What Bible Translation is Best

In this video I share the inherent problem with Bible translations, a few of examples of bad translations, and my recommendation if you must use one. Please share your comments below.

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  • Jen Gates says:

    In regards to suggesting that the NRSV is a better translation, is that the same as the ESV? I have heard on one hand that they are the same, and on another that they are different. Thanks!

  • John says:

    I study “The Scriptures” by the ISR. I used to study only the “new testament” at a stage in its many translations. However, it is 6 years now that I study the Torah of Moshe from Shabbat to Shabbat. As I am doing it my eyes are constantly opened to the false Christian misconceptions as well as many of the zealous Scirbes’ and Pharisees’s own interpretations and additions. My prayer for you and us is that the Most High Elohim leads us and guides us in trusting Him to “open my eyes that I might see wonders from Your Torah” Teh 119:18 (i got this from one of your shows with Keith Johnson)
    There was a man called Yeshua though and he came to teach us the Torah, not to start a new religion. I do reserve my thoughts as to who he really was as I do not know that yet. I trust in Father to show that to me and you and all who seek the Torah with our whole life.
    If we rely on any translation we fail miserably. We have to do real Teshuva and get into a real relationship with the Holy One of Israel as in the days of old.

    Blessed are you in what you do
    Thank you Nehemia