Hebrew Voices #92 – Unpacking the Moses Controversy

In this episode of Hebrew Voices, Unpacking the Moses Controversy, Nehemia Gordon speaks with filmmaker Tim Mahoney about the latest installment of his Patterns of Evidence series. Mahoney explains why secular scholars say Moses could not have written the Torah, they discuss Paleo-Hebrew and earlier forms of writing that preceded it, and the earliest known undisputed Israelite inscription.

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Patterns of Evidence - The Moses Controversy

12 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #92 – Unpacking the Moses Controversy

  1. I got my ticket tonight! Thoroughly enjoyed Tim’s first film in the series, and looking forward to this one. It’s hard to fathom why such a small percentage of mainstream Christians don’t get stoked about this stuff when it really fuels my Faith. Some ‘get it’ after I explain that Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, James, and even Jesus (Yeshua) are perpetuating a myth if the Biblical narrative “ain’t necessarily so”. Thank you very much, Nehemia for this interview. Check out the website, and read all the ‘Thinker Updates’ too.

    • Unfortunately, the movie did NOT show when and where prepaid tickets had been purchased for – sincerely hope it was an isolated case – as it was a real ‘bummer’ of an evening, and Cinemark has yet to refund the $.

  2. I will be going to this movie and advising both my family and friends to the 3 showings.

    The only thing that was missing is at the end of the interview there was no prayer from Host or Guest, not coming from two gentlemen of faith, I really feel I got robbed and it’s not right. 🙂

    As Yehovah lives, so should we!
    Alberto Trevino

  3. My husband and I were really blessed by the work of Timothy Mahoney’s Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. It answered a lot of questions we had about information that we had received that turned out to be false. Thank you Tim!! We are looking forward to seeing this next movie Patterns of Evidence: Moses Controversy. I certainly hope there will be a Book and a DVD coming soon, because I want them so I can share!

    Thank you Nehemia for promoting Yehovah’s Kingdom with finding the truths that have been hidden from us. Stand Firm my brother. Keep up the great work! I look forward to learning more about real truth and righteousness from a Biblical standpoint. I pray blessing and protection over you from Yehovah In Yeshua’s name. Amen!

    Baruch Haha B’Shem YeHoVah! Psalm 118:26

  4. Thank you!! We already have our tickets to see the movie — it was wonderful to get to hear this extended interview with Tim! Totally looking forward to seeing this in theater!

  5. As the darkness covers the Earth as it will do, men/women of faith will need all of the strengthening that can be produced. Your work, and Tim’s, along with the obvious fulfilling of Last Days prophecies should allow us all to stand for the Truth.

  6. In this latest Patterns of Evidence film does Tim Mahoney allege that there is physical evidence of Moses leading the Israelites through the wilderness?

  7. Timothy Mahoney’s previous DVD “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” effectively deconstructs the nonsensical chronology invented by Egyptologists in the 1800s. He convincingly explains that the assumption that the Egypt timeline is authoritative has misinformed scholars, historians and archaeologists. He describes an increasingly untenable timeline based on more recent artifacts, and presents an adjusted timeline that aligns biblical events, east Semitic archaeology and Egyptian events. Highly recommended for those who can handle an alternative history.

  8. I just listened the the interview about the Moses Controversy. One of my favorite books is Unwrapping the Pharaohs by John Ashton and David Down. They place the date of the Exodus around 1445 BC. They get that date from Egyption archaeology. And, yes, it makes sense to me that Moses was highly educated, and he very well could have invented an alphabet for the Hebrew language.
    I listen to your shows often and appreciate the Jewish insite into the Old Testament. Understanding the OT really makes a lot of the New Testament make sense.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Nechemyah thank you for this and all you do dude! This was truly God speaking to me, through your ministry, as he does often. I was literally discussing this same topic just yesterday, probably while you posted this. You’re an inspiration and I hope I can be something like you and your ministry one day for someone like me. You’re always on the money and I like how you can switch hats from secular to spiritual as well. I am emotional and overwhelmed with the coincidences of your posts compared to my daily thoughts. It is too much to simply call coincidence I know Yehovah is working through you and trying to speak to me.

    Again, you’re an inspiration and I pray that Yehovah bless you and continue to work through you with all your knowledge and understanding. May Yehovah bless and protect you, may Yehovah deal kindly and graciously with you, may Yehovah show His favor upon you and grant you peace brother!

  10. Awesome! I purchased the original documentary, and the information presented is first class. Will see this one as well!

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