Hebrew Voices #64 – A Chinese Christian who Loves Israel (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, A Chinese Christian who Loves Israel, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Peter Wong of Hong Kong at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. Peter explains how he came to know the God of Israel, why he built the greatest museum of Biblical artifacts in East Asia, and about his personal mission to spread love for Israel and the Jewish People among the Chinese. Peter gives us a fascinating glimpse at someone from a non-Western background who has come to understand the importance of the Torah and Hebrew Roots of his faith.

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Verses Mentioned:
Acts 15

8 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #64 – A Chinese Christian who Loves Israel (Rebroadcast)

  1. Perhaps Peter Wong is part of the fulfillment of Isaiah 49:12
    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
    si’-nim, sin’-im (‘erets cinim; ge Person): The name occurs in Isaiah’s prophecy of the return of the people from distant lands: “Lo, these shall come from far; and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim” (Isaiah 49:12). The land is clearly far off, and it must be sought either in the South or in the East. Septuagint points to an eastern country. Many scholars have favored identification with China, the classical Sinae.

    This interview with Peter Wong was so refreshing, his seeking to know the creator without preconditioning of religion. I am eternally grateful to our Creator that He has provided a way through His people that all the nations (families) of the earth shall be blessed.

  2. It wasn’t until I started studying with you, Nehemiah, that I started to realize the Western perspective placed upon Jewish people, just in the shock at how I was silenced by the people I went excitedly to share with them ‘this guy’ who taught me the biblical word study that revealed to me my own Heavenly Father’s name.

    OMG, like no one wants to hear about that because I learned it from you! Yes, I was shocked.

    And this is “refreshing”. I love to hear a wise man articulate on the contribution of the Hebrew remnant, the Jewish people, to the many followers of Yeshua, myself included. I thank you for your tireless studies and dynamic teaching, sharing with me treasures I would otherwise live without.

    (And they get to be my special sauce because not many that I know seem interested, actually sad, but still, I feel extra blessed.)

    So, Thank you!

  3. Sorry, this guy is wrong. We all come to God in the same way. The law is as valid today as it ever was. Acts 15 does not give gentiles a pass. In fact, it demands that the gentiles immediately repent of 4 sins and the rest they will get “as Moses is read in the synagogues on Sabbath”

  4. So interesting to see a Karaite attacked as a Missionary!!! Also interesting to hear your comments the Lord’s prayer. I’m not sure how easy it would be for a muslim to pray that prayer because their relationship to their deity is one of slave and master not son and father.

  5. Whooow, whose the hansom guy in the back of the picture? … the bald guy, athletic build… hoooa, bro… you lookin good. You seem to keep finding gentiles drawn to YEHOVAH by the One He gave as a Covenant to the peoples Isa 49:8 and by His Banner, the Banner He said He set up to draw the nations to Himself in Isa 49:22. May YEHOVAH continue to bless you Nehemia, and the people you meet, who love our God YEHVOAH.

    • Check out Jeremiah 12:16-17.
      Thats the second witness to Isaiah 49:8
      Hugs everyone
      Blessings, of health, long life and a close
      living relationship with the MOST HIGH G-D, YHVH (JHWH).

  6. Wow! My heart breaks for this Asian man….He is searching out the truths of God’s Word and he is so insulted by The passerby…….who made so many wrong assumptions about what was going on in this beautiful conversation. Stay strong Nehemiah, please. You are helping so many Christians find their way to Torah. I am in a Bible study with a friend and we have had so many people angry at us in the class because we talk about Torah. My friend got a phone call last week telling her not to speak about Torah as it makes people uncomfortable. Well, if we do not talk about Torah….I’m not sure what is left to talk about in a “Bible Study”. I have been called from the leadership telling me that I can only have two to three sentences to respond to questions. It is so sad how we are being told what we can not say and how many sentences we are allowed to speak. This is a Community Bible Study and is suppose to be welcoming to people of all beliefs. Please pray for my friend Kathy and I as we try to share the Oracle of God.

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