Preview of The Great ‘I AM’ Revealed

In this special Preview of Support Team Study, The Great I AM Revealed, Nehemia Gordon leaves Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts behind and goes back to the basics of the Hebrew language. In this study Nehemia explains how the ‘I AM’ passage in Exodus 3:14 teaches us the meaning of God's holy Name. We will see how the great ‘I AM’ was understood by ancient Jews and how this is the key to deciphering both the meaning of YHVH and its pronunciation. Lynell wrote: “Fascinating study on The Great 'I am' Revealed. Nehemia Gordon presents empirical evidence rather than theory concerning the name of God. He dispels myths and Facebook made-up Hebrew to reveal the name of Yehovah. Considerable evidence presented with logical thought make this a lecture not to be missed.” The full in-depth teaching is available here.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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I hope you enjoyed this special preview of my Support Team Study, The Great 'I AM' Revealed. The full in-depth teaching is available here. Thank you for your supporting Makor Hebrew Foundation, which allows me to create this special in-depth study, and all the teachings found on Together we can empower people around the world with information about the Hebrew sources of their faith!

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  • Dave Oakes says:

    Wow!!! Just listened to “The Great I AM Revealed” preview. Super Wow! I don’t know Hebrew but was told many years ago that the meaning of God’s name is I AM (always past, present, always future). It has become very significant to me recently after reading Malachi 3:16 … “For them that feared the I AM, and that thought upon his name (KJV)”. It dawned on me suddenly that why would one think on His Name unless it was to think on the meaning of it. He was declaring to Israel (and thus to the world) in his name that he is the source of everything that is; He alone has no beginning and no end. I’ve been telling everybody. I’m working on making His great name known among the gentiles. May Yehovah remember you as spoken in Malachi. Blessings!

  • J. Treinfir says:

    This is excllent information that explains the meaning and pronunciation of God’s personal name. While it may be obvious, it is not well explained in academia. It would be a good subject for a research paper or book!

  • Sharon Hogeda says:

    Outstanding! I listened to “preview of the great I Am reveled, & was so astounded. Then, I realized the video was right there, for a reason! And outa-this-world, I SEE the Hebrew Grammar . . . It knocks my Sox off! Hiyah, hoveh, yihyeh [is the sky blue, or what!) :
    י [shva] yeh
    ה [[cholam]. ho
    וה. [Qamatz] vah
    Thank you Nehemia, for this is revelation! I trust Yehovah’s covenant commitment of Ps 91:14 to be active in my life and prayers, because through you, HE reveals this to me! Hal’lu yah! “Is the sky blue” or what!!

  • Simon greatwood says:

    I Had A conversation with Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum PhD who is a messianic Jewish Christian Who has written many books and is very sceptical and says the vowls appears only in masoretic text and is not found in anything older than 1000 years ago please for the love of god put this man in his place so to speak.