Hebrew Voices #77 – Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages (Rebroadcast)

Hebrew Voices - Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages - Nehemia Gordon with Dr. Daniel LaskerIn this episode of Hebrew Voices, Jewish-Christian Debates in the Middle Ages, Nehemia Gordon speaks with Israeli professor Dr. Daniel Lasker, about the painful memory of forced conversions. They talk about the reason most Jews do not have a ready-answer about why they do not believe in Jesus, why people argue things they don't really believe, and how a sarcastic sense of humor served as a defense mechanism in dealing with traumatic realities in Jewish history. This episode contains a world first: a Jewish professor attempts to explain to a Karaite Jew the nuances of the Trinity in Christian theology!

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Prof. Daniel J. Lasker

  • Sean Kraft says:

    Thank you so much Nehemiah. By no means do I speak for all or any Christians but myself.

    My education emphasized that “God is one”. And as “Elohim”, He sits upon a throne and confers with His distinct voice (the Word), and His distinct omnipresence (the Holy Spirit) as self-companionship. As He is God, He needs no one else’s conference.

    To others, a man can be distinctly a Father, a Son, a Brother, etc, yet that man is still “one”. With God, creation is the “others”. His Throne involves dominion over creation, His Word involves his power to create, as well as His Truth and His insertion of Himself into the Creation as Emmanuel. And His Omnipresence refers to his full control, power and involvement in creation. The number 3 (I’m told) represents completeness. And therefore God is complete, indicating singularity.

    As the image of God, similarly, a man consists of three parts, as we are told to worship God with our whole heart, soul and mind. A single man, in three parts. So we can naturally extrapolate that man is a metonym of God.

    So God’s throne represents His mind? His omnipresent Holy Spirit as His Spirit? His Word as His heart? Perhaps?

    Thanks again Brother.

  • Joel Heller says:

    It is undeniable that what is commonly called “Christianity ” is entirely unrelated to first century Nazarean Judaism as taught by R” Yeshua bar Yosef, the Netzater Rebbe.

  • Gregory Irby says:

    I think the history of the three abrahamic faiths is a sad one. I recently did some research on the Christian Knights. No wonder so many atheist hate us. I live in St. Louis, Mo. The Catholic Capital of the US. I thought it was hysterical that Catholics accused evil Jews of desecrating their communion wafers! I have a sister that is a Catholic cannibal. I worked for the Catholic University one year and talked theology with priest and Jesuits many times. I’m glad to have gone out of my way to not allow myself to be brain washed by religious theology. I’ve spent my life searching for the truth. I don’t believe I have any Jewish roots in my family line. My ancestors were bred by the Norse Gods! Oden & those guys! We are all hybrids you know. Archeologists say the Denisovans were hybrids. It was in the news this last winter they’re going to DNA test all the old finds and see how many are hybrids. I’ll bet most of them! Thanks for your work. Having studied eschatology for over 40 years I’m rather anxious to get my hands on these Hebrew gospels, especially Matthew & Revelation. Some of the events are out of order in the Greek. I could show you some things you won’t hear from anywhere else. Thanks again for your work and sorry bout that Super Church, those dirt bags. The big cities are full of churches like that! I know of one that has a boxing ring Sincerely, Gregory Irby

    • Mary Joy Ventanilla says:

      the problem is there are thousands of Christian Denominations that causes divisions and debates.. but the God is One God.. the One true God of Abraham..and of Isaac, (Yehovah or Jehovah) about Jesus, Apostle paul used Psalms 8:5,,, in this Bible verse there are also too many versions..but Apostle Paul, used “angels” in replace of elohim( gods) please, check the meaning of elohim in encyclopedia..but for me I chose the meaning of ‘elohim’ used in Psalms 8:5 is “godlike”, then look at Psalms 82:6, that Jesus use to defend himself when Jews went mad at him calling himself God…. In this arguments, Jesus is an Angel.. the Angels are Sons of God… So, Jesus is an angel, a mighty god..angels are god..they are called gods, because they are the sons of the Most High,,, but that doesnt mean that they are equal to the One True God whom is Jehovah.. you can look at Colossians 1:15, that Jesus is the firstborn over all creations of God.. in Revelations 3:14, he is referred as the beginning of creation of God… The first century Christians were so different from the emerging new Christian Denominations today. But don’t get astray… always refer to the Bible as your guide to find the truth..

  • rnshalom says:

    It would behoove every Christian that is learning the value of the Hebrew roots to take a retrospective view into the roots and consequences of most of their doctrines.

    “The Disputation” (available on youtube) captures the deep influence of the Roman Church on many modern Christian doctrines.