Hebrew Voices #57 – The Chinese Discover Hanukkah

Nehemia Gordon with two of his high school students he taught Hanukkah to in China.In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Chinese Discover Haunukkah, Nehemia Gordon explains how he found himself teaching about Hanukkah, Christmas, and the ban on the Name, to hundreds of atheist high school students in China.

Diana wrote: “Loved the stories that Nehemia shared...could have listened for hours more.”

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6 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #57 – The Chinese Discover Hanukkah

  1. I love this one. Heard it before but just am amazed at the opportunities you have had, Nehemia! This ends with these Chinese students saying Yehovah’s name! That was so cool!

  2. Great share! I can only imagine their faces upon learning of circumcision. Eating the family dog must sound much more pleasant and reasonable!

  3. This was amazing! on every level! So informative, interesting, and so funny! Your delivery, timing, and accents are great! You’re a comic!
    I guess your book on “Travels in China” needs to be written!
    Truly, Nehemia, you have had a singularly interesting life, and still going strong!

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