Hebrew Voices #34 – Apartheid in Palestinian Jordan (Rebroadcast)

Apartheid JordanIn this episode of Hebrew VoicesApartheid in Palestinian Jordan, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Mudar Zahran, Secretary General of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition and an orthodox Muslim who advocates for separation of mosque and state. According to Zahran, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is really a Palestinian State in which the vast majority of the population are treated like second-class citizens in the country where they were born. The Jordanian-born Zahran currently lives in exile in London—facing a life sentence in prison in Jordan because of his outspoken opposition to the apartheid regime that rules the country. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices #4 – Triumph Over Terror (Rebroadcast)

Keith Johnson, Yehudah Glick, triumph over terror, freedom of worship, Temple Mount, Yehovah, name, 1 Chronicles 23:25, 1 Kings 8:41-43, 2 Chronicles 33:4, 2 Chronicles 33:7, 2 Chronicles 6:6, 2 Kings 21:7, bfa international, Deuteronomy 31:10-13, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Dome of the Rock, knife, knife attacks, nehemia gordon, Numbers 6:24-27, Psalm 122, Sukkot, temple mount truth project, Terror, terrorism, terrorist attacks, Yehuda Glick, glick , Zechariah 14:3-4In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Triumph Over Terror, Nehemia Gordon speaks with his old friend and “Pearls Partner", Keith Johnson — an African American Methodist pastor who came to Israel to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Yehuda Glick’s survival of an assassination attempt by a Muslim extremist. Glick is an Orthodox Rabbi and human rights activist who works to make the Temple Mount accessible to people of all faiths. The attempted assassination aroused Jews from all walks of life to proclaim triumph over terror through freedom of worship on the Temple Mount. Continue reading

Hebrew Voices – Emergency UN Update (Rebroadcast)

Hebrew Voices: Emergency UN Update - Nehemia Gordon with Michael RoodIn this special Hebrew Voices, Emergency UN Update, Nehemia Gordon talks with Michael Rood about the United Nations resolution on December 23, 2016 attacking Israel, and exposes a modern-day Antiochus. This episode is available as a video and a podcast.

Cecille wrote: “AMEN!!!! What a message!… You are the true ambassador to the nations on the globe from Israel to remind all, the specific establishment on the Rock of the God of Israel His Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). That Land belongs to God.” Continue reading