Who is God – Q&A on Shabbat Night Live

In this video I tackle what is probably the most basic and yet most complex question there is, “Who is God”, and why I think God is bigger than the boxes we have created for him. Please share your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Who is God – Q&A on Shabbat Night Live

  1. Some people are the spitting image of their parents, not just in looks but also in character. Maybe this is also due to the influence that parents have on children, in particular when children are open towards their parents teaching, they become just like them, even though they continue to develop their own personality in time.

    I should say that parents who respect and practices godly principles, and who’s children follow those principles have a good chance in knowing who God is, as these principals reflect Jehovah’s character.

    There seems to have been one Person in history who had been completely faithful to his Father and had allowed his Father’s influence to direct his thinking and behaviour. Has he shown the world who his Father is?

  2. Nehemia, I like what you said about letting God define Himself!

    It has been my experience that trying to know Yehovah through Hellenistic philosophy makes Him distant. But knowing Yehovah as a god makes Him a Person who has a real interest in His people and the world.

    I am of the opinion that the Hellenistic theology in Rabbinic Judaism was one factor that led to the downplaying of many mitsvot in the Reform denomination (not that I am knocking Reform). If Yehovah is Plotinus’ One, there is no fear in subtracting from Torah. But as the god who is El Elyon, who really does feel emotions and takes action, I would be too scared to tell anybody, “We can do away with kashrut because it fails to impress our modern minds.”


  3. Blessed be thew Name of YHVH! May we sanctify His Name in all the earth!!!

    I agree that we all should read The Scriptures as YHVH has anointed the Heavenly understanding by Ruach haQodesh [ Spirit Holy]. I have learned that He states several places [we need to seek it out], hint!. His plans are established [eternity forever past tense], for all generations [forever, future tense] and they NEVER CHANGE, -ED, MALACHI 3…
    He delivered me, from Egypt ‘the worlds programming’, by the transforming and renewing in my heart, mind and soul.

    His Character, person-ality are seen of all around us as it is written ‘man looks at the outward appearance…’, 1 Sam. 20 ~ BUT YHVH sees the heart… ALWAYS!

    All who seek YHVH and call on His Name will definitely be heard and He will direct the path toward eternity living which is on the very moment one sincerely does this. Each day the walk in eternity begins a freshened awareness for each of us. We humans [with good intention] try so much to straighten out things instead of being correctable [reproveable by humility within] in spirit and mind by His infinite power, mercy and Omniscience.

    I am blessed to hear the examples others share with all who are here expounding on principles setup from YHVH!!!

    Shalom to all of you!

  4. Hi Nehemia,
    I really enjoy your work, great effort. I am very glad I came across your blog! To make a long story short: God told me via a very deep thought coming from my heart to study scripture and to be cautious with the stories about Jesus (Ie Sus = Hail Zeus?!?!?). He granted me the gift to search His Word, and to gain a lot of wisdom. The gift to be his servant and to joyfully keep his commandments. I am very grateful for this!

    So, now I would have four questions to you, maybe you can provide me an answer. If not, thank you anyways 🙂

    1) What is your opinion regarding the credibility of sources like Testament of Solomon or the Book of Enoch? They seem quite interesting, but also quite confusing in some regards.

    2) Zacharia 3, 8: Who is meant with Zemach? Does God mean David?

    3) Zacharia 4, 14: the two sons of the light oil? Who are they?

    4) Micha 5,1; There it says that the king shall come from Bet Lechem. So is the King/ Messias indeed Jeshua?

    I would have many more questions, especially regarding the “small prophets”. But I guess these answers would be a good start 🙂

    Thank you very much, with all respect required!

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

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