Hebrew Voices #45 – Heavenly Father’s Day (Rebroadcast)

In Hebrew Voices, Heavenly Father’s Day, Nehemia Gordon shares how he found himself at the top of a Colorado mountain, proclaiming a controversial Jewish prayer in memory of his father. You are invited to watch the video (with closed captions) or listen to the podcast. This episode is dedicated to earthly fathers everywhere, and our Heavenly Father above.

When I was eight days old, at the ceremony of my entering into the covenant of Abraham, my father named me “Nehemia Sholom.” Although my father is now gone, I am planning on celebrating this Father’s Day by honoring my heavenly Father Yehovah, who also called me by name. The prophet Isaiah promises us:

“And now, thus says Yehovah, your Creator, Jacob, your Maker, Oh Israel, 'Do not be afraid for I have redeemed you; I called you by name. You are mine.'” Isaiah 43:1

I believe anyone who enters into covenant with Yehovah is called by name. Please join me this Father’s Day in honoring our heavenly Father. I know Father’s Day isn’t a “real” holiday. It’s not commanded in the Bible. But most of the world, set this day aside to honor their earthly fathers who named them. I think it would be great if we could also remember to focus on our heavenly Father who called us by name into His holy covenant.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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14 thoughts on “Hebrew Voices #45 – Heavenly Father’s Day (Rebroadcast)

  1. Nehemiah your father taught you a very important lesson and I Loved the way you honored both your earthy father and your heavenly FATHER. Hope to meet you in Israel…..

  2. Oh nehemiah, this is so Beautiful and so very touching. I’m grateful to have heard this Kadish prayer and your lovely explanation. Truly enjoy and appreciate the discussions which you, Keith and Jonah share. Abba bless you All, abundantly.

  3. Thanks for explaining kadish. I too thought it was some form of superstition with no place in a believers prayer life. But it glorifies GOD our creator and we need more prayers like it.

  4. My dad is 84 and has developed dementia. I can not be near him because it makes him emotionally unstable. My grandmother is 92 and getting ready to pass. She rsised 7 kids and helped raise 7 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Thank you for sharing this. No matter how strong our faith, it is painful when our loved ones depart from us physically. Your bravery gives me courage to endure this time. Thank you.

    • What a dreadfully hard time to go through… I lost my grandmother last year and it was a dreadful time for my family. I can’t imagine the stress and grief associated with experiencing this combination of circumstances. May Yehovah strengthen you according to his word and comfort you with his unfailing love in this time and hereafter

  5. In our own efforts to better our parents, many times we get rid of so many things we did not understood, and later we has to turn and pick them back, with much pain. Shalom, Nehemiah. For many of us such is the road to searching for and knowing Yah.

  6. I was in the audience in Colorado Springs the day your father died Nehemiah… This is the first time I’ve watched this video, but not the last. I’ve learned a great lesson, and I owe both you and Keith an apology for what I and my husband were thinking that day.

    We had traveled over 100 miles to listen to you again (the first time in Albuquerque NM). Now I know why you seemed distant and not really into the day. I also have a greater understanding of the deep bond between you and Keith. You are brothers, doing the work you were born to do.

    Now I know that I need to go in prayer to ask forgiveness for feeling slighted the day your dad died. I wish I could speak with you both…. for so many reasons.

    For now I pray for blessings for you both and the work you do. I ask Our Father to forgive my thinking. I judged you both, and that is my sin.

    Baruch Dayan Hasmet…. He has given me great understanding.

  7. This is not the first time I have watched this…. I saw the video when Micheal Rood originally posted it but it makes it no less powerful seeing it again. I took a moment alone in my living room to glorify Our Fathers Name. Thank you for sharing the words of the prayer so I could meditate on the words (since I don’t know Hebrew) I was so blessed by it. May Yehovah bless you Nehemiah and continue to use you in powerful ways.

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