Hebrew Voices #76 – Jewish, Finnish, and Zionist

In this brand-new episode of Hebrew Voices, Jewish, Finnish, and Zionist, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Michel Grünstein, a Jewish journalist in Helsinki who explains about the new European antisemitism, the Left's war on ancient Jewish practices, and how Trump's wall has become a symbol of hope for freedom-loving people all over the world.

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Israeli embassy in Finland subjected to relentless anti-Semitic attacks

21 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #76 – Jewish, Finnish, and Zionist

  1. I too enjoyed the presentation but, like a previous commenter I think this wall is a crazy idea. As far as the world of commerce is concerned the internet and electronic money transfers have rendered national borders somewhat obsolete. This isn’t globalist utopianism; if you don’t believe me ask anybody in the financial industry. As so many people in U.S. go bankrupt or die for lack of medical treatment after having been robbed by insurance companies, 25 billion for a wall is an unholy waste of money. Most illegal immigrants fly in rather than walk in anyway and destroy their documents at the airport.

  2. I must say, I found this podcast most engaging and many of Michel Grünstein’s points, specifically regarding antisemitism, to be most prescient. There is only one point in which I would digress from Michel’s perspective, again it really is a matter of perspective.

    From my viewpoint, as an American citizen with Mexican-American relatives and ancestry, I would beg to differ as to the potential effects that “The Wall” will have on those of us living in the southern part the the U.S. For many of us, it is not a symbol of hope and freedom, but rather one of divisiveness, fear and oppression.

    Though I do not agree with a form of multiculturalism that eliminates the nation-state in favor of a “global utopia”, I also cannot abide a form of patriotism that idolizes nationalism, and in the process, creates an “Us vs. Them” paradigm. Besides, don’t national walls have a tendency of keeping “Us” in, just as much as they keep “Them” out? I.e., Hadrian’s Wall and the Berlin Wall.

    Not to mention the potential ill effects this particular wall will have on the biodiversity of the region.

    With that said, I really do appreciate the opportunity to listen and comment on this post. Many Thanks, both to Nehemia and Michel for this very insightful podcast.

    • As someone who lives just 10 miles from the border, it is not true that most people are against a wall, in fact most are in favor.

      The idea of no walls & fences is naïve and dangerous not just for the country but for the home. And of course any wall must have gates to allow security and order for the benefit of all.

      Nehemiah’s wall was built with the help of Yehovah for protection and a symbol of order not divisiveness. (Neh. 2:17-18). On the other hand the enemies of Israel became furious and very angry when they heard that the wall was being rebuilt around Jerusalem. (Neh. 4:1)

      The wall at Jericho came down by the hand of Yehovah due to its wickedness just like Berlin. The Babylonians trusted in their wall to no avail after it was prophesied to be conquered.

      We await the day when walls will no longer be needed. (Zech. 2:5)
      For I,’ says Yehovah, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’ (Zech. 2:5)

      • Walls were a sure bet in ancient times when there were no surveillance drones, surveillance cameras, heat seeking missiles, target programmable drones, surveillance satellites. etc., etc., etc, If the US gov’t. were smart, which clearly it’s not, many of these immigration issues could be dealt with using this technology, which the Pentagon, the military, et.al possess. In the presence of such technology, the wall is an idiotic waste of public money. Anyhoo I’m done with this topic; it’s not the reason I come to this website.

        • Surveillance lets you see who is getting in. Like the ring doorbell camera. You see the perp steal your package did it prevent your package from being stolen? A wall is a barrier

    • I agree Robert. You can see my comment below. We who believe need to start putting our trust in Y’hovah and not in princes, or walls. We don’t listen to the Word though. We put our trust in false political messiahs, human institutions, weapons and all manner of things except the One we should be looking to.

  3. I thought that the insight on the Jewish vs. the Greek elements in Christianity were spot on. However I do wish people of faith would put more trust in Y’hovah than they do in princes. He uses secular leaders, the good, the bad and the ugly, to fulfil His purposes so it is to Him alone that the credit should be given. I see so many things wrong on BOTH the left and right ends of the political spectrum. All manner of evil is encroaching on every party and there will sadly come a day when Israel doesn’t have a political friend in the world. Israel needs to recognise that and so does everyone else who claims to believe in Y’hovah.

    As a side note I’d like to know where shechitah comes from as I have not found it in the Tanach.

  4. I beg to differ. There’s a neat little book called “The Hebrew Yeshua vs. The Greek Jesus” you should read. The apostles clearly stated the spirit of the anti-messiah was already at work in the first century. Martin Luther thought he was God’s gift to Jewery, but turned anti-Semite when Jews couldn’t see it. Try to point out the Hebrew origins of the New Testament to some church leaders, and just watch the anger and hatred come out. I think most of the western Christian world worships a co-opted Jesus that was made over from Greek Philosophy and ideals.

