Hebrew Voices #48 – Jewish Freedom in America

Religious Freedom in AmericaIn Hebrew Voices, Jewish Freedom in America, Nehemia Gordon and Tel Aviv University Professor Michael Kochin, explain how Jonas Phillips, an 18th century Jewish merchant gave us freedom of religion, how George Washington set us free from the tyranny of religious "toleration", and how the Regressive Left is ushering in a new era of religious persecution. They also discuss how President Trump's "Muslim Ban" fits with the American Constitution, and the history of US immigration law.

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Original Pennsylvania Constitution, Section 10

Letter from Jonas Phillips a Jew, dated Sept. 7. 1787 to the President & Members of the Convention
Letter from Jonas Phillips a Jew, dated Sept. 7. 1787 to the President & Members of the ConventionTo His Excellency the president and the Honourable Members of the Convention assembled
With leave and submission I address myself To those in whome there is wisdom understanding and knowledge. they are the honourable personages appointed and Made overseers of a part of the terrestrial globe of the Earth, Namely the 13 united states of america in Convention Assembled, the Lord preserve them amen —
I the subscriber being one of the people called Jews of the City of Philadelphia, a people scattered and despersed among all nations do behold with Concern that among the laws in the Constitution of Pennsylvania their is a Clause Sect. 10 to viz — I do believe in one God the Creature and governour of the universe the Rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked — and I do acknowledge the scriptures of the old and New testement to be given by a devine inspiration — to swear and believe that the new testement was given by devine inspiration is absolutly against the Religious principle of a Jew. and is against his Conscience to take any such oath — By the above law a Jew is deprived of holding any publick office or place of Government which is a Contridectory to the bill of Right Sect 2. viz
That all men have a natural and unalienable Right To worship almighty God according to the dectates of their own Conscience and understanding, and that no man aught or of Right can be Compelled to attend any Relegious Worship or Erect or support any place of worship or Maintain any minister contrary to or against his own free will and Consent nor Can any man who acknowledges [79] the being of a God be Justly deprived or abridged of any Civil Right as a Citizen on account of his Religious sentiments or peculiar mode of Religious Worship, and that no authority Can or aught to be vested in or assumed by any power what ever that shall in any Case interfere or in any manner Controul the Right of Conscience in the free Exercise of Religious Worship —
It is well known among all the Citizens of the 13 united States that the Jews have been true and faithful whigs, and during the late Contest with England they have been foremost in aiding and assisting the States with their lifes and fortunes, they have supported the Cause, have bravely faught and bleed for liberty which they Can not Enjoy —
Therefore if the honourable Convention shall in ther Wisdom think fit and alter the said oath and leave out the words to viz — and I do acknoweledge the scripture of the new testement to be given by devine inspiration then the Israeletes will think them self happy to live under a goverment where all Relegious societys are on an Eaquel footing — I solecet this favour for my self my Childreen and posterity and for the benefit of all the Isrealetes through the 13 united States of america
My prayers is unto the Lord. May the people of this States Rise up as a great and young lion, May they prevail against their Enemies, May the degrees of honour of his Excellencey the president of the Convention George Washington, be Extollet and Raise up. May Every one speak of his glorious Exploits. May God prolong his days among us in this land of Liberty — May he lead the armies against his Enemys as he has done hereuntofore — May God Extend peace unto the united States — May they get up to the highest Prosperetys — May God Extend peace to them and their seed after them so long as the Sun and moon Endureth — and may the almighty God of our father Abraham Isaac and Jacob endue this Noble Assembly with wisdom Judgement and unamity in their Councells, and may they have the Satisfaction to see that their present toil and labour for the wellfair of the united States may be approved of, Through all the world and perticular by the united States of america is the ardent prayer of Sires
Your Most devoted obed Servant
Jonas Phillips
Philadelphia 24th Ellul 5547 or Sept 7th 1787

Photo of the Original Jonas Phillips Letter to the Constitutional Convention

Reference to 1879 Study Crediting Phillips with Article VI Section 3 of the Constitution
"...it was due to Jonas Phillips that the article on religious liberty... was made a part of the Constitution of the United States in 1789 by Congress."

Jonas Phillips's Participation in the American Revolution

Jonas Phillips Yiddish Letter to a Dutch Jew

George Washington's Letter to the Jews

6 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #48 – Jewish Freedom in America

  1. Knowing that “religion” is the reason we are all separated (Jews and Christian’s), I wouldn’t brag about this Constitutional amendment, since the USA is a Christian nation founded on rights that only the God of the Jews can bless us with and remove.. Fortunately for the Jew, Christian’s recognize their brotherhood. By the same token, Jews tend to stay to themselves and repel Christian’s in ther inner circle, their close family friends, and their lives in general, which is why they have neighborhoods segregated, just like Mexican’s and Muslim’s who are here illegally ad do not want to assimilate into our United States Constitution and our laws. They want to keep their own such as sharia, and infringe on OUR people. People come to the USA to worship YHWH, The Elohim of Jews and Christian’s, and not be forced by their original homeland st communist type governments. It is not just my belief, but it is written in my heart by YHWH Himself, that USA IS EPHRAYIM. As a “believer” in TORAH and the fact that Yahushua IS The Messiah, I reject religion, all of it! The world has sought to divide us and keep Christian’s from YHWH our Elohim and His Torah, and as well, the Jews from our Moshiach. If the rule still existed, at least the Christians recognized the “Old Testament,” where the Jew has never recognized the RE-NEWED Testament. As Solomon proclaimed, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The division continues, thanks to people on both sides within their separate state run religions, brought over here from their places of origin, and we are one step closer to Babylon’s New World Order, forced state religion of self, except in their religion they hate themselves, they hate Jews, and they hate Christian’s. That’s why the leftists Democrats today hate our President Trump. President Trump IS A WALL, standing as a protection between USA and the NWO.

  2. The greatest ‘unknown’ American revolutionary patriot also was a member of Mikveh Israel in Philly (and I think buried in the cemetery there), almost single-handedly financed the endgame at Yorktown … Haym Salomon! So where did the Jews go when expelled from England? I know that quite a lot went to Scotland. I really love these untold facts of history. The facts are there, but someone else controls the narrative(fake news?). The world’s greatest archaeologist was an amateur named Ron Watt, and most people never heard of him or think he has been debunked. Also, I heard some of Bernie Sanders grilling the Christian nominee in the Senate and it was utterly disgusting how Sanders was allowed to go on, and on, and on and no one challenged him. Thanks Nehemia – always good stuff.

  3. One of the things going through my mind as you were speaking is that I have always been concerned about who is elected to any position in government. If Israel elected people to office that no longer cared for Torah…maybe shops could remain open on Sabbath. Slow erosion can happen over time. Look at the United States founded on men and women who loved and lived the teachings of the Bible….not sure if Thanksgiving was actually the Fall Feast. Christmas is a pagan holiday and was outlawed here. Elect enough people in office that no longer love the creator and His instructions and you end up with what you see in America today. We had a Muslim for a President that tried to destroy this country and was an enemy to Israel. What if enough Judges and officials are elected that start changing laws and let’s Sharia law judge over certain people. We do have a Constitution but it has been disregarded for years….someone’s religious beliefs are very important to know before you elect them.

  4. This is an enlightening and timely podcast. Many Thanks to both Nehemia and Professor Kochin for sharing their research of this most relevant topic.

  5. This is one of the best (they are al excellent) audios from Nehemia about our American and Jewish History. Certainly digs deep into our roots and brings to light why our country functions as it does.

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