Hebrew Voices #83 – Yeshua the Jewish Theologian

Nehemia Gordon and Prof. Brad Young discussing Yeshua the Jewish TheologianIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Yeshua the Jewish Theologian, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Prof. Brad Young about the powerful explanation of Matthew 11:12 in the context of the Jewish culture of the time, how we know John the Baptist was skeptical about Yeshua being the Messiah, and what it really means to be an anti-christ.

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Verses Mentioned:
Micah 2:13
Matthew 11:12
Daniel 7:13
Isaiah 35
Isaiah 11
John 1

Scholars Mentioned:
Prof. Brad Young
David Flusser
Robert Henry Charles
Edward Pococke
David Daube

Books Mentioned:
Jesus the Jewish Theologian by Brad Young
Jesus the Jewish Theologian
The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism
Brad Young’s translation of the New Testament (yet to be published)

  • Things I look for in a translation are the illumination of things that previously appeared to make no sense, or things that appeared to be in jarring contrast to the remainder of Scripture. When something is translated in such a way that it does make more sense or does appear to be in better accord with the rest of Scripture, I think the translation is more accurate. Newer research is leading to better translations because we are discovering things that shed more light on the nature of the Hebrew language and culture. More and more, people are discovering idioms and turns of phrase in the Greek MSS that no native Greek speaker would normally use. They are discovering that when you translate it into Hebrew it makes more sense. I think that one day somebody will discover first century, NT MSS in Hebrew. For some people this will be a wondrous thing, but for others it will be most unwelcome news! Your guest was very interesting and I got a lot out of the presentation, as usual. I liked the reference to gematria and 666. This may indeed have been one of those things that didn’t translate well.

  • Ruth Y Smith says:

    I loved this, very insightful. I appreciated it all, so many mysteries explained.

    I have to say that I really appreciated the professor making sense of the “retaining” unforgiveness issue for personal reasons. A relative of mine understood it as meaning a right to retain (against someone) and I felt that her interpretation was somehow missing something – even though she was quoting, and when I read Yeshua’s Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (or Unmerciful Servant, as it’s sometimes called) in Matthew 18:21-35, I was more convinced than ever that her understanding had to be wrong-headed (wrong-hearted, too) – so it’s good to get linguistical evidence of that, actually. It’s interesting to note how many others in history may have gotten that wrong, too…and just how essential wholehearted forgiveness is to the Lord!