Hebrew Voices #130 – Was the New Testament Originally Written in Aramaic

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Was the New Testament Originally Written in Aramaic, Bible Scholar Nehemia Gordon explains what the Peshitta is and brings irrefutable evidence as to whether it’s the primary source of the New Testament. Oscar wrote: “Thank you for your insights on this topic. I was leaning toward Aramaic primacy, but now I know better.”

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  • Colin says:

    It the Aramaic New Testament is not the primary source, then what is? Certainly not the KJV?

  • Alvin M. Crofts Ii says:

    Early patristic writings say Matthew was written in the hebrew’s language then translated to greek. Have wondered if that would be Aramaic or Hebrew…thanks for clearing that up for me. Would love a complete Hebrew translation. Have you ran across a Hebrew for Ebonites? Would love to read that.

    • daniel says:

      Do you mean ‘Ebionites’? Try George Howard’s “Hebrew Gospel of Matthew” 2nd edition, 1995. Also, click on this site’s Hebrew Gospel Pearls icon.

  • Oscar says:

    Thank you for your insights on this topic. I was leaning toward Aramaic primacy, but now I know better

    • daniel says:

      Check out this site’s Hebrew Gospel Pearls and start at episode #1. Also, have you read Nehemia’s “The Hebrew Yeshua vs. The Greek Jesus”. Very convincing evidence to Hebrew primacy of Matthew’s Gospel.

  • Ben Breece says:

    Very interesting. I believe there is good reason to believe at least some of the New Testament books, such as Mathew, may not have originally been written in Greek. But, the examples show pretty convincingly that the Peshitta was translated from a Greek source.

  • Alvin M. Crofts II says:

    Toda Rabah!…you can find 40 + aramaic words (most are names) transliterated into greek. Barabbas, Barnabas, Abba etc in the nt. Excellent!