Hebrew Voices #11 – The Raëlian UFO Jews of Israel

In Hebrew Voices, The Raëlians UFO Jews of Israel, Nehemia Gordon encounters the Raëlian UFO Jews of Israel. He interviews Kobi Drori, a native Hebrew speaking Jewish Israeli who says “the Jews prayed for the Messiah to come and when he finally came, they didn’t accept him.” Drori believes that Yahweh sent a man named Yeshua of Nazareth to bring good news to the world and that his faith contains “the most important message mankind ever received.”

Drori is the official spokesman for the Raëlians in Israel, which he describes as a “secularist Jewish movement.” The Raëlians believe that Yahweh was a 25,000 year old extraterrestrial who appeared to a French journalist named Claude Vorilhon in 1973. According to Vorilhon, also known as "Raël," the extraterrestrial Yahweh revealed himself to be the president of a planet of scientists who created all life on Earth. The Raëlian movement aims to "demystify religion and spiritualize science."

On August 6, 2015, Raël revealed a new message from the extraterrestrial Yahweh warning of the imminent destruction of the State of Israel. Drori is so convinced of this message that he is leaving the country where he was born and seeking refuge overseas.

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Show Notes:

Kobi Drori lecturing at a Raëlian meeting in Tel Aviv.

Kobi Drori lecturing at a Raëlian meeting in Tel Aviv.

A Raëlian Jew in Tel Aviv wearing a Star of David with a "swirl" inside, a Raëlian symbol.

A Raëlian Jew in Tel Aviv wearing a Star of David with a "swirl" inside, a Raëlian symbol.

Raëlian Books

Raëlians on the Destruction of the State of Israel

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Erich von Däniken

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47 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #11 – The Raëlian UFO Jews of Israel

  1. Those that ‘came from the sky’? Sounds like what the bible mentions of the Nephilim, The ‘fallen ones’ or the fallen angels who were thrown out of heaven and cast down.
    This guy is so deceived that he actually denies the existence of the God of Israel.

  2. Interesting that this cat speaking in Japan in the undershirt..the pendant with the Mogen David has a swatstika in the middle of the insignia.

    • “Star of David” or the shield of David ? I do not seem to find any Biblical description of that. The Menora, not just the Symbol of Israel (the State of Israel) but the symbol of the Seven,should say six day creation. YeHoVaH rested on the seventh.Created noting on that day. Not even religion. !
      By the way, just as consequence therefore, shoukld not the top light be let burn constantly, and light or diminish the individual lights as the days of the week proceed? On OR off, which Halliel you follow.

  3. Yes, Nehemiah, we probably do sound ‘mad, insane’ to other people when we speak of our faith. 🙂

    Ex 19:5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:
    Deu 14:2 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.
    Deu 26:18 And the LORD hath avouched thee this day to be his peculiar people, as he hath promised thee, and that thou shouldest keep all his commandments;
    Tit 2:14 Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.
    1Pet 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

  4. Nehemiah, thanks for this voice. I also believe you shouldn’t link to their sites or videos.

    Lk 11:35 “Therefore take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness.”
    Jn 1:5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehendfn it.
    Jn 3:19 “And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    2Cor 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?

  5. I just heard the interview Hebrew Voices #11 regarding the Raelians and found it most engaging and intriguing. I also, however, found the perspective of the Raelians, to be generous, rather dubious. The Raelian movement does touch on some Old Testament scriptures, but twists the meaning around to their support their own ends and deception. For example, the reference to Genesis 6 refers to angelic/divine beings who created hybrids (Nephilim) to contaminate the original gene pool made by the true Creator. The Raelians portray them as the good guys, when in actuality, this hybridization “experiment” necessitated the Great Flood judgment . Also, this deception, i.e. that aliens created us, is starting to gain a real foothold regarding the origin of life on Earth. (side question, if aliens made life on Earth, then who made the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars?)
    Also, I found it most interesting, that during this interview, you referenced the 5th Trumpet Judgement (Revelation 9:1-11) regarding the locusts being helicopters. The “helicopter theory” is a perspective proposed by Hal Lindsey. A closer study of the original Greek language, however, would debunk this perspective. For example, “faces of men” (Rev. 9:7), in the original language actually means that which is turned toward the eye looks like a human. The locust judgement actually ties in with Genesis 6, Joel 2, and now, as I believe, Isaiah 13. In the locust judgement, those bad angels will be released to wreck havoc on the whole earth and even redo what they did in the days of Noah.
    Finally, Yahweh, the true Creator, always has and will always protect Israel. The Raelians are trying to take credit for something that only Yahweh can do. I must say, their timing couldn’t be more intriguing, with everything that’s going on with Russia, Iran and Syria right now (as Yoda would say, “Hmmm, Most intriguing this is”). Anyway, it would be most foolish to be intimidated into leaving Israel at this time.
    I can trust that you already see through all that the Raelians have presented in the here and now, but the times are changing…and fast. When things get really crazy, people tend to grasp at anything that will give them hope. The Raelian movement is ready and willing to step in and fill that role.

