Preview of Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri

This is a special preview of the Support Team Study, Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri, in which Nehemia Gordon and Prof. Bezalel Porten delve into a series of Jewish letters written in southern Egypt in the 5th century BCE. They discover that the earliest reference to Passover outside the Bible is an Aramaic letter dealing with the same problem we face today - when to do Passover and look at evidence of Gentiles in ancient Egypt who kept the Sabbath in fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. After you watch the preview, be sure to watch the full in-depth Support Team Study of Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri!

I look forward to reading your comments!

Watch the full in-depth teaching of Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri

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  • R Nelson says:

    Its amazing that the Elephantine Manuscripts say that the first new moon after the vernal equinox (Tkufah) is what starts the year.

  • Alberto Trevino says:

    This is like Super Cool Nehemia!!!

    We all scored Big Time thanks to you & the Professor Porten, who the Almighty Yehovah El Elion has granted to see a little more clearer.

    We all need to pray for continued new discoveries.

    As Yehovah Lives, so should we
    Alberto Trevino