Hebrew Voices #75 – Understanding the Difficult Words of Yeshua

Understanding the Difficult Words of Yeshua with Dr. Roy BlizzardIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Understanding the Difficult Words of the New Testament, Nehemia Gordon talks with Dr. Roy Blizzard, a pioneer in understanding the Jewish roots of Yeshua. Dr. Blizzard explains how one momentous trip to Israel in 1966, turned his outlook on Christianity upside down and started him on a new path of discovery. Dr. Blizzard also shares what it was like to be one of the first excavators of the Temple mount, how we know Yeshua spoke Hebrew, and confirms the name of God is Yehovah.

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Dr. Roy Blizzard's Website

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21 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #75 – Understanding the Difficult Words of Yeshua

  1. Enjoyed the part where you two discussed how one can know that Yeshua spoke Hebrew. There is one other very simple and clear portion of Scripture that reveals that it was still Hebrew and not Aramaic that was spoken in Jerusalem – look at the 3 languages which were used to write the sign above Yeshua’s head as he was crucified.

  2. Shalom. I too do not not of a verse that speaks of baptism in living water. However, it certainly makes sense for how can you wash anything away in standing water?

  3. I watched a teaching about what Yeshua said on the stake, if you go back to Psalm 22:1, GOD H410, and then in verse 3 Israel H3478, could it be possible that HE, Yeshua, was addressing Israel, instead of Yehovah? I never understood why HE would ask THE FATHER that question, knowing that is why HE came. Can you please give me some insight into this?

  4. What a treasure! Amazing insights and wisdom with an obvious first hand working knowledge of the culture, language and archeology. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nehemiah!!

  5. I always knew there were more to those sayings. Awesome! It is exciting when doors open. The kingdom is coming! Gives me hope. Thank you Nehemia for your work. Dr. Blizzard needs more exposure for sure – this man has some awesome testimony! Maybe Michael Rood could have him as a guest. Love to hear more. Definitely getting his book. This is one of the most exciting videos you have done. Thank you and Shalom!

  6. This was a FANTASTIC interview!! I’ve always believed in my heart that Yeshua spoke hebrew, with everything I know of God…well, it only makes sense to me!
    But to hear Dr. Blizzard make light of the evidence from Yeshua’s own Words, it gave me chills! Also, when Dr. B is asked what the correct pronunciation of YHVH is, and finally says “Yehovah”, I was certain Nehemia would get up and dance….of course, it occurred to me afterwards that it wasn’t the first time Nehemia had heard him say it lol. Much love and shalom from Michigan!

  7. This was incredible!! It gave me so much to think about. Dr. Blizzard is such a special man! Thank you for doing this interview!

  8. This was truely one of the most eye opening experiences for me, it makes me wonder about my translation of the Bible. I went to 2 Bible colleges, I always heard that the Jews were uneducated, when I tried to correct them, telling them at each male child was taught to read and write starting at age 5 they just brushed me off, than I would ask them, why were the Jews in all the courts of the world, even as far as China, as scholars? I thank you for the link also, I am going their webpage, Again, Thank You for opening my eyes and let the light shine on me.

  9. Praise Yah for this discussion! This is so refreshing to see two people seek the truths of scripture together without judging each others “place” before the conversation even begins.

  10. Wow! Interesting interview, I identify myself with professor Blizzard because if we love Yeshua, we have to admit and learn all the Jewish and background HE was living in. That way our love for Israel can grow as well our love for the Meshiah, YESHUA!
    Thank You for this information Nehemia I posted on Fl and I don’t like to use Fb that much though,

  11. That was so exciting. Thank you both. And, no, Dr. Blizzard, I have never heard Matthew 5: 21-22 taught from any pulpit; I’ve only tried to study it myself, thank you for opening my eyes. Looking forward to being on the steps at the southern wall, thinking of Acts 2:2, this video and Dr. Blizzard’s involvement with the excavation. May it be – next year in Jerusalem!

  12. Hi Nehemia–

    Praise Yehovah for the timing of this podcast. I’ve been listening to this with my mouth hanging open. The Spousal Unit and I are dealing with a member of family in relation to the part talking about questioning a person’s relationship with Yehovah, and putting oneself in his place by doing so. This has been divinely timely for us and I THANK you for putting it up. May more people be blessed by it, and may you also be blessed in every way in his name.

  13. Interesting to hear about the miqvaot, and the monumental steps where the 120 talmidim met (which makes sense). There may well have been that aqueduct, but the baptism with living water referred, first and foremost, to Spirit baptism as per JN 7:37-39.

    I mean, on Shavuot the B’rit Chadashah was cut with Israel & Judah (represented by those 120), fulfilling JER 31:31-33. The outpouring of His Spirit, His Living Water was the event of the day, but not some superstitious ritual of baptism with special water (sounds a bit like the Pope’s “holy water”). I would be interested to see a verse which states they had to be baptised in “living water”.

    Also, “not to judge anybody” can be a convenient excuse for not warning people about eternal damnation, a prospect which Yeshua warned about, the Tanakh warns about, as well as the Book of Enoch (which I personally consider canonical).

    I don’t think the nicey, nicey, “You’re alright buddy – I won’t tell you where you’ll spend eternity if you carry on like this. After all I am not God; I don’t judge you, etc” – I don’t think this is what Yehovah had in mind when telling Ezekiel to warn the people (EZ 3:18).

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