  6. I think it is clear, if one is honest about historical evidence and textual corruption, that Yahweh, by definition, is extra-terrestrial (not of this earth), as are the Messengers and fallen Watchers. Scripture describes alien craft, but it is NOT space they travel, but dimensions. There is sooooo much more to the story in Genesis, and much has been tampered with by man over thousands of years, even Torah, which we know was not fully written by Moshe, but many writers. We are in EXILE still, but one day we will see the DIMENSIONAL CRAFTS of Yahweh and His Messengers return from “the clouds….”

  7. Has anyone listened to his comments (the Raëlian) that the Koran is a large part of his/their reading and acceptance of truth?
    How is it that our people have become so very twisted in mind and soul…?

  8. Pseudo-scientists whose evolution theory of origins is crumbling under the weight of recent finds in genetics, are going to love this, when they switch their theory over to alien seeding origins. For those who still insist on religious beliefs beyond what science ‘knows’, science experts will be happy to offer Raelian UFO beliefs as acceptable.

    • @ Laura. Well, one of the scientific theory of life’s origin is that some self-replicating living organizms may have arrived on meteorites. But of cause claim that all the Earth’s water came that way.
      Any way,if that is true, than the Summarrians lied in their records. They claimed that extraterestials , whom they considered gods, were the Enunnukies from planet Niburu , the tenth planet. They cloned humans to populate Earth, as an experiment.
      But than who were the “sons of gods” who married the “doughters of men”, (and the giants, Nefelins ?
      Summarians were a very advanced civilization. They had paved streets,running water, mail delivery, modern banking methods, and invented the keeping of time. The 24 hour day, 60 seconds minutes, etc.They mapped the Universe, named stars and moons of planets in our Solar system, They just could have NOT seen w/o telescope.There is NO records or any evidence of any previous civilization. Has the ape men advanced so rapidly? Evolutionist refuse to discuss the issue.

  9. I appreciate their pronunciation of YHWH, but the notion of extra-terrestrials creatinjg “man” the hard way from scratch is preposterous. The logical way for them to create beings in their image is the old fashioned way, as it is written, “be fruitful and multiply”. Raelianism therefore does not compute. Which is not to deny, of course, that the true Elohim may be using them and their message in a way we do not understand. Love of YHWH will give the answers. Peace.

  10. Nehemia, thanks for bringing this information to us, it was fascinating. As a former “ancient aliens”, “we-all-pray-to-the-same-God” new-ager I found Sinai Covenant/Torah Keeping to be the closest thing to spiritual truth by a mile (once I understood how to tell the differences analytically). The problem with these folks is that they seem to ignore the Torah covenant and one other GIGANTIC oversight… Where did the “elohim” come from originally? Who created them? Who created the Universe? Too long ago to know? I’m surprised, frankly, that you missed this line of questioning during the interview.

  11. Here’s a quote from Jews4Rael -website regarding their links Who are the Jews -> We call upon all Jews:

    “To refuse newborn males to be genitally mutilated, sparing them to loose thousands of sensitive nervous receptors and a great deal of sensibility on man’s most pleasurable organ.”