  5. There is no Jew or Greek when it comes to being part of God’s family, but there definitely are differences elsewhere. The gospel of the kingdom is “for the Jew first, and also for the Greek.” The execution stake is “for the Greek foolishness and for the Jew a stumbling block.” Notice that there is a distinction?
    The big picture is that God’s plans for restoration are for the restoration of Israel [promises regarding land, descendants, being a blessing to the world] AND for the transformation of Gentiles [blessed by Israel and [amazingly!] grafted into the commonwealth of Israel.] There is going to be unity in diversity. There will be two witnesses to God’s greatness and glory– Jewish and Gentile. [However, only one God– the Gentiles don’t get to import foreign deities and practices.]

  6. Christianity is loaded with Greek philosophical concepts. Jesus has been remade by Pagan philosophers in the Roman Church. The Fathers of the Church said that their version of Christianity was superior to the Jewish followers of Jesus, because the Roman Church had the Greek philosophers for their background and the Jewish believers “only had their Old Testament”.

    There is no Trinity in the Bible. One may have heard it a thousand times, but that does not make it real.

    The original Gospels written in Hebrew in the 2nd Century have been discovered. As they are being translated into English Jesus is being rediscovered as consistent with Judaism. When the Jewish origin of Christianity is restored, Greek concepts like the Trinity will disappear.

  7. Paul, that is the instruction and the ideal, but sadly many have turned aside from the instruction of the master, and the admonitions of his servants, and turned to fables and the traditions of men.

  8. Any discussion of anti-semitism needs to look deeper. In the book of Esther, when the Jews prevailed, many people wanted to join them. In contrast, looking back to the reason for the exiles, we see that when Israel sinned, they lost Yah’s blessing, became weaker, and fell under the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. I see a preoccupation with “anti-semitism” as a part of the continuity of the reason for the exile. Part of the terms of the exile are that Jews (Israel’s 10 tribes would share this if they were identifiable) would suffer curses and be generally held in low esteem. Now we are seeing the redemption, but it is incomplete without profound national repentance. And so now we are seeing a strange mixture of admiration and revulsion, both for Jews and the state. Anyway, glad to see the redemption taking shape, and thankful that Yah has called me out of atheism to walk in his kingdom, and thankful for Jews and those of all other nations who similarly respect and follow the instructions of Yah.

    • Such a profound and insightful statement you made regarding the current situation with Israel.

      “….we are seeing a strange mixture of admiration and revulsion, both for Jews and the state.”

      Surely this is something to search, ponder and pray about.

  9. I grew up in northern Minnesota, where a lot of Finns live. The accent of your guest transported me back to those good boyhood memories. Thanks. Also the Finns I grew up with were not boastful or proud, not loud of self-promoting, but quiet, understated, capable, smart. Your guest was certainly that sort of person.

  10. In Belgium the sacrificial slaughter for Muslims has been restricted since two or 3 years. So tendency against religion in general

  11. I found Mr. Grünstein’s beliefs on the dualism of Christianity thought provoking and remarkable, however, I don’t see true duality currently within the faith. I see: out and out antisemitism among those linked to the lie of replacement theology; an ignorance concerning God’s word among those who sit under Pastors who do not teach the significance of the Nation and the Land of Israel; and then those of us who study the truth of God’s word from the Tanakh forward, along with finding good teachers such as yourself, Nehemia.
    I suppose you could link the middle group to one side or the other, but it’s more of a gamut.
    I also believe that there is a spiritual dimension to antisemitism worldwide, and that it takes solid faith not be influenced by it.

    Thank you for this posting. It is good to learn from you, as always.

    • Barbara, just a comment on your interesting post, concerning “replacement theology”. It is REAL, and for that reason we NEVER want to take our relationship with Yah our maker for granted. In torath yhwh, we read of the threat to destroy israel, and REPLACE them with Moses and his descendants. In the real world, we are living with several replacement or wannabe replacements. One is the Rabbis, whose distinct interpretation of torah essentially replaced the Aaronic and Mosaic interpretation, and of course the christian version, which very well may have succeeded if they had not also turned aside so soon from the commendable reform movement that was the core of their origin. We desperately need to be on the watch for the promised prophet after the likeness of Moses. Most of us, Jews included, are currently living in a replacement theological system, and urgently need repentance.

  12. I wonder if the numbers of Muslims in these community will pressure the government to allow this method of slaughtering an animal and circumcism to continue. Do not the Muslims practice these two things as well?

  13. Wisdom often comes from those with a humble and gentle spirit. Michel Grünstein words are no exception. I so enjoyed listening to him analyze.and discuss what he sees concerning Israel, President Trump, conservative vs. liberal Christianity, antisemitism, and being a Jew in Finland. His insight into the dualism of Christianity is especially fascinating.

    • Amen,

      “Thus says Yehovah of hosts, the God of Israel: They shall again use this speech, in the land of Judah and in the cities thereof, when I shall turn their captivity: “Yehovah bless you, O habitation of righteousness, mountain of holiness!” (Jer. 31:23)

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