Hebrew Voices #34 – Apartheid in Palestinian Jordan (Rebroadcast)

Apartheid JordanIn this episode of Hebrew VoicesApartheid in Palestinian Jordan, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition and an orthodox Muslim who advocates for separation of mosque and state. According to Zahran, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is really a Palestinian State in which the vast majority of the population are treated like second-class citizens in the country where they were born. The Jordanian-born Zahran currently lives in exile in London—facing a life sentence in prison in Jordan because of his outspoken opposition to the apartheid regime that rules the country.

Zahran begins by explaining the Turkish, Ottoman and British occupations of Jordan and the Hashemites who currently rule there. This group of 87 Bedouins rules over eight million people (primarily Palestinians) without granting rights or representation. Zahran translates a popular proverb among Palestinians in Jordan, “Israel is more merciful.”

Explaining that US policy makers will only speak with the Hashemites and the Muslim Brotherhood, Zahran calls on US listeners to contact their congressional representatives and urge them to have communications with the Jordanian Opposition Coalition. Zahran is straightforward that his coalition seeks power in Jordan—power to honor and expand the peace agreement with Israel, to shut down Islamist groups in Jordan, and to expand the war on terror.

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Bio: Mudar Zahran is a Jordanian Palestinian writer and the secretary general of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition. He was born in Amman, Jordan. He has two master's degrees from Southern New Hampshire University and a PhD in Middle Eastern banking in the UK. Before seeking asylum in the UK, Zahran was serving as Economic Specialist and Assistant Policy Coordinator at the US Embassy in Amman, serving also the US Embassy in Baghdad. During his work at the US Embassy, Zahran covered critical and sensitive matters regarding Jordan, reporting to two US ambassadors, with his reports being forwarded to the US Department of State, the US Department of Treasury, the CIA, the US Department of Homeland Security and, occasionally, the FBI.

Mudar Zahran, Jordanian Opposition Coalition:
"Write to your congressman just three lines:

Mr. or Mrs. Congressman/ Congresswoman, I've heard about Mudar Zahran of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition. He is the leader of seculars in Jordan. Our government is not talking to him and ignoring him. We understand that Jordan could be subject to change like other Arab countries. Could you please, Mr. or Mrs. Congressman or Congresswoman, write to the CIA or the Department of State and tell them, 'You have to talk to this person.'"


1920 CE- Original Jewish State

1922 CE- Final Territory Assigned to the Jewish State

31 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #34 – Apartheid in Palestinian Jordan (Rebroadcast)

  1. I would have hoped you would stay away from the political side Nehemia. Now that you have opened this up maybe you should now do some research on the Palestinian Christians that Israel is determined to eradicate from Bethlehem and the other side of the checkpoint. Many of these Christians can trace their existence to the same spot and house

    • Brian,

      I presume you are talking about the Bethlehem Bible College group and their Christ at the Checkpoint conference. They are a very small minority group of Palestinian Christians who side politically with Palestinian National Authority. They side with many progressive liberal Christians in blessing the PNA and promote the destruction of Israel. Yes, they are persecuted, but not by Israel. Nobody in that group criticizes the PNA for obvious reasons. Israel gave the lands controlled by the PNA, including the community of Bethlehem, autonomy or self rule in about 1995 or 1996. The Checkpoint into Jerusalem is not there to persecute the Bethlehem Christians, but rather to protect against PNA terrorists. Oddly, several of the Bethlehem Bible College instructors live in Nazereth, Israel, have Israeli citizenship and pass through the checkpoint on a daily basis when they teach. Instead of encouraging their students, staff and supporters to open a dialog about peace for everyone, they blame Israel and look to international law to drive the Jews into the sea.

      I suspect Nehemia is aware of this group and can correct my comments if I have miss represented them.



      FYI – I have a friend from Wheaton that actively promotes the CATC conferences. I have listened to every YouTube presentation they publish. Gary Burge is a liberal christian seminary professor that drives much of their theology. They are a very anti-Israel group. They promote replacement theology claiming Christianity replaces the Jewish people and the World replaces the land of Israel.