    As a ex-New Age -believer I can say that’s typical New age -thinking to see the Scriptures, which Raelians refer as “Writings”, as “primitive” or “out dated” or some sort. What a slap to our Father Yehovah’s face! Horrible anti-Torah doctrines. But what Yehovah Elohim (who is not E.T. but eternal, omnipotent and all knowing Father and King of the universe) says in Bereshit 17 about the eternal Sign of the Covenant which He has instituted for all men of Israel (incl. Jews from the tribe of Judah) FOREVER?

    Dear Raelian Jewish brothers, does Yahweh / Yehovah change His mind about the eternal Abrahamic Sign of the Covenant which He has instituted for all males of Israel? Is Yehovah and Abraham your Father and do you do the works of Abraham your father as Yeshua (which you see as Messiah) teached as well in John 8? Do you really believe in Yehovah and His Mashiach?

    May Yehovah protect Jews and all 12 tribes of Israel from all deceptions. All in all this was very thought provoking topic. Sometimes we need to get out from our comfort-zones. Thanks again to Nehemia for bringing this up.

    All glory to Melech HaOlam forever! Shabbat Shalom from Finland.

  12. Shabbat Shalom from Finland!

    As an ex-ufo freak and / New Age -person I would like to ask that if Yahweh / Yehovah is a “Raelian” from another galaxy or some sort why He has heavily forbidden all the fun which these “intelligent aliens” are known about or who provoke all Earthlings to do?: worship of the stars, occultism, astrology, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, automatic writing and all the occult paranormal activity like that?

    If these beings are part of the “Confederation of the Brothers of Light” then why they always sneak into people’s houses in the night time and scare hell out of them and make them fear and suffer even to the point of going mad / experiencing both mental and physical violence?!

    And these beings dare to claim they “come in peace”. Demons and evil spirits masquerading as “angels of light” are real. Some of the stories are fake but there are real stories around the globe and seemingly reports is increasing in number -> endtimes folks.

    If these beings are angels of light why they seem to love darkness and night and do not do their work at daytime as the normal people or the True Children of Light (Yehovah) do in the Feasts of Lights (Hanukkah) and everyday?

    Does these beings encourage people to keep the Torah, commandments of Yehovah? No!

    I know very well what these things and evil beings are from: the shining serpent (nachas) -> HaSatan the fallen cherub.

  13. In reference to the above image

    1 Corinthians 11:14

    Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him,

    Malachi 3:6

    For I am YHWH I do not change

  14. Anyone who has lived since 1949, has seen various pictures of the bell saucer with ladder. Most all the ancients believed there was a cosmic temple; and there drawings are not far from the bell saucer with ladder, and of course Jacob’s ladder. Any creative jewish with a love of psy fi, could have put this together. So I forget who what is Yewey? The manager? Where did he it, come fron it’s origins, it’s created by who? what? How about the sky people, what was he source of their existance? Rael? his accent is Hebrew or French? I really don’t like the idea of anyone messing with DNA especially mine and my families. Has nuances of Star Trek. What is meant this is the 7th and last chance to build the Embassy? What were the other six? When? Who?

  15. Totally WHACKY, is right, Nehemia!
    Your personal experience with YHWH speaks louder than words!
    Amein, to your ending prayer!
    Your knowledge of Scriptures got you in good standing where no one can deceive nor mislead you. HalleluYAH! That is the big difference.
    Chag Chanukkah Sameach!

  16. Isaiah said woe those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
    What this false teacher is teaching is blasphemy, calling the God of creation an extraterrestrial creature. Nehemia why allow such false teaching on your site and link to it. Arn’t you concerned that a seeker of truth may stumbling upon your site and be mislead by this false teacher away from God to follow after blasphemy and lies that God is actually an extraterestrial? I know how evil and deceptive this teaching is because I was once there believing it in the 70’s. Because of Von Daniken teaching i was believing in his darkness. Fortunately as a child I was made aware of myself pulling away from the God of truth and it scared me. It was only my ernest prayer to God to show me if this was true or a lie of what Daniken was teaching, God alone made it clear and delivered me out from this deception. Never again will I concider this wicked and evil teaching. It has no place among seekers for truth. What this false teacher is doing is leading people away from the God of Israel into a god of lies. Nehamia, don’t you think you may be contributing to lead people away from the One True God by linking to the Raelians website and their blasphomous teachings. Let us fear God and not share in it. Evil always contradicts truth. We all know God has promised He will never leave Israel and is bringing Jewish people from all over the world back to the Land yet this guy is teaching that God is abandoning them. A lie. While God is bringing his people home to Israel this guy is teaching his followers to leave it in opposition to what God is doing. The Raelians encourage a Palistinian state which is not even possible if you take the bible serious. It’s messing with the covenant promise that God made to Abraham. The Ralians are opposed to the will of God and has no place here with the things of the Lord.

