Hebrew Voices #112 – The Red Sea Miracle

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, The Red Sea Miracle, Bible Scholar Nehemia Gordon looks at the archaeological, linguistic, and historical evidence for the path of the Exodus, as investigative filmmaker Tim Mahoney gives us an exclusive behind the scenes peak at his latest movie that will be in 800 theaters for one-night only on February 18, 2020. Don't miss it!

I look forward to reading your comments!

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  • Carmen Kriegler says:

    Hi Nehemia
    Thanks for that interesting hint and interview, I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Glad that there is also a DVD available now for people outside the US.
    Biblical archeology nowadays is not far from former bible criticism (starting 18th century CE) since many of involved scientists are agnostic or atheists and that is mainstream in nearly all scientific fields (even in natural ones as I know too well) . And that is how they will interpret any archeological or other findings. Drawing other conclusions is ridiculous in their eyes. It is often fanatism or as I call it their “religion”. And students often follow their tutor, most would not dare to go off mainstream, it’s much more comfortable.
    I often wonder how they selfconsciously combine incomplete historical data with instruments of (to a certain extent) exact science and claim infailibility (e. g. bible chronology vs. incomplete data in astronomical writings as input into computer simulation programs which always are approximations wherin their quality depends mainly on input parameters). And people become easily convinced.

    I like it if somebody lays down on the table discovered findings, shows possible conclusions or problems related to them and finally leaves it to the person.Thats an respectful approach. But the conclusion drawn is essential despite. Either Jehova is a liar or the true God, his Word shows that he can’t lie and then Proverbs 3:5,6 has an impact in our life and our relationship to God is affected.

    So I am really curious about the film.

  • Walter Schwenk says:

    and speaking of “chaiim”, if you would like health advice from a jewish perspective, Chaiim “notadoctor” Goldman might have something of interest to you. stay well.

  • Samantha washman says:

    At the theater first at intermission. One of the scholars mis pronounced yehova. I don’t think that anyone heard of Jonathan Gray. Thks for getting this out so I could see. you are a light to the world

  • Saundra says:

    Great episode Nehemia and Tim! We have our tickets and are excited to see The Red Sea Miracle tonight!

  • Jw says:

    Called AMC Theater in Evansville, IN to try to learn more. They don’t answer phone, just refer you to their website. Went to theater website, and it doesn’t even have listing of show named patterns of evidence. Seems like a poorly marketed concept. Can’t find price of tickets nor make reservations. Sad, cause I really was interested. J.W.

  • Jw says:

    Went to patterns of evidence dot com website. Followed link to buy tickets, even found out where documentary was playing nearby, but link to buy tiknets didn’t function. So I tried a different zip code and area, and its link didn’t work either. Could not make out name of link cause was in such light blue it blended with white background. I couldn’t even find out the ticket price. Rather disappointed. I will try to call theater but unsure if they will be selling in advance there. Site was too hard to this senior to navigate. Need to keep it simple for us. 🙂

  • Wilma Mulder says:

    The theaters are only in the US isn’t it? Is it also possible to see it in Europe?

  • Walter Schwenk says:

    I can hardly wait to see how this compares to Lennart Moller’s video “exodus revealed”. A second witness, as was presented here, is always welcome.

  • Daniel says:

    Why does everyone act as though Ron Watt never lived? We’ve had the evidence for some time now to include video of the dive that showed the remenets of Pharoah’s army. Any new film should start by either refuting Ron’s work or confirming it and adding to it otherwise, it is ridiculous to pretend that his work doesn’t exist. The same applies to Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.

    • Michelle Schultz says:

      Thank you Dani’el ! How appropriate your name! Yes. My sentiments exactly. Because of the YHVH inspired and led work of Ron Wyatt, I have known since long ago the real truth and I am still amazed that others use his work as their own springboard. I am not saying this man does but in the short clip I recognised the German who did make it his own as if never before revealed by the God-fearing Ron Wyatt ! Ron never got acknowledged by man for his great work in all he did but nevermind… his reward is from Where and Whom it matters !

      • daniel says:

        Heaven must’ve held Ron Wyatt in high regard, so man’s opinion of him is of little importance. I concur, a lot of people made money off Ron’s work, passing it off as their own. Mr. Wyatt and both sons spent a lot of tense weeks in Saudi prison when a ‘professional’ archaeologist tipped the Saudi’s they were in Midian. After their miraculous release Ron miraculously got the info and a crude map to Jim and Penny Caldwell, who documented the entire site over ten or more years – and the rest, as they say, is History (but a history most may never know). Heaven holds it’s own rewards.

  • Darlene DeSilva says:

    My husband, son and I say Tim’s last movie, LOVED IT! We are looking forward to this one too. We are so greatly to all of you that are working so hard to bring truth to people so they can have the opportunity to decide for themselves.

  • Walter says:

    If you haven’t seen any of the Patterns of Evidence movies, make sure to see this one. He gives both sides of the argument in an entertaining and professional way.

  • Lars Tunkrans says:

    Thanks for this engaging preview of the reed sea miracle. Can I ask a slightly off topic question on Exodus 4:27 ?
    Stipulating that Moses had been on Mount Horeb in the land of Midjan, and had gone from there to get his wife and son, and then heading west from the Land Midjan to Egypt, Aron then is instructed to Meet Moses, BeHar HaElohim it says in JPS Shemot 4:27. How can Moses and Aron meet on the Mountain of G_d if the Mountain is several days journey to the East of Moses position ? Has Shemot 4:27 been lost in translation somehow ? Is there Two Mountains of G_d ? One in the Land of Midjan and another to the West were Moses met Aron ?