      • hi Geoff – no I was not referring to this group. no I do not support their pro Palestinian stance and by that I mean the plo not the local population. there were many Christians in Bethlehem some years ago but their number is dwindling. and in answer to sarah id say that tho there may be some truth in what you say it doesn’t absolve Israel from the damage that has been done there. actually its probably the only place in Israel that one could mention the name of jesus without being spit on. yes ive been there. I can remember well the group of Christians I met in tel aviv where they were having a get together in a park but had to temper their words in the CHRISTIAN songs they were singing. freedom indeed. you might want to check the rosy relationship Israel had with iran as well. where did iran get their missile technology from? Israel.

        • You wrote:
          “probably the only place in Israel that one could mention the name of jesus without being spit on”

          In my experience there over several visits, this is definitely not accurate.

    • I am sorry to inform you that you are very misinformed about the situation of Christians in Beit Lechem (aka as Bethlehem). Prior to the Oslo Agreement whereby this area was transferred from Israeli control to FULL “Palestinian” Authority control, Christians thrived and lived peacefully and safely there. It was the Arab Muslim takeover and its attack on Christians that pushed them out. NOT the Jews of Israel. ALL Christian sites within pre-67 Israel are fully protected as are its Christians. And had it not been for Arab snipers shooting at cars driving on the by-pass road and suicide bombers coming from Bethlehem and attacking Jews in Jerusalem, the “Protection Wall” would never have been built. I was personally held up for an hour at the entrance to Bethlehem while the Israeli ambulance crew checked a Arab woman who claimed to be in labor and wanted to be taken to a hospital in Israel. Upon examination it was discovered that her BUMP was in fact a bomb belt. PLEASE become more educated as to the facts before you make conclusions. And YES, as the other commenter states, Christian Arabs are JUST AS ANTI-SEMITIC and anti-Israel as their Muslim brothers. They simply cannot accept or tell the truth (that their own people cause them misery) and so the party that gets blamed is ALWAYS the Jews and Israel. Is truly sad because the Christians in Israel have more freedom and a better life than Christians anywhere else in the Middle East.

    • What a lie! The moslems have driven them out, molested their daughters, stolen property, intimidated shop owners, on & on. The Israelis GAVE Bethlechem to the pa. What? You arabs don’t like your fellow arab moslems taking it from you?

  2. No matter how good a game he talks, how sincere or honest, we need to be realistic. After regime changes in Iran (1953), Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, egypt, syria, etc, etc, most orchestrated or aided by the cia and other us interests, what do we have to show for it but a 20 trillion $ national debt, millions of corpses, failed states, millions of refugees, 9-11, etc, etc. I say “just leave well enough alone, mind our relationship with yhwh, humbly seek justice and kindness… IN OUR OWN BACK YARD FIRST”.

      • Sorry, more holes in this story than a ton of swiss cheese. First, if secular Arab gov’ts are so great, why did we “have to” get rid of Mubarrak, Kaddaffi, and Saddam? If Muslim democracy is so great, why did we have to get rid of the president of Iran in the 1953 operation ajax? And second, the cia that Mr Zahran wants us to have recognize him is aka “regime change by any means R us”. No thanks.

  3. Something is wrong with his statements. They are internally inconsistent. How can some 20 people be 20% of a population 5-6 million? Wikipedia has an article about the man. I was touring Jordan 5 years ago. I was told that the King’s people were about 2 million of the citizens with 3 million citizens identifying as Palestinians. In addition there are about one million “Palestinian Refugees” who are non citizens. From a distance we could see tents as we drove near a camp. I see a mixture of true and false statements by Zahran. When I see this about the information that I know, I question the truth of the rest, and can’t support him.

  4. shalom nehemiah. In the interview your guest mentioned that every plaestinian carries a Jordanian passport, correct me if I am wrong, is it possible that I could see for myself an actual picture of such a passport owned by an palestinian.