  17. Just watched a move called Radio Free Albemuth based on a book by Phillip K. Dick from the 80’s. The “theology” in the book/movie is similar to this Raelin teaching. If you look at recent entertainment there is a definate push to permeate the collective consciousness with the possiblity of benevolent aliens that will save the human race. I am a total sci-fi nut (btw Nehemia it’s Star Trek not Trak) but I am grateful to be founded in Torah so that I can check all things, including entertainment, against His word. I fear, however, that people will watch movies like this or hear the teaching of the Raelins and think the Bible actually includes such things. http://radiofreealbemuth.com

  18. I find much of interest here, especially in light of Zecharia Sitchen’s books describing the origin of man in much the same way as Rael. But two things especially disturb me about the Raelian take. One is constant reference to the Jews, not to the Whole House of Israel, that being the House of Judah and the House of Israel. But then, there is a prophecy is that the two sticks become one. The other thing is that Raelians believe Israel will lose the coming war. The prophecies I love say that yes, the devastation and death will be great, but that Israel does at last call on YHVH by name, and He fights for Israel, and all Israel’s enemies are defeated. Israel’s borders are then expanded from the Med to the Euphrates. I’ve been hoping that the USA would be YHVH’s right arm in that battle. I cannot abandon my hope for Israel and the USA so quickly.

  19. Has anyone else noticed RA EL, doesn’t that mean that they are calling “Ra” god? And totally agree Nehemia, IF you know your bible.. you will know that what they say is false.

    • MaryAnne you are so right. I did not noticed that. Yes, Ra was was the false Egyption god who later became the god Horus. Horus was believed to rule in all creation, and the underworld. The Satanist Alister Crowley who was once called the most wicked man on earth called Horus the god of the New Age. Alister Crowley was also visited by a alter human being named Aiwaz who appointed him as a minister for this false God and a prophet for mankind in this aeon age. Joe Schimmel did an incredible documentary that shocked me on Alister Crowleys New Age movement and its influence in the music and movie industry. The documentary ‘They sold their soul for Rock and Roll’ really put the influence of the New Age movement into perspective for me and this Raelian invasion (Horus or new age invasion) is All part of that. You have already started to make that connection. In the bible names are very important so what you pointed out should not be ignored. This thing is much darker and more deceptive then we may realize.

      • Janice, I was just looking back on these comments after watching a youtube video and noticed your comment. I was just reading and that jumped out at me too… then I came over here and saw your comment! “Project Blue Beam” seems to be confirming this alien stuff 🙁

  20. This makes me want to cry. Normally I’d have tons to say, scripture to back it up, but I know it wouldn’t matter. Because this has happened many times before. These people are looking to the times, they see isis on the horizon so it’s very possible isis or their friends may indeed attack Israel. And our current potus is too weak on this matter to be of any real good, so I fear. But I believe YHWH ‘s promise was eternal. He will not abandon Israel. But I also know that if their prediction does not come true, cognitive dissonance will kick in, and instead of realizing the truth, they’ll create a new reason for why it didn’t happen. I guess the bright side is they’re not trying to turn their leader into a semi divine being. Yet.

  21. Nehemia, about your David & Goliath story, I heard a neat story about that and the smooth stones. Someone once said that the reason David took the other 4 stones was because Goliath had 4 brothers 🙂

  22. Nehemia for 40 years I listened to lies from so many sources. When I listen to you even if it is different than my understanding I always recheck your understanding compared to my own studies. I would like to know if there is a place in America where Karaites meet. I heard that people can exchange what they believe they found in scriptures with each other there. I test (Borean) all new information. Every time with you, your teachings were solid to the point that as long as it stays in line with the rest of the scriptures. I have no need to check your work very well done you are the only one in over 40 years of study. I still am not in total agreement with everything you believe as, I am not in total agreement with myself.

