Hebrew Voices #91 – The Aramaic Name of God

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Aramaic Name of God, Nehemia Gordon discusses a cache of papyri written by a garrison of Jewish soldiers on the southern border of Egypt in the 5th century BCE. Hebrew University Professor Emeritus Bezalel Porten explains how these Jews arrived in Egypt as mercenaries in the time of King Menasheh, offered sacrifices at their own local Temple, and called on the name of the God of Israel.

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Verses Mentioned:
Isaiah 49:12
Esther 1:1
Matthew 23:16-18
Jeremiah 44:15-30

Further Study:
Prof. Emeritus Bezalel Porten
Dr. Ada Yardeni
Elephantine Papari and Jewish Temple
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8 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #91 – The Aramaic Name of God

  1. Wow – that really is incredible how the Aramaic papyri dovetails in with Jeremiah’s stern rebuke a century earlier. Can’t wait for the Pesach Letter (and other neat things, I’m sure) in your next interview. Growing up I vaguely recall the words “Elephantine Papyri”, but didn’t know the reference at all.

  2. I enjoyed the program on the Elephantine Papyri and didn’t realize there was a contingent of Jews in southern Egypt. Well done!

  3. Absolutely Remarkable!

    I am so pleased that The Only Living Most High Yehovah has answered our prayers in blessing you to bright to light a better understanding of our past.

    May El Elion Yehovah open our eyes, open our minds to the Truth.

    As Yehovah Lives, so should we.

  4. Incredible and intriguing! Thank you for bringing Professor Porten to us. What an honor. There is no way that I would have known about him without Hebrew Voices. This information ties in with the studies that I have been doing of the prophets and the world in the ancient times. These are incredible primary sources that help to fill in the picture. Thank you!

  5. Awesome episode — I need to immediately listen again and take detailed notes! Looking forward to the next one! Shalom!

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