Prophet Pearls #50 – Ki Tavo (Isaiah 60:1-22)

Prophet Pearls Ki Tavo, glory of Israel, haftarah, Isaiah 60:1-22, Keith Johnson, ki tavo, ki tavo haftarah, ki tavo prophets portion, nehemia gordon, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, Temple MountIn this episode of Prophet Pearls,  Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson discuss the Prophets portion for Ki Tavo, covering Isaiah 60:1-22. Gordon and Johnson revel in this sixth in a series of seven “Haftarot of Consolation,” as the prophet Isaiah details the future glory of Israel. Gordon and Johnson provide eyewitness accounts of the fulfillment of some of the prophecies—such as walls built by foreigners and the ingathering of exiles. Word studies include uri/wake up, kavod/glory leaving, netzer/branch and hamas/violence. We learn that signs of a hastening are going on right now and that eternal life on Earth is a Jewish concept. In closing, Johnson prays for the day when there are no coups and no confusion and Messiah reigns from Jerusalem. "Violence shall no longer be heard in your land,  Neither wasting nor destruction within your borders" Isaiah 60:18

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Artwork for this week's episode is a painting by artist Mara Hofmann.

25 thoughts on “Prophet Pearls #50 – Ki Tavo (Isaiah 60:1-22)

  1. Absolutely love these Torah portions with you and Keith (and Jono). Thank you SO much for the time and work you all put in and keeping them available for those of us a bit behind on the journey.

  2. It’s 2017 and this is the third cycle I’ve had the opportunity to listen to this Prophet Pearl. I am so thankful for the work you guys are doing and pray Jehovah blesses you beyond compare . I hope one day to shake hands and meet you guys but in the meantime there’s also a song about heaven being here on Earth by Tracy Chapman go check that out. Heavens here on earth. -Tracy Chapman

  3. These teachings have been foundational as I prayerfully test my previous beliefs to Torah. Everlasting thank you’s and Toda Rabas for meeting on common ground and honestly searching out Yahovah’s True Name and the Truth meaning of His Words.

    My two cents about Rev 3:9; Isaiah 14:1, 2: The “Synagogue of satan”=Assembly of those against/adverse to YHVH’s Torah.

    This is far greater than the replacement theology doctrine, this includes every religion who teaches Torah has been abolished or corrupt.

  4. Nehemiah, I think your speculation about the synagogue of Satan in Rev 3:9 is spot on. That’s what I’ve been suspecting too. Be blessed!

  5. WOW, did I catch it right? The “wall of safety” is Yashua, and Praise!”? I think I must have heard right, because that is my life experience – without fail!

  6. What is this ” who are these that fly like a cloud… You skipped the explanation. There are little clips in there that suggest eternal life/no death? Verse 20 …and the days of your mourning will be finished.” There are only 2 subjects to mourn about: our loved ones dying and his kabod presence in the land.

  7. The problem is, YHUH did not create Lions to eat grass. Isaiah 66: 1-4 the revelation of just how pleasing what we have done is.

  8. Michael Beer, the Complete Jewish Bible is ok. Basically, they put in some Hebrew names, to remind us of the original text was Hebrew. If you really want to challenge yourself get a Chumash, I have the Stone edition. It will give you both Hebrew text and English for all the words, Hebrew commentary. It’s well worth the money.

    • Thanks for the Chumash suggestion Janice. Will have to check it out. I think the CJB is better than just a small “ok,” especially for the effort that David Stern put into clarifying issues such as the infamous “under LAW” of most English translations.

  9. Isaiah 60 one of my ‘favorite passages’, but i have never before grasped verse 2 about the ‘thick darkness’ in the world surrounding that light. it certainly describes today and probably the near future.
    Thank you for your frank and thorough teachings.

    • I find that special word for darkness unusual also. See it (‘araphel’) also in Ezekiel 34, where the Good Shepherd is out seeking His sheep Himself on the day of araphel. To deliver them out of the mouth of the bad shepherds, so his sheep would not be meat for them. It shows up paired with the word ‘cloudy’ fairly often.

  10. Not sure if my comments went thru. Interesting at this time(sept) with all things happening, I expect the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 wars to begin soon. Blessings and thank you both for your teachings. Ya’ll are in my prayers.

  11. Another comment. You discussed v19 & 20; Yehovah being your light. It is almost as if this is an alien concept to Christians, but it shouldn’t be. Revelation 21:22 says the same thing. Somehow, many Christians appear to believe that we end up sitting in the clouds of Heaven, even though our Bible concludes with God coming down to live with His people on the renewed earth.

    • Sorry; this sounds like I am having a go at Christians, but I am a Gentile Christian myself. Must remember not to be too hard on people who believe today what I believed (sort of) a few years ago.

  12. Shalom. Great study. Thank you. A comment in response to your challenge. My first choice Bible (since I haven’t progressed far with Hebrew) is the Complete Jewish Bible. That has v1 as Arise Shine [Yerushalayim] with the square brackets indicating something that is implied / understood from the Hebrew. I noticed that this subtly emerged towards v10. But I find that the trouble is most Christians do not pick this up at all and read this chapter (if they do at all) in a kind of vacuum. It needs revelation.

  13. I just started listening to Torah pearls a few weeks ago and prophet pearls tonight. Your teaching is amazing so as I listen I am making notes in order to teach some of these things every Shabbat and it is great that your teachings are available 7/24. It gives me time to start studying on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming Shabbat and I have to add that communicating with Dev is fantastic. She is so helpful, friendly and informative. You guys are such a blessing.

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