  5. Surprising that this historical information isn’t more widely known. It’s the first I’ve heard of this earlier “Two State” treaty. I see the benefits of supporting a ‘potentially’ moderate secular democratic government as opposed to the known anti Israel muslim brotherhood taking control of Jordan.

    However, I see this subject a different way. I cannot put my support to any version of a “Two State Solution” including this one. Because, I think it opposes the will of the God of Abraham in that it trades land for peace. The Creator of the universe promised to give ALL of the land from the Nile to the Euphrates to the Son’s of Israel. Look at a map.

    Great podcast but, I won’t be writing my representatives.

    • Mark, not from the “nile”, but from the “brook of egypt” (wadi el-arish), the recognized border of ancient, and sort of modern egypt.

        • Very little in the bible gets “universal agreement”, but it is good enough for me…

          Israel’s borders could have expanded, I expect, for a long time, but it would have depended on their national faithfulness.

          The promise however, was “from the brook (not river) of egypt to the river parath. This was achieved in the time of david and solomon. (from bible)

          • I certainly agree about the reach of Israel being at or at least very near the promised boundaries during the reign of David and Solomon.

            My reading and study indicates to me that the Nile (rather than the wadi) was the more likely western border. It could possibly be the wadi, I will grant. Joshua appears to have conquered all the way back down to the Nile delta, however. I do not believe the reference to him conquering all the way to Goshen is referring to a little hamlet in the Judean hills. I believe it more likely refers to the land where Jacob’s family lived for generations and had purchased land, prior to Joseph’s dying and falling out of favor (not necessarily in that order).

  6. Nehemia, I am sure that in the interest of time and other considerations, portions of your interviews end up “on the cutting room floor.”

    Did you discuss with Mr. Zahran his retraction/apology several years ago of his op-ed calling Jordan an apartheid state? That incident seems very odd, given that Zahran even published a letter from his father (who was still in Jordan) in which the elder Zahran lays out what he said were the many ways that “Palestinians” were being given special *favorable* treatment by the Jordanian government.

    Somebody there is either confused or bowing to pressure and propaganda. Both can’t be right. Zahran has now gone back on his promise, so the obvious question is: Why?

    • Just to be clear, I think it is quite possible that he meant everything he said about Jordan in 2010, apologized because he didn’t want to bring trouble on his family, but then over the last several years decided that he could no longer be quiet about the situation.

      I think that Israel is entitled to far more land than it has today, and far more than the 1922 “postponed” mandate or even the 1920 originally proposed mandate (which included all of what ultimately became Jordan). My reading and understanding of scripture is that Yehovah promised Israel a big chunk of what is presently Saudi Arabia and western coastal Egypt as well.

      But… there is so much more complexity to last 100 years of the situation over there that I’d like to hear about!

  7. Thank you Nehemiah for the incredible insight. I have written my congressman, our state’s senators and our new President. Now I will contact the real leader daily, through unrelenting prayer!

  8. Shalom,Shalom may YHVH bless your hands in all that your doing to get this information out to all persons who follow the TRUTH thank you.

  9. Finally! A voice of reason! My heart was racing, hearing this stunning interview with the truth, so encouraging, I listened 3x. I had no idea such a man/movement was out there! This is an “untouchable” subject: Jordan was always/is the Falestinian state!
    Put him on Breitbart Jerusalem and get him more exposure!
    I pray that Zahran gets the exposure he needs and deserves, and Trump and Kushner will receive him and what he stands for!
    You are entering a new level of journalism, going into orbit!

  10. My, oh my Nehemia…I’m so glad you are not sitting around waiting for the next New Moon. Your willingness to find and interview Mudar Zahran elevates you into the real school of journalism. The discussion was frighteningly fascinating; history, current events, future implications. Thanks for the script for U.S. action per Mudar’s instruction. Oh…and now that you have given voice to Mudar’s “long tongue”, consider wearing a kevlar vest. Thank you very much for bringing this perspective to us.

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