Confusing Peace with Terror

Star Wars Rogue OneIn Confusing Peace with Terror, learn how the new Star Wars movie Rogue One, holds the key to understanding the disastrous outcome of President Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East. Please share your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Confusing Peace with Terror

  1. Another poignant remark in the movie clip is: “We were so close to “peace”, so close” – which reflects reality as well. And probably the pursuit of this kind of “peace” will not stop so soon, and certainly not voluntarily, for they think, they have only just begun.

  2. This mirrors the mantra of the Communists during the Cold War, who said they “only wanted peace”, peace = Communist domination of the world. Not to forget that many Arab leaders and followers in their movements were trained in the former Soviet Union. Much mirrors or parallels the manner in which the Communists proceeded in their takeovers way back then. Except now in even more deadly forms, with absolutely no respect or consideration of lives.

  3. Nehemia, I was skeptical at what could be said about this topic in less than two minutes.

    Well…I am amazed (having seen this clip after seeing the full version last week) now with English subtitles, a movie clip, and accurate commentary. You are certainly the Rogue One (against the evil plot) having produced this potent truth-bomb and reality-check. What you summarized in 98 seconds is superb…but…unfortunate, given the situation of such content outside the movie screen. We have a rough ride ahead. How true but sad it is, “Confusing Peace with Terror.”

    Going rogue…(against the NWO)

  4. ” spot on” as they say but here’s another old saying
    ” Thank God & Greyhound he’s gone”

    One Big Ass Mistake America =

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