Hebrew Voices #12 – Nazarene Grape Pickers (Rebroadcast)

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Nazarene Grape Pickers, Nehemia Gordon drives to the “west bank” to learn why people from all over the world are going there to assist the Jewish farmers of Judea and Samaria. Settle down in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride, as Nehemia reflects on the significance of the roads into the area – out near Bethel, and alongside the olive groves of Shiloh where the Tabernacle once stood. You won’t get too comfy though because Nehemia also explains the close proximity of Jewish and Palestinian territories in the area and the risk of rocks and Molotov cocktails being thrown at cars passing through.

After taking a wrong turn into Palestinian territory (oops!), Nehemia turns around and finds his way to an olive grove on a Samarian hillside. There, he meets with Joshua Waller, director of operations for HaYovel—a Christian organization that over the last ten years has brought more than 2,000 volunteers from 25 countries to work in the vineyards and olive groves of the region.

Waller explains that no evangelizing is allowed; HaYovel’s only goal is to “bless the Jewish people and see the farms flourish.” Gordon also chats with other volunteers and discusses Jeremiah 31:5 with them. Do they see themselves as “notzrim” guarding the vines? Gordon explains ancient and modern usages of “notzrim” and the prophetic period in which the verse was written.

We also learn surprising things about the Judean farmers who are restoring the Land. These producers of award-winning wines and the finest products in the world typically don’t come from agricultural backgrounds or generations of farmers. They left their city jobs because of a burning desire to see prophecy fulfilled. And along with a few thousand “foreign” friends are doing just that.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Isaiah 61:5
Jeremiah 31:5-6
Deuteronomy 24:20
Ezekiel 36:8
Numbers 14:6
Amos 9:13
Nehemiah 6:2

HaYovel - Serving Israel's Farmers

Harvesting olives by "beating" the trees in the hills of Samaria.

Harvesting olives by "beating" the trees in the hills of Samaria.

Harvested olives in Samaria.

Harvested olives in Samaria.

  • Eric John Nagel says:

    Most wonderful, Thanks as all ways for your dedication. It occurred to us in our Torah study and seems to make sense in listening to this piece that these people and all the others who feel the way they do, that we are Covenant people, if we would substitute that term for Messianic, Christian, or Jewish… it seems to me that we become one Stick instead of a bundle of twigs. We are the Covenant People of Yehovah!

  • Sandy Pierce says:

    Thank you SO much for your Hebrew Voices information. What a life changing experience for a farm worker in central New York.!!!!!

  • pathhacker says:

    Nehemia, thank you for rebroadcasting this article/interview. I really enjoyed it and would not go to bed until it finished. And I could not sleep all night and had to get up at 5am to read and learn more about Yahovel and to see if I could be a part of a future one. I am a Christian, or am I a notzrim? who is learning from you and so thankful for your ministry. Would love to know what is coming up in your ministry in 2020. Please keep updating us.

  • John Kenneth Stava says:

    Thanks for this! Awesome!

  • Sheila Price says:

    I’ve tried to send the question below to the ‘contact us’ page, 3 times, but it kept telling me to go to nehemia’s wall.com… anyway, finally decided to post the question here, as others may wonder the same thing…

    I’m just curious as to where I go to find the original air date on any given topic. I receive the rebroadcasts each week, but I’m not seeing what the original air date is on them… such as #12 Nazarene Grape Pickers. I like to make notes in scripture as to when we first realize a prophesy has been fulfilled. i.c. Jeremiah 31-5-6, or the political forming of the nation, Israel in 1948, etc.

  • daniel says:

    Very interesting. A week before this posted I was prompted to search the net for group tours in Israel that did something off the beaten path – and got multiple hits on HaYovel! So, I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos, made a donation to HaYovel , and now I check my email and Nehemia is interviewing Josh Waller in Samaria! Must be a God-incident.

  • Debra Harding says:

    Shalom Nehemia l enjoyed listening to your visit with Ha Yovel. It’s amazing how God has them fulfilling biblical prophecy, supporting Jewish people and building relationships of love and service. A question l would like to ask you is how do you see Jewish people who have come to believe in Yahshua and who come to serve in Israel? Do you view them different to Christians and would you see them favourably like the people at Ha Yovel? As you would know there is much contention around Jewish people having Yahshua as their Messiah. Very interested to know how you view them. Thanks. Debra

  • Zhui Feng says:

    Oh Nehemia, you went down the wrong road but, I was glad to hear you quickly repented!
    Isn’t area Aye the Canadian section of Palestine? That’d be my story if I got caught there!

    Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! How I hunger and thirst for righteousness! It is refreshing to hear about something like this.
    No judgmentalism, just peace and love.

    It’s sad to hear though, that they didn’t keep the last shemitah.
    Those who wine about that have that right!
    The land lies parched and dry.
    Centuries of sexual sin and blood shed have defiled the land. ?
    You know, the prophecy in Jeremiah 31 almost sounds like the exiles have been reincarnated. Nah!

    ?”I heard it through the grape. ? ?Yehovah says your gonna be mine! ?
    ?Yeah I heard it through the grape vine?
    ?I’ll be jealous for those who are mine.?
    ?Yeah I heard it through the grape vine?

    If I can help Israel solve their water and energy problems I certainly will!
    Hey, I got a what if?….
    In the last days they will build springs of water in the Valley of Bacca.
    Now where is that?

    Shalom Kids!
    And may The Kingdom Come!
    But, First,….