, and has an active effect on this world; that is Ha-Davar, the Message. Moses experienced ‘The Message’ on Mt Sinai, when God’s glory [kavod] passed before him; Moses witnessed YHVH’s goodness, love, graciousness, compassion, justice and mercy (Ex 32:18-19, 34:6-7). This was the essence of YHVH *Himself* which was revealed in the glory to Moses – Ha-Davar. This wasn’t Yeshua, but *YHVH Himself*. The Message of YHVH is so strong and powerful that it is able to effect and change the world; through the prophet Isaiah 55:11, YHVH says, ‘Just as the rain . . . comes down from the sky, and does not return before having watered the earth, . . . so it is with my Message (davar); . . . it will not return to Me unfulfilled, . . . nor fail to achieve what it was sent out to do.’ (this was BEFORE Yeshua’s time). Remember what YHVH said through the prophet Isaiah 43:11: “‘I – and I alone – am YHVH, and beside Me, there is no other saviour.’ Blessings, Shmuel ben Naftali

  • Jeff says:

    Is this Zechariah 12 coming to pass?

  • Kathleen Bayn says:

    Thank you Nehemia and thank you Michael for standing firm in Torah and for YHVH!!

  • Aron Brackeen says:

    This is a paramount topic and episode, Nehemia. Thanks for the dual video and audio options. (Great video reinforcement.)

    It was Friday, December 30th 2016, at 3 PM EST the U.N. Security Counsel established Resolution 2334 before ‘Christmas’ and Hanukkah (Yes, there is a connection for those willing to see it…but it isn’t good.) Notice what time it was in Jerusalem, Israel: It was well after sunset during Shabbat. Furthermore, notice that many devout Jews would not know about the deadly passage of Res. 2334 until after Sabbath Day that week, which then began Hanukkah. Nehemia correctly makes an association to how Hanukkah (`165 bce) started and subsequent developments…to the just-in, modern instance of the same kind of led-in events. On that Dec. 30th, I made a call to the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. to veto.

    The disturbing pattern that I notice, though Nehemia may disagree or refrain, is how the ancient Hebrew teacher, Yeshua, gave a warning (Matthew 24:20 [15-20: winter; sabbath day]) to some future generation that will encounter deadly events starting during Hanukkah thru Purim (Antiochus ‘Epiphanes’ [Dan. 11] and Haman [bk Ester] with a 21st twist [and name].) This apparent test-run by vain people and raging heathen at the U.N. (Psalm ch. 2) that just happened should be a wake up call for all Torah followers in Yehovah to understand how signs are occurring concerning the nations against God’s covenant and His people. As much as this issue is about a Promised Land, it is no less about the One that gave the promise. Don’t wait for winter 2017/18 to be ready. We have been warned. (As for Psalm ch. 2, I have kissed the son.)

    NG, keep it coming.

    • Carol Coring says:

      I just happened to hear a news breakthrough on the radio just after this happened. I was almost a miracle that the radio was on, but….. My first thought was that this is very significant in the end time events. I am prepared.

    • jimmy fink says:

      Agree, another idea is that when the UN meets in Jan it will repersent the 70 nations mentioned in the Scriptures.

    • Aron Brackeen says:

      Date Correction:
      It was Friday, December [*23rd] 2016, at 3 PM EST
      (*not the mentioned 30th for the U.N event or my call)

  • Sandra Knudsvig says:

    Gratitude to you and Michael. Thankful to be a watchman standing on the wall with you in these times. Continued prayers for your safety and that you will get the support needed to keep going where YHVH leads you.