Hebrew Voices #115 – Live from Quarantine #1

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Live from Quarantine #1, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Keith Johnson about the challenges Keith encountered in Israel when the pandemic broke out, what it was like praying on the Temple Mount when no one else was there, and look at some Bible passages to put everything that’s going on into perspective. Petra wrote: “This was such a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing your hearts!... My family and I are determined to be prayerful, careful and will stay strong in heart. Blessings from Maine!”

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Israel Under Lockdown, Aviv Update, and Shabbat Prayer
Devorah Gordon of Devorah's Date Tree shares what it is like in Jerusalem under a nationwide lockdown, gives an update on Aviv, and offers a Sabbath prayer.

Plea from Israeli Scientist for Brother to Flee Coronavirus
Prof. Ariela Gordon-Shaag of Hadassah College in Jerusalem warns about the second wave of coronavirus, why Israel has instituted a lockdown, and urges her brother to flee the United States. She also shares a glimpse of what the onset of the first Shabbat in a nationwide quarantine is like in an Orthodox Jewish community.

Seattle Professor on Coronavirus Safe Behavior
Dr. Sharona Gordon, a professor of physiology and biophysics at the University of Washington outlines safe work behaviors and guidelines how to avoid getting the Covid-19 corona virus.

Keith Johnson and his BFA International Ambassadors ascends the Temple Mount

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  • Thank you from China where the worst is behind us. I am supporting Nehemiah the best way I could as also his believers and of course the believers of YHWH.
    I have been in China for about 10 years now but it is about time to leave now because the rest of the world needs us. . We were going to meet but the instant delivery of my wife didn’t work out.But I hope one day we will…Take care of yourself. Shalom. Charles Eliyah Pelosof.

    • Yehonatan says:

      Why do I hear the faint sound of the Star Wars Imperial march from any Imperial institution? Are we sure we can trust a unelected non transparent worldwide system that does not depend on Yehovah to track and surveil us to prevent pandemics? My faith and trust is in Yehovah.

  • daniel says:

    In this crisis of biblical proportion I’m trying to impress upon friends and family that maybe YHVH is calling His children to observe Pesach and His Feast days in all seriousness and humility, casting out the leven, behave modestly, etc… Thanks for these sobering messages, and May the Death Angel pass over your house. That second curve looks like it’s around Sukkot, and my prayer is to somehow make it to Jerusalem for the Fall Feasts.

    • Samantha washman says:

      Isaiah 26 and 27.
      Praise to yehova.
      Praying for mercy for the world . Accepting his will.

  • Marcella Wilson says:

    Thank you Nehemiah. The discussions with Pastor Keith were interesting and inspiring. And your sisters were such a fount of information. I so appreciate what you provided.