Hebrew Voices #117 – Live from Quarantine #3

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Live from Quarantine #3, I talk with Keith Johnson, his wife Andrea, and my mother, about preparing for Passover while in lockdown. We talk about the challenges of celebrating together amidst this plague, look at the idea that we are sheltering in grace, and remember that Yehovah is our protector.

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Verses Mentioned:
Exodus 12:21-22
Proverbs 31:10-31
Hosea 14:2
Psalm 51
Exodus 12:2
Exodus 34:6
Joel 2:13
Pslam 86:15
Matthew 9:10-13
Ezekiel 18:23
Numbers 16:41-50
Psalm 4

5 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #117 – Live from Quarantine #3

  1. Keith’s family symbolically used a red fabric to represent the blood on the door posts….How about a red light bulb at our front door outside lights?

  2. Sheltering in grace is not just for this time! it is ALL the time. Extra measures may be needed now, but let’s determine in our hearts to be gracious people ALL the time!

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