Hebrew Voices #5 – Ambushed on the Temple Mount

Hebrew Voices, Ambushed on the Temple Mount, israel, news, Temple Mount, Islamic, Jordanian Police, Jerusalem, israel, news, Jerusalem JaneThis morning I was peacefully walking on the Temple Mount with a born-again Danish Christian lady named "Jerusalem Jane." And then we got ambushed!  Islamic guards masquerading as Jordanian Police surrounded us! The confrontation became an international incident. And we caught it on video. In this episode of Hebrew Voices, I go behind the scenes with Jerusalem Jane to talk about what really happened.

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Show notes:

Jane Kiel is a Danish born Christian with a heart for the people of Israel. She has made it her life’s work to call attention to the plight of the Jewish people living in the land, and works through social media (YouTube, Facebook, and others) to spread the word.  She loves the people and the land of Israel.

Israel National News report about the incident:

Israel Hayom Article About Death Threats Directed Against Jerusalem Jane by Islamic Extremists:

Jerusalem Jane's Jerusalem Post Blog

Jerusalem Jane's Youtube Channel

Verses Mentioned:

  • Pari Johnson says:

    Very insightful. It caused me to go out to Jane’s site and learn more about her. Also found the video of Jane singing the Shema. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veyrCIloTcc The “demonic” picture is something else. No wonder the Waqf don’t want her there…she is exposing the evilness there. All I can say is that Abba has His hand on her. What courage! May He continue to protect and bless you, Jane.

    Thank you Nehemia for posting this…and for being there with her so you could bring this eye witness report.

  • Christopher Gordon says:

    I’m glad it was you guys up there and not me, as seeing them treat people this way makes me very angry. I might very well have become the Archduke Ferdinand of the next “Great War!”

  • Deborah says:

    It is hard knowing that people cant to walk and talk quietly outside the temple mount not bothering anyone without be accused of praying what a crime (not) politics some how get thrown into it it terrible I pray for the peace of Israel may father move quickly

  • Aron Brackeen says:

    Blessings to both NG and JJ. This A / V presentation is a reality-show like none other. TY!

    With all that can be said about the “demon face” on the Dome of the Rock, consider that the ornamental, marble arrangement is just that – ornaments. Subjective views about ‘art’ could diminish from other troubling Islam/Muslim certainties worthy of note. Many thanks for showing the truth, and, Nehemia, it will be difficult to top this episode. May your Hebrew Voice continue during the troubling times in the City of Peace; yet, let not death be your goal. 😉

    For those who don’t know about the Boycott – Divest – Sanction (BDS), which refers to Israel as apartheid, please learn about it and how to avoid/stop it. It is spreading globally while negatively impacting Israeli exports.

  • Mary Wittman says:

    OMG-so glad u were able to record all that! It would have been very difficult for me to stay as peaceful as you both did! Good job Nehemia!


  • PianoTeacher says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and Jane, Nehemia. As usual, the Warlocks (along with the Black Witches of the Temple Mount) employ taqqiya to suit their ends. Remember as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may those who love you be at peace…

    • Miri~ says:

      NO, as stated in the interview,- which you listened to, right?- they took her to the wakf authority, NOT the Israeli police.
      SHE went to the Israeli police to file a complaint.
      Rules, shmules, atavist muslims have no rules.
      Stop trying to justify anything they do to appease them and not rock the boat..

  • Laura says:

    Born again Christian, here. Praying for Jane’s supernatural protection.