Preview of Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri

This is a special preview of the Support Team Study, Passover Letters from the Elephantine Papyri, in which Nehemia Gordon and Prof. Bezalel Porten delve into a series of Jewish letters written in southern Egypt in the 5th century BCE. They discover that the earliest reference to Passover outside the Bible is an Aramaic letter dealing with the same problem we face today - when to do Passover and look at evidence of Gentiles in ancient Egypt who kept the Sabbath in fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #93 – The Ancient Jewish Temple in Elephantine

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Ancient Jewish Temple in Elephantine, Nehemia Gordon continues his conversation with Prof. Bezalel Porten about the ancient Jewish temple in southern Egypt where blood sacrifices were offered to the God of Israel! They also look at the letter these Egyptian Jews wrote to the High Priest in Jerusalem and the Samaritan leader in Shechem asking for help to rebuild their temple in Elephantine after it was destroyed in an anti-Jewish race riot by Egyptian sheep-worshipers. Continue reading