Hebrew Voices #110 – Hebrew Manuscripts from China

Nehemia Gordon with the people of Kaifeng, ChinaIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Hebrew Manuscripts from China, we learn how the ancient Jewish community in Kaifeng preserved Hebrew books and culture, which eventually made their way to Western libraries.

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7 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #110 – Hebrew Manuscripts from China

  1. Wow! I’m only a couple of hours away from there! I see a road trip in my future!
    Thank you again for your teachings!

  2. Wow I got chills when I saw the documents on the main Picture. Thanks for what you do, Nehemia . I recon you’re worth 3x N.Geographic…. Nehemia Geographic. As for the rest of what I’d like to say, Brenda puts it best, so, what Brenda says..

  3. When I was a teenager (back in the 1970’s), I and a friend were perusing some old National Geographic magazines. His parents had the entire collection. I still remember opening one from 1907 and being spellbound by the article on Chinese Jews. Some of my recollections have become somewhat hazy, but I seem to recall the author noting his intention to return to Keifeng to collect more information, interviews, etc. However, as it happened, political turmoil precluded that, and it was several decades before westerners made it back.

    Ever since I first laid eyes on that article, then learned the area was closed to foreigners, I wondered what had happened to that community. It’s been fascinating to observe in subsequent decades the new contacts and the awakening arising of such things coming to light.

  4. Our Creator never ceases to amaze me. He hides His truth in plain sight, we just have to be willing to search for it, just as the parable that Y’shuah presented about the woman who lost one of her dowry coins and searched without ceasing until it was recovered.
    Thank you Nehemiah for being on the forefront of all of this and for your willingness of heart to stay the course and be the vessel that He created you to be.
    May we all be as dedicated and willing to not only support you, but help “keep your arms lifted” when you are tired.

    Shalom beloved!

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