  23. It’s my birthday today, 62 years old, and I knew this was coming eventually. 🙂 Don’t fall for this people of YH_H, they will deceive “even the elect, if possible” with all lying and deceitful miracles.

    • Happy birthday a few days late, Mary Anne! I am already 62! We are in the same age group! Praise Yehovah for keeping us to see these days of Israel’s restoration! What a signpost for the Messiah coming!

      I just have to say to Nehemia, you are correct this is part of the Hebrew voices that are stirring in Israel. I have never heard of Raelians and appreciate the introduction but to see an Israeli born Hebrew speaking Jew taken away from God’s command from the Hebrew Bible to come back to Israel the land and stay permanently disturbs me. Israel is drawing the wackos, but you are not wacko. Stay strong in your faith to Yehovah. That is what has drawn me to your wall to support your Makor Ministry as you announce the stability and truth of Hebrew from the Word of Yehovah. I only go after Yehovah and as a Christian, His Son Christ Jesus who is the Father. Yes, you don’t believe in His Son, but we believe in the same Creator. I don’t worry about you not believing in His Son. All Israel will be saved and the true Messiah will prevail. It is up to the Father how He directs us all. It is not our boasting and controlling. We are called to where we are and you are doing what our Heavenly Father has you doing. Stay true as your conscience tells you. I am.

      I see these Raelians as a religious cult to draw others away from the true God. To take the Jews out of Israel is being disobedient to Him since that is His heritage to His chosen people covenanted with Abraham on down to Isaac, Israel and the Twelve Tribes with all the generations born to them up to this present date. The Redemption of Israel is the salvation of all the nations. It is coming.

      Those fallen spirits coming as extraterrestrials are a sham! What evil warfare in the spiritual realm against the Jews!!!!! They are real. I watch Ancient Aliens to see what lies those fallen gods have shared with the pagan nations to conjure up to trap man like the snake in the Garden of Eden away from the voice of God in His Word. Star people. They will draw you away if you are not strong in the grace and love of the Father. If there are not the Jews staying on the land, their is no recovery and there is no way the true Messiah can come back. As a Christian, I see that the third Temple is predicted to be rebuilt and the all time worst ultimate Antichrist/Pseudochrist (pseudo is Greek for not real, fake, not genuine, in place of Messiah, false) will draw Israel and the nations in worship like Ceasar, declaring they were god in each generation of the Roman Empire, where the age-ending Anti-Messiah will declare in the Holiest of Holies rebuilt! THE ULTIMATE IN DECEPTION IN WORSHIP AWAY FROM YEHOVAH! No wonder the Raelians want the Third Temple as an embassy to welcome these elohim!

      I have a webpage that I consult cults and here you can check for yourself a profile on them:


      It is free and I trust these Christians who research full time to keep us from being ensnared by such traps of the enemy of God with the truth. James Walker is a former Mormon who heads it up. Listening to that Raelian guy saying he is the Messiah is like all the other pseudo-messiahs through the ages. What a jerk!!!! Applegate! Flags going up everywhere in his falsehood!

      It reminds me of the Ancient Aliens author, Graham Hancock and David Icke taking the DMT/ayahuasca an Amazon hallucinogenic plant that enables you to contact that fallen spirit realm. It is sorcery and witchcraft. Raelians are cloaking with those extraterrestrials.

      see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJI9KqgobPE

      And my final word: what a difference in contact with Keith Johnson compared to that Kobi Drori. I do not believe I heard Keith trying to convince you of Jesus Christ as LORD on any program. This Doiri guy wants you to absolutely come away with him to his cult to Panama and follow those elohim. He will not have the blessing of the true Elohim of Israel who created him as a chosen Jew. Doiri is traipsing on abomination and wickedness against the Torah. I pray for his release from those lying demons and evil spirits. We are in the last days before Mashiach takes over. The elect of God can be deceived. The deception(s) will only increase. I pray for your faithfulness to your Makor Ministry and that this entry of the Raelians on your wall does not draw others seeking the truth of the Hebrew God to follow Raelian religion. Save us, Yehovah, with Your very Self and keep us in Your true Light and Truth now and forever and protect Nehemia’s Wall on the Internet for You!

