Hebrew Voices #83 – Yeshua the Jewish Theologian

Nehemia Gordon and Prof. Brad Young discussing Yeshua the Jewish TheologianIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Yeshua the Jewish Theologian, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Prof. Brad Young about the powerful explanation of Matthew 11:12 in the context of the Jewish culture of the time, how we know John the Baptist was skeptical about Yeshua being the Messiah, and what it really means to be an anti-christ.

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Verses Mentioned:
Micah 2:13
Matthew 11:12
Daniel 7:13
Isaiah 35
Isaiah 11
John 1

Scholars Mentioned:
Prof. Brad Young
David Flusser
Robert Henry Charles
Edward Pococke
David Daube

Books Mentioned:
Jesus the Jewish Theologian by Brad Young
Jesus the Jewish Theologian
The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism
Brad Young’s translation of the New Testament (yet to be published)

  • Ruth Y Smith says:

    I loved this, very insightful. I appreciated it all, so many mysteries explained.

    I have to say that I really appreciated the professor making sense of the “retaining” unforgiveness issue for personal reasons. A relative of mine understood it as meaning a right to retain (against someone) and I felt that her interpretation was somehow missing something – even though she was quoting, and when I read Yeshua’s Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (or Unmerciful Servant, as it’s sometimes called) in Matthew 18:21-35, I was more convinced than ever that her understanding had to be wrong-headed (wrong-hearted, too) – so it’s good to get linguistical evidence of that, actually. It’s interesting to note how many others in history may have gotten that wrong, too…and just how essential wholehearted forgiveness is to the Lord!

  • Things I look for in a translation are the illumination of things that previously appeared to make no sense, or things that appeared to be in jarring contrast to the remainder of Scripture. When something is translated in such a way that it does make more sense or does appear to be in better accord with the rest of Scripture, I think the translation is more accurate. Newer research is leading to better translations because we are discovering things that shed more light on the nature of the Hebrew language and culture. More and more, people are discovering idioms and turns of phrase in the Greek MSS that no native Greek speaker would normally use. They are discovering that when you translate it into Hebrew it makes more sense. I think that one day somebody will discover first century, NT MSS in Hebrew. For some people this will be a wondrous thing, but for others it will be most unwelcome news! Your guest was very interesting and I got a lot out of the presentation, as usual. I liked the reference to gematria and 666. This may indeed have been one of those things that didn’t translate well.

  • Bibi says:

    I would love to see what Dr. Young prayed written in Hebrew with an English translation.

  • Ed says:

    I am under the impression that the Popes of Rome have all been anti-torah. Again are they not all Lawless by that definition then? They have tried to change times and laws. Maybe the chief spirit of antichrist embodies an office? I cannot think of any other position held by a man on Earth, that if that man was arrested by Angelic forces would not fulfill what was spoken in Daniel. Daniel saw a little horn with a mouth boosting proud things brought before the Ancient of Days. I mean, will the Popes not utter “you can’t arrest me” I’m the holy father” “I judge Angels” “I say who becomes Saint” on and on…. The papacy with European Kings divided the WHOLE Earth for a price… All the lands in the West up to the two state solution. I pray for the deceived that they may come to embrace the truth.

  • John Faull says:

    Thank you, Nehemia for this interview and all the others with those who have blazed the trail in these studies! I have a few of Prof. Young’s books thanks to your earlier interview with him and I too am an avid note reader. To me they are as treasure to be uncovered and almost always lead to greater discoveries. I enjoy checking out sources from these notes and have increased my library with the works of Blizzard, Fussler, Heschel and many others. Thank you, again, for the these interviews and for expanding and challenging the Christian traditions of my faith and destroying the small boxes that had imprisoned my faith. Truly, be Blessed!

  • daniel says:

    Wonderful, wonderful! I can’t wait to get a hold of Professor Young’s N.T. translation. Sounds like his comparative religion is nothing like what I experienced as a teen, which was followed by comparative denominations – and turned out to be something like “We seek Justice and come away with ‘just us’.”.

    • daniel says:

      … also, the spirit of Eliyahu (John) breeching the makeshift corral of Phariseeism (which constrained those of the Kingdom), so the Messiah could lead them into the full power of Torah (as originally intended) … is what the Professor seemed to be hinting all around, but just didn’t get there.

  • Sheila Price says:

    As to ‘the anti-christ’… I’ve thought for some time that there have been people all down through history who have been the vehicles for the spirit of pure evil that goes against all things of Yehovah… as in The Torah… such as Nero, Hitler and I’m sure many others who have been and/or will be, before The Messiah comes back and ends evil once and for all.

