Torah Pearls #51 – Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20)

Torah Pearls Nitzavim, alah, bitterness, choice of life or death, Circumcised, Circumcised flesh, Circumcised heart, Circumcision, covenant, curse, David, Deuteronomy, drunkard, exile, Ingathering, Joshua, kibbutz, mysterious, nehemia gordon, Nitzavim, oath, parashah, Parsha, parshas, parshat, prosperity, repentance and forgiveness, revealed, root, secret, secrets, sober, Torah Pearls, Torah Portion, wormwoodIn this episode of The Original Torah Pearls Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20), we revel in the five verses that sum up the entire Bible - the wonderful and terrible responsibility given to mankind to choose. But what qualifies one to choose the life-giving covenant? Social status? Being in the camp? Does the name of God provide a clue? And how is this covenant sealed—with a kiss or a curse? Is comprehension of the covenant too difficult for stiff-necked mortals? Whose name do we call on for help? Gordon concludes with a Hebrew word study that reveals what true prosperity looks like for those choosing Torah—a radiant bride with a loving and joyful groom.

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13 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #51 – Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20)

  1. Thanks, guys! What a blessing(as always), and just amazed at how many of the hidden things(from me) that you can uncover in a relatively short time. By the by, it was Sec. of Def. Donald Rumsfeld(under G.W. Bush) that talked about ‘what we don’t know we don’t know, etc..’ and I think he wrote a book with that in the title… Nehemiah expressed puzzlement regarding the Nephaliim(I think), additionally, I’d like to know just who in the world the People of the Land of Nod were. At any rate, YHVH bless you all!

  2. My favorite Torah portion! Until I became Karaite I believed that YHVH gave us laws that were too difficult for us. I used to wonder – Was it a mistake on His part? No, He doesn’t make mistakes. Then it must have been intentional, which would be abuse. No, He is loving. – It didn’t make sense and it cast a shadow on my relationship with Him. Now I know that it was a misunderstanding on my part. Torah is not too difficult, nor is it too mysterious, and His love is much clearer to me now!

  3. I was baptized into a Christian church well over 20 years ago, but Yehovah has led me to where I am today, spending more wonderful, blessed time in what Keith calls “The Big Book.” Since being introduced to the teachings of Keith Johnson & Nehemia Gordon last year, the truth that I felt I was desperate to encounter has finally been uncovered. I now read the “The Little Book” in light of the the Big Book instead of the other way around & spend a good amount of my time being overwhelmed by what I have missed & frankly, what has been stolen from all of us who call ourselves Christian.

    Which brings me to this week’s Torah portion. Thank you so very much for spending all that time on who Yehovah made His covenant with. Years ago I read words in the “Old Testament” concerning foreigners worshiping with Israelites & was awed by the fact that I was one of those foreigners who would someday worship on Mount Zion with God’s chosen people. When I read 29:10 – 15 this week I cried, literally. What beautiful knowledge for me to have & I’ve missed it for 20+ years. To hear Nehemia spend all that time on those verses & link them to Isaiah 56 (I had done the same) confirmed that my tears of joy & sadness were not wasted. Certain things that I have believed for years are finally being confirmed, all because I now know that I’ve been reading backwards all these years & I’m not doing that anymore.

    May Yehovah continue to bless you all. May He continue to give you the information, inspiration, & the open doors to give that information & inspiration to people like me, the blind & the deaf but searching to see & hear.

  4. I thought it interesting that the word “alah” (From אָלָה (H422)) means a curse or cursed due to not keeping the covenant…..I reckon that is why Satan allows himself to be called allah by Muslims sine it is a covenant breaking false god and certainly is cursed!

  5. Wow….I am overwhelmed by the wondrous things that YAH has revealed thru your discussion on this Torah portion . I am in awe of the richness of His Word. Thank you for sharing.

  6. In my heart YHVH called me to search out and examine myself all things. He is The TRUE aspect of all things. Too many teachings, YSHVH told all to follow HIM as HE and YHVH are ONE, so no division can be in His Camp of dwelling souls.

    Study to show thyself APPROVED UNTO YHVH!!!

    He NEVER CHANGES, NOR DOES HE RETURN VOID… His answer has been accomplished and will be until…
    He will bring all people to where He chooses/Chose/continues!

  7. If we could really circumcise our own hearts and walk freely from sin, then why the need for an atonement sacrifice year after year? Yes, we are commanded to walk according to the covenant and yes, we are commanded to offer sacrifices for sin but why would there continue to be sin if we were really able to fulfill the original instruction?
    My point is that the sacrificial system DOES NOT remove sin from us. It is simply a picture of what was to come. The blood of animals makes no atonement hence the person standing there that day would have been cleansed, not to sin again. But that didn’t happen.
    We are to bring this dilemma to the Father. How can we possibly walk according to this covenant when there is no cleansing from the blood of animals? The answer is in the perfect spotless blood of the lamb of YHVH. Even if you do not want to make the connection, you are denying the dilemma and denying the answer to the dilemma.
    YHVH WILL DO THE CIRCUMCISING….so that we can walk according to the covenant with freedom and cleansing. Only this remedy will save and redeem us from the captivity of sin.
    Every man must reconcile this dilemma.

  8. Deuteronomy 29:19b “for I walk in the stubbornness of my heart in order to add the satisfied from thirst to the thirsty” -translation by Nehemia Gordon

    Satisfied from thirst = a soul that shall be as a watered garden (see Isaiah 58:11 and Jeremiah 31:12, 17:7-8).

    Thirsty = the opposite! perhaps a soul that shall be as a dry wasteland (by supposition, via considering the opposite). Also see Isaiah 29:8, 32:6, 44:12; Jeremiah 2:25,17:5-6, 23:10-11; Hosea 2:3.

    Also, something about Deuteronomy 29:19 reminds me of Deuteronomy 8:15.

    the rock of flint…
    [filled with water; representing salvation (Deut 32:15), God]

    thirsty ground…
    [filled with thirst, fiery serpents, scorpions; representing rebellion (Ezekiel 2:6), wickedness (Psalm 107:33-34)]

  9. Greetings Nehemia,

    Concerning your excitement when discussing Deu 30:1-4, and Isa 56:6-8, about the gathering in, the ingathering by Yehovah, how about also including Isa 66:18-22? Also, please consider the following when getting excited about the wonderful information Yehovah has given in these verses: What is the title commonly used by most folks for the third feast of Yehovah? What is the first title Yehovah gave for that feast? What is the common activity Yehovah is accomplishing in all three of His feasts?

    Yarah Shalam,

  10. About the circumcision… In my deepest heart of hearts, Yah deal with me if I am wrong. It is my understanding that YHWH Himself was circumcised “when His beloved Son was cut off. ” This is something I hope everyone will consider, and this is of the circumcision of His heart and flesh. The Bible says that Yahushua was circumcised, and if we love him, we will follow his works and do what he does.

    I haven’t heard anyone else share this, but Abba has put this in my circumcised heart.

    The Bible says that Yahushua suffered in all things that man can suffer from. When he hanged there on the Roman execution stake, he knew he was a dead man and it was his MISERY to be separated from his Abba YAH if only for a second. Consider this too.

    It is my understanding that YHWH Himself knows suffering, and all the things we mere men and women suffer in this life. Even though we are just a small speck in the universe, YHWH is with His people, and knows our sufferings personally.

    Thanks you men of Yah for your wonderful Torah Pearls!
    Laurie Jo

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