      I love your teaching video on the Yom Kippur War. It is the truth of the God of Israel’s protection of you, the Chosen People of God of all the nations of the earth.

  24. These Raelians sound a lot like many other humans. They assume what they are able to observe about themselves is all there is. Wonder if Psalms 14:1 fits?

    • Wow, just looked at the other video. The one where they claim that one day by manipulating DNA, cloning and eventually transferring the mind they will have eternal life.

      The problem I have with their idea of eternal life is, we all live in and are bound by this pesky thing called spacetime. The dimension of matter is the dimension of spacetime. In the dimension of spacetime nothing lives forever.

      In my opinion eternal doesn’t mean something that lasts for ‘all of time’. It means something that exists in the realm of timelessness where there is no space, there is no time. Hayah, Hoveh, Yihyeh

      Maybe Im just crazy too 🙂

      • There is Truth in your opinion, David. I also believe we will live eternally in timelessness (Eternity). Glory to Abbah Yahuah!

  25. Ok, now that I’ve stopped laughing, let me ask the same question that was posed to that amazing one-man brain trust, Christopher Hitchins: If little green men created us, who created them??? Reminds me of another story about an angel named Moroni (the plural of moron)…

    • Right on, Brenda. Moments ago, I spoke that M-word to my friend. Sticking to the un-created, eternal, invisible YeHoVaH borey!

    • I wonder if the ‘things’ that mankind is creating, via bioengineering, will ask the same question… Who created these humans that created us? Kind of a rhetorical question in light of an infinite reality of existence through the advancement of knowledge and creation through science…

  26. Wow…Nehemia, while I am without sufficient work (and money), and just when I am about to receive my passport for traveling to Israel, you give us this*. (HA!)
    A Hebrew voice it is, but oh my…

    Even though there is real trouble on the near/far horizon for Israel and her people, the Raelians, in my understanding, have already been drawn into the NWO’s zeitgeist and Palestinian-factor, and thus abandon YeHoVaH’s covenant with His people, which is to all people who will come. So, not taking the Raelian route, just call me Ruth (Ruth 1:16) That is why I appreciate the song by Rachael Washington, Wherever You Go – The Vow, on For Zion’s Sake. I am keeping my hope and plans to arrive in Tel Aviv, come what may. I agree that we should evaluate how we sound to others, but keep in mind that Light (real light) is not comprehended in darkness and, thus will understandably be viewed as strange, odd, or crazy even though it is actually Aleph, Mem, Tav / emet. So, don’t avoid the labels at the expense of truth.

    *Nehemia, your art of interviewing has risen to a new level. Reverse translating – great! I love your last line.

    Shalom to you, and in Israel (but please prepare yourselves).

  27. Thank you for bringing this episode. I just read a fascinating book called Alien Intrusion (http://usstore.creation.com/catalog/alien-intrusion-updated-expanded-p-980.html) and the encounter experience in this episode is very much like what is described in this book. The key was that Raelin always wanted a UFO experience – so he was open to visitation. I don’t agree with all of the theology in Alien Intrussion but it is worth reading for the exhaustive research into this phenonmenon. The history discussed in this episode also reminded me of the book of Enoch where a group of angels taught men secret arts including genetic manipulation.
    I see this all as part of the great deception. People will take any nugget of truth and spin it into some new religion or understanding. Anything to avoid following after the one true God – Yehovah – and His ways.
    Thank you Nehemia for sharing a very interesting Hebrew voice!

    • I am so glad, Dawn, that you know of and offer for this dialogue Gary Bates’ excellent book. I have the audiobook and have seen his video presentation, but that was a decade ago. This is serious information that the adversary of YHVH is using against Israel…and all humanity. The pressure is mounting…

      (TY, Nehemia, for allowing the link to stay.)


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