Hebrew Voices #116 – Live from Quarantine #2

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Live from Quarantine #2, I talk with Keith Johnson about Yehovah as our healer, why God sometimes sends diseases, and how the current lockdown is reminiscent of the plague of the firstborn. Susan wrote: “Thank you for all your insights and for bringing these passages together! I was just reading through Psalms and wondering ‘what does this mean when it says it is an ascent?’ It felt so cool to have the answer to my exact confusion pop up here!”

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Verses Mentioned:
Ex 15:26
Mishna Sanhedrin 10:1
Isaiah 60:2
Dt 28:60-61
1 Samuel 5-6
2 Chronicles 7:12-16
2 Chronicles 16:12
Matthew 6:7-8
Psalm 130

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  • daniel says:

    WOW and Amen! This is an answer to prayer – that I might be able to have a copy of Hebrew Matthew with vowel points! Please get this in print, or an e-book, and let me be a part of this fascinating study. Wed. the 8th at sunset starts Pesach, and I will be inside blessing the bread and wine, apply some of the wine to my doorposts and top frame – and remain inside all night (probably all the next day). As the calendars are all synched up this year, and with a global pandemic, YeHoVaH definitely has my attention. May YeHoVaH bless you and keep you safe and healthy!

  • Matt Gee says:

    I was just praying about this world being Mitsrayim and we who follow The Way need Yehovah to give us a Passover. Wow!

  • Hiltona Castleberry says:

    Amen and amen. I’ve been meditating on the issue of clean and unclean, obedient and disobedient. I am so glad to have my understanding reinforced.

    • J.W. Brakebill says:

      Unable to leave comment below.

      Is not “turning from evil ways,” in reference to REPENTANCE? The gospel according to John the Baptist, as well as, Yeshua’s message?

      And is not Fear of Yehovah defined in , Pro 8:13? The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.

      I personally question if Corona in Christianity is in part due to false doctrines like Good Friday/Easter Sunday tradition.

      In Mt 12:38-40 Yeshua said He would be 3 days AND 3 nights in the heart of the earth (tomb.) While being alive in Spirit went & preached to spirits in prison since Noah’s day. 1 Pet 3:18-20

      nyhow, there is NO part of a third night in the DEaster doctrine, so preachers are teaching and Christians are believing Yeshua was a LIAR! I cannot see that setting well with Him at all, especially at this time of year,, i.e. Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread.

  • Donald Smith says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is a great teaching on a subject that so many people misunderstand. It really comes down to what Kingdom do you want to align. For example, Did YHVH expel Adam from the Garden? Or did Adams actions force him out because he aligned to the kingdom of darkness? It is very clear from YHVH what we must align with to receive His Blessings of Healing. LIfe and Death is in the power of the tongue, in what we say, in our alignment with YHVHs Kingdom! Thank you for teaching us how to align with His Kingdom!

  • Thank you for the encouragement while live in quarantine. I am at this moment waiting for my departure from Batam, Indonesia to come back to USA and theses videos has been very up lifting to me. But I enjoy you and Keith ministering together and separately. My prayers are with you.

  • HerbB52 says:

    I want to expand on I Samuel 6.7 from the point of view of a person who grew up on a farm that raised cows.

    The goal of using the two milk cows is explained in I Samuel 6.9, to know whether is was Israel’s God that caused the plague or whether it was just a random coincidence.

    Two things that choosing two never yoked milk cows with calves did toward that goal.

    (1) When the cows walked back to Israel it was proof that they did not do it from habit from their training.

    Had they been trained and returned the the Philistine city it could could be attributed to the training and not to the hand of God.

    (2) When the cows walked back to Israel they did something that was against their nature by leaving their calves behind.

    I’ve had experience with this. My father would wean the calves from their mothers by separating them in a pen near our house. For several days we did not get any sleep, because the cows and calves would be standing across the fence from each other loudly lowing to each other.

    Cows will not abandon their calves. For the cows to go to Israel and abandoning their calves showed it was not just a chance happening, but the hand of God directing them back to Israel.