  • Sheldon Heringer says:

    wonderful dialoge, thanks for providing such excellent content, refreshing to find people willing to look at the text apart from tradition. I have found the rule of Moses most helpful, especially with “new testament” passages that are difficult

  • Walter Schwenk says:

    I was taught that evidence of hebrew source to revelation is the enigmatic reference to Yahshua’s name on his “thigh”, Rev 19:16. If from hebrew, the similarity of “degel”(banner), and “regel”(leg) would explain the unusual location for a name. If the name was on a flag, would make more sense. You know how similar letters dalet and reysh can be. Also, on “666”; scholars with arabic background have pointed out that the greek writing of 666 is very similar to the arabic words for “b’shem allah”, or “in the name of allah”. Simon Altaf taught that, as well I think as others.

  • Fran Brashear says:

    Thank you, Nehemia and Prof. Brad Young! I hope you have more interviews together because it is so educational. I’d venture to say that a lot of your listeners are like me, in that I don’t know the Hebrew language and how the customs in Yeshua’s time come into play in the scriptures. All the information and accuracy of translations you provide us are precious….it’s like hearing the voice of Yehovah. This Hebrew Voices was so soul stirring! (I have learned from you, Nehemia, that ‘soul’ in Hebrew means ‘appetite’….so I literally mean, it stirred my appetite for more. May Yehovah bless you and give you strength to continue on with this MOST important work.


  • Dave and Bonnie Kimble says:

    Thank you for this teaching Nehemia! Bonnie and I looked at each other and simply said, ” We love that guy!”. What a blessing that Professor Brad is teaching such profound Truth at a leading US christian college. Awesome! We are so blessed by the open dialogs and joy of your spirit in all of your interviews.

  • Jack Gilpin says:

    Possibly a similiar passage is
    Malachi 4:2 But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall. 3.And you shall tread down the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soless of your feet, on the day when I act, says the LORD of hosts. 4. “Remember the law of my server Moses, the statutes and rules that I commanded him at Horeb for all Isreal. 5. Behold I will send Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes.

  • Russell Budlong says:

    thank you again

  • Ed says:

    Was Abraham a Jew? Considering that Jews are the decendants of Judah? Or was he Hebrew? Is this argument just semantics? To me it’s like saying that all Texans are Americans but not all Americans are Texans. Is this correct?

  • Scott says:

    These are some of my favorite interviews, very educational, and causing me to sit back and ponder the thoughts of others.

  • I’ve been following Nehemia for quite sometime now and I do hope that you continue to do the good work. You are a blessing to many.

  • Sean finn says:

    Fantastic Nehemia love this,you make my journey to work a pleasure. Sean

  • GF says:

    This is amazing. There needs to be more dialogue like this exploring christianity from the jewish environment that existed at the time. Keep up the great work!

  • E Lorendon says:

    The comment from 32:00 min is really apt. I say so because yeshua says in John 2:17.

    Oops I didn’t think of it in that context relating to my Jewish brethren… Cause i understand it to mean, in the stead of and Jews are still awaiting the coming of moshiach

  • Rebekah Berry says:

    thank you Nehemiah. I found this very refreshing

  • LP says:

    Matthew 11:12 in my Bible reads: “But from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of the heavens is the goal toward which men press, and those pressing forward are seizing it. “

    • E Lorendon says:

      LP; what version?

      • LP says:

        The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

        • Susan says:

          New World Translation Bible released in 1961; is published, used and distributed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is their own translation of the bible. If you have been studying with the “wandering Jew” Nehemia very long we know that none of the translations are 100% accurate. Some are closer than others. The morphing of words from one culture into another & word meaning/understanding changes over time somethings & the original intent is sometimes “Lost in translation”.

          • LP says:

            yes, “some are closer than others”. I was very pleased to see that my Bible translated Matthew 11:12 more accurately than the others talked about in this episode of Nehemia’s. Other Bible scholars such as Benjamin Kedar and Jason BeDuhn have commented on the accuracy of the NWT. Nothing involving humans is ever perfect of course.

        • Walter Schwenk says:

          Thanks for that LP. NWT is an under appreciated work, can be acquired cheap or free, quite well researched, good notes. Have respected JW friends.

  • love this.

    • Yeah, Yeshua was the Theologian, no doubt but he didn’t study theology or attend any Jewish Theological seminary in his days, there is no need for him either because he is the source of all theologies.