Yeshua the Jewish Settler

Yeshua the Jewish SettlerIn this Emergency U.N. Update, Nehemia Gordon explains how the recent United Nations’ resolution condemns Yeshua as a Jewish settler, Joseph and Mary as war criminals, and the Dead Sea Scrolls as the national heritage of the Palestinian People.

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7 thoughts on “Yeshua the Jewish Settler

  1. The truth has been hiding “in plain sight”. But for some reason it takes Nehemia to find it! An amazing mind!

  2. Shalom ,

    Sometimes the word “shalom” can mean more than a simple greeting, as it is obviously the case now.

    Thank you Nehemiah for explaining such essential information.

    Times apparently haven’t changed.
    Only the finger of time has moved on…

    • PS
      Jeshua’s words (now as then)
        I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage – I have conquered the world.”John 16:33

  3. A truly amazing insight that Nehemia has shared regarding the socio-cultural background in which Yeshua lived. Galilee was, and still is (for the most part) rural to this day, right? Anyway, I love and can identify with the idea the Yeshua lived most of his life in the country, surrounded by neighbors with a funny accent. Kinda like living in the rural south here in the US : )

    Not to dismiss, or overlook the gravity (if not the ridiculous nature) of the most recent UN resolution. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the UN decided to criminalize “unauthorized” entry into Israel all together.

    To that end, we really do live in a change of times. May these winds and tides not drag us away.

    • In the sense that “anti” can mean false, so antichrist could mean false christ, you are right: Jesus is indeed an antichrist. However, my pick for THE antichrist of End Times would be whoever the pope is at that time, for one of the titles the pope wears on a crown is VICARIVS FILII DEI, taking the place of the son of god. Makes sense, since the church invented the son-of-god business. The Roman numerical value of that title is 666. Ring a bell? “He is a man, and the number of his name is six hundred sixty-six.”

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