Torah Pearls #52 – Vayelech (Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30)

In this episode of The Original Torah PearlsVayelech (Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30), we discuss traditions we were taught concerning the Torah—a Law so simple ancient Israelites were expected to obey just by hearing it every seven years. They examine how religious traditions can stray from the intent of Torah—to hear, to learn, to fear, and to do. Regarding who “crossed over,” God or Joshua, Gordon discusses the Hebrew concept of dual causality—where the actions of the sender and the messenger are equal—a perk when partnering with the Creator of the universe. Gordon also provides Hebrew word studies that both boggle and thrill the mind—God “puts on” the suit on a man? All nations will be grafted in? The trio concludes by discussing the livability of Torah and the strength and courage required to keep it.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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17 thoughts on “Torah Pearls #52 – Vayelech (Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30)

  1. Shalom Nehemiah,

    I have head this Torah Pearl episode previously at the 1hr. & 10min mark where your internet connection prevents you from being Heard.

    And once again I am left with the Thirst in my Soul to know what thoughts you as One Who Walks for The Most High Sender El Elion our Elohim, The Only Eternal One Yehovah would have us Hear to help us all follow The Most High.

    Can you please expand in a article on the Topics you would have spoken on.

    Yehovah shine his face over you Nehemiah
    Alberto Trevino
    Standing on the wall

  2. Keith,

    I have been called a Torah teacher, a title which I feel to bold before YAHWAH to put on. With scepticism, I met Nehemia in 2011. I am very critical of those of us who present and comment on the word of YAHWAH. Not understanding what Karite meant, I was prepared to rebuff any Judaic manipulations he may present from “A Prayer to Our Father”, which I bought afertward. Though I don’t personally know him, I found him to be my friend/brother in the searching out of our Father’s word and have listened to what he has to say concerning it. I am content with what The Lord has given me though I must admit that I have been a bit envious of your close friendship. I have come to concider you to be my friend and brother in the same way, though alittle closer to my “tradition” as I was raised in, but found I had to leave, the Church of Christ. As I was preparing this week’s Torah portion for presentation to the group I meet with (Hebraic Roots Felowship of Bozeman, Mt.) I heared and was impressed, despite my jealousy, by an insight of yours which illuminated an aspect of YAHWAH’s word that was very helpful.


    John Duncan

  3. Thank you for another great episode of Torah Pearls. Wish I would have found you sooner…Nehemiah, you said that some say you mustn’t recite Torah by heart. I have heard the very opposite, that from a young age, especially boys were supposed to memorize and I assume recite scripture in order to prove they had memorized it. If you didn’t, you couldn’t “climb the ladder” and continue studying Torah in order to teach it, but would learn your father’s trade. Any comment?

  4. Shalom… I have a question… Is it really possible to read the whole Torah during Sukkot, I mean out loud to the congregation? Was it the whole Torah or parts of it, and if so, what parts? How was it done, really?

  5. Thank you, Nehemia, for explaining “Blessed” can also mean “grafted” because I have struggled with understanding how I will ever be a part of this wonderful offer of joining the people of Yehovah and not just someone on the outside looking in. When you said blessed can also mean grafted in, my heart burst and tears spilled. Those words were the ones missing to bring the promise to reality for me.

  6. Shalom Nehemia! At the end of this week’s Torah portion you attempted twice to expound on the words עד תמם. Could you explain the concept here please? I would like very much to know what you were about to say! Toda raba.

  7. Shalom brothers. This concept of “duel causality”. I’ve written in the margin “The blending of spirit and flesh as expressed in words and deeds”. Would this be an acceptable and accurate summation? as pertains to Deut. 31:3 and Judges 2:16-18 anyways? Blessings to all!!!

  8. I have a quick question; in my notes I wrote that you said that Gen 12:3 could be translated grafted, yet when I looked it up in my Strong’s that wasn’t an option. Please, share what source you used to confirm that. I think that is very cool!
    Thank you,

      • No, I won’t find that in Strong’s! Your answer has put me on the right track, though, thank you:)
        I’m not sure where in the world you are, but I noticed the time stamp of your response. I pray you are a “late-nighter” like me and it’s not because you are having trouble sleeping…
        Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge!
        May YaHoVaH bless you in an unexpected way, so much so it leaves you awestruck!!

  9. Nehemia,

    I understand your desire to keep your faith a true faith free from tradition and not becoming a denomination. As a non-traditional follower of Yeshua (i.e. “Christian”?) living in Vietnam, I worship, praise, and pray to Yehovah alone. I don’t fit into any church here, nor the Chabad House synagogue here. I am utterly alone. But Yehovah is my rock; He is with me wherever I go.


  10. Nehemia,

    I very much appreciate your publicly and openly sharing your growth experience. I’m currently, unfortunately, on the judge end of that spectrum, and have recently been praying on this very matter. I would also like to thank you for sharing the very personal story of your conversation with your father following the passing of your dear friend. I imagine that I am not the only person who has been helped through your decision to share.

  11. praise yahshua nehemia,
    there are so many things that have been such a blessing. talmud does not out weigh the torah nothing does. (brit chadesha) heaven and earth will pass away but the word of elohim alone will stand. well with heaven and earth passing away so will mans doctrine. the remnant that will be saved from the two sticks will be those that stand on the word of elohim alone and rid themselves of mans doctrine. you have been a blessing in many ways may yahshua bless and keep both you and your family. be blessed. shalom my brother.

  12. Try Aviv Moon. Their number is 010 5916830. Only place in South Africa that I know of that stocks Hebrew root related books.

  13. Dear Nehemia, I noticed that you said you need other people to report the sighting of the New Moon next month. I’m not in Israel but in Johannesburg RSA, and I sighted the New Moon this month at 6:30pm already. We’re on GMT and I think only an hour ahead of Israel, although Aliza Abramowitz at Israel365 assured me that we are currently on the same time. I think it has to do with ‘Daylight Savings Time’ which we don’t have in South Africa. It’s now still Winter and the sky is mostly clear at night, due to the fact that it’s our windy month (August and September – sometimes into October) getting ready for Spring. It is bitterly cold some days, and then other days it’s like and Indian Summer. Let me know whether you can use my help? Regards, Mandy Smith. PS: Have you asked Keith about the books, where I can get them here, or can you help me? (As most of them are the books you have written) Thank you.

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