Hebrew Voices #9 – The Palestinian Bicycle Refugees of Norway (Rebroadcast)

Palestinian bicycle refugees of NormayIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nehemia Gordon discovers the Palestinian bicycle refugees of Norway. During some free time after a speaking event in Stavanger, Norway he went searching for the hordes of Syrian and Afghani refugees fleeing from war and persecution. Instead he found Palestinians from Lebanon who rode into Norway hoping for a life of peace and dignity after being treated as second-class citizens for three generations in Lebanon.  Please share with me your comments below.

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Show Notes:

Locations mentioned in the episode.

7 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #9 – The Palestinian Bicycle Refugees of Norway (Rebroadcast)

  1. Hi

    My name is Khaled salim I am 28 years old I am from Palestinian refugee from Lebanon I have read what you wrote about The Palestinian Bicycle Refugees of Norway and how miserable our life really is well I came to Norway through the Russian border and I went through the normal process but after a while a police officer came and took me to talk with me about the reasons that brought me to Norway and I kept on answering the same answer seeking a better life and the officer kept on asking me that and he tells me that these reason we can never ever I accept you here in Norway so I asked him what kind of an answer should give do want e to lie to I am not going to lie for whatever purpose I have been treated worthless in my entire life without any kind of respect everywhere I go just because I am Palestinian so at last he told we are going to send you back to Lebanon because your reasons are not good enough I had no other choice but accept between me and myself I said I was laughing cause no matter what I do I will always be a worthless so he sent me to place where all unaccepted cases will be sent back to their country as if Lebanon is my country after two days two officers came they wanted to talk to me and they told me well Lebanon has not accepted your return except If you went back by yourself not by force so I told them okay so what now they told me we will try to finish your case as soon as possible after two hours another police car came and took me to refugees camp I did the interview over there I stayed there for about 15 days and then they transferred me to tromso where I live now in some off tromso mottak center but what I am really angry about is that is that I talked someone who works in the UN and he told me you will never be accepted no matter where you go cause your country is a safe place to live in even though he mention to me all kind of miseries about the Palestinian who live I Lebanon which mister were talking about he told with all these reason still you cannot go and apply as a refugee you were supposed to go with Shingin visa I told yeah will I tried twice with immediate reject after 10 days after each apply and I guess it is the same for all the people who are from Palestine born in Lebanon anyway he told me no matter how long you stay you will be rejected or may not but still you will be accepted I said to myself do I have to be a criminal to apply for asylum or do I need to wanted by the Lebanese government to apply or What unfortunately I know that what he told me is true many people would love help us but only few really try their best to anyway there a lot in my heart I don’t want to bother you I just liked what you wrote about us hoping that if you real could help me I will really be more than thank full any way if you want more information about me like a Norway police card for asylum or passport copy(travel document) I am ready.

    • So sorry to read this. The pain of your mistreatment is obvious in your writing. I can only pray that God will hear the cry of your heart and that you will find recourse soon.

  2. I found it interesting that these people from Lebanon accepted Nehemia’s use of “Daesh” (sounded like Daa Ish) (7 minutes to 7:30) in this interview recorded last November when talking about the reasons why they had fled the camp.

    The big debate about Hussein Obama using “ISIL” exploded in the world media at about the same time, a couple of years after I had heard this explained.

  3. I dont think this is funny. No reason to get excited about. These people are not refugees. They are invadors!! I feel sorry for Norwegian christians and other christians in rest of Europe, suffering from the muslim invasion. But for those Europeans who have allways hated Israel, they will harvest what they have sowed.

  4. Ha, ha, (and still laughing…)

    NG – “OK. So, call the police while I talk. Okay?”
    Hilarious…but very serious!

    What hutzpah you have, Nehemia, thou blessed of YeHoVaH (Gen 24:31);
    the blessing of YeHoVaH be upon you: I bless you in the name of YeHoVaH (Psalm 129:8).
    YeHoVaH be with you. YeHoVaH bless thee (Ruth 2:4).
    YeHoVaH fulfil all thy petitions (Ps 20:5).
    Let the beauty of YeHoVaH our God be upon you (Psalm 90:17).

    YeHoVaH, [please] establish Thou the work of Nehemia’s hands upon him;
    yea, YeHoVaH [please], the work of Nehemia’s hands establish Thou it (Psalm 90:17).

    Interesting history about the Palestinian refugees. TY!

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