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In this video I discuss what separates Rabbinical Jews and Karaite Jews, where I see prophetic fulfillment of the in-gathering happening today, and an observation about the importance of unity I made while in a small village in Canada. I look forward to reading your comments below.

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  • Sheila says:

    Love hearing you, Nehemia, especially in Torah Pearls and Prophet Pearls weekly.

    In this video, you said of the Messiah who will come:
    1) He will be descended from the line of David.
    2) He will bring peace to the world.
    3) He will defeat Israel’s enemies.
    4) He will gather the exiles.

    1) Can you give scripture references for these four qualifications? The word “Messiah” is rarely used in our English translations, and even then I’m not sure it is used properly.
    2) Do you know which of David’s sons he will be from? Solomon didn’t have the best ending to his reign. :-/
    3) I’ve been told (by Orthodox who are affiliated with the temple preparations) that the Messiah will also build the next temple. Do you agree with that?

  • Talmai Turner says:

    Nehemia, when you spoke about the coming of the messiah, I was reminded of something in Ezekiel that currently challenges my intellect.

    In 37.25 Yehovah said the people will dwell forever in the land “with My servant David as their prince for all time.” Then in 45.8 He mentioned there will be princes. I assume these princes are members of the Royal family. Does that sound right?

    P.S. I think David ha-Melekh himself will be the future king. Everybody waits for the first or second arrival of a messiah, but I wait for the resurrection of David.

  • Dot Olsen says:

    Marvelous! Thank you for sharing this interview with us!

  • Mary says:

    Hemi, very good.

    Loved what you said about loving the Talmud. I xplained very well.
    Thank you AGAIN.

  • YIshisLassie says:

    Yes, it is so obvious that there is something dreadfully unhealthy about the DNA of the Christian church … schism and persecution from day one of its founding by Constantine and Co.. And the chabad here where I live is barely tolerates me for feast days. Divide and conquer. We know who is really behind that kind of system – a dark and nefarious spiritual tactic.

    A vision is shaping in my spirit. I’m seeing Jews and Christians falling in love with one another and becoming as Torah-faithful as they are able to be at any given point of knowledge and understanding, and as gracious as possible regarding beliefs in past Messiahs (deliverers sent by YHVH), while at the same time pinning our ultimate hope and expectation on believing in the final one – knowing (as Nehemia reminds us) – that he will be our Yehovah-ordained earthly King, and will straighten it all out for all of us once and for all. All camps will be surprised to one degree or another! Growing up a Torah-knowledgable evangelical Christian, I never understood why anyone would ever need to divide over various mind-bending doctrinal interpretations since we can never know who is right until He comes. I suspect that all of us will have at least SOME “wrong” in our beliefs at that time – a great equalizer. Let’s just live and Love in that understanding now &; >

    I think that we are in the day where we need to SERIOUSLY understand that Yehovah expects us to stand strongly united in order that we can (as Torah states) BRING GLORY TO HIM as the world witnesses His end-time prophecies come about as painlessly as possible due to our surrender to trust His word, love and respect one another. We need to be brave and do our part to cooperate with His beautiful storyline and facilitate all of the tribes of Israel being summoned – welcomed Home to our territories to live in mutual respect, joy and shalom – and that the temple be built, These things are PROPHESIED, so let’s see them happen as soon as possible so He can get on with His agenda. We know that violence will follow each step of the way, and we need to support one another through these wee hours of the end of time until He appears.

    I just saw it today as Nehemia was speaking – that this is the kind of faith and unity essential for the End Time events to continue to unfold and usher Messiah to earth most quickly and with the least amount of pain and upheaval. It is surely the vision of Messiah Yeshua when he said that he came for the lost sheep of Israel whom they did not know about, while at the same time spending so much time pointing people (in such Karaite fashion) to live out the Mosaic Torah from hearts that embrace and reflect the love and good will of our maker toward us, his universe, and all humankind.

    This is my intercessory prayer.

    Thank you, and bless you both 100-fold Nehemia and Bob O’Dell. (I’m happy to find your site, Bob! And, Nehemia, I am so happy to witness the covenant of YHVH at work in you as you seem to me to be demonstrating what it means to “have no need for any man to teach you.” I gotta run now, so no time to find the reference …)

    Y’Ishis Lassie teaching English in China

  • Kitty Corbett says:

    Nehemia, you are ignoring the elephant in the room! Why is there no mention from your mouth of the other tribes dispersed from Israel and prophesied to return? Judah is but the chief tribe to which eternal kingship is granted; but the House of Israel is the greater part of the Whole House of Israel, is it not? And what I see–that is I believe has been revealed to me–is that Christians, which claim to worship the same God as Jews, yet combine the truths of Torah together with a multitude of pagan practices and Papal inventions, represent the Lost Tribes which, when Moshiach is revealed, will have their eyes opened. They will say “surely our fathers have inherited lies” (Jer. 16:19) and repent, cast off their adopted paganism, return to true worship (ten men clinging to the tzit tzit of every Jew, Jech. 8:23), and return to the Land. Is not the USA the very picture of Ephraim, Joseph’s son given the greatest blessing of all Jacob’s sons? “For I am ever a father to Israel, Ephraim is My first born,” Jer. 31:9). “For I have drawn Judah taut, and applied my hand to Ephraim as to a bow…” (Jech. 9:13) Israel needs its greater part, and under President Trump, the USA will definitely join Israel in its fight against all its enemies, a fight in which the Father will join and Israel will, of course, win. Nehemia, you’re the closest thing we have to a priest in these latter days, like it or not; please consider the Lost Tribes and lay the groundwork for the two sticks to become one (Ez. 37:15 – 23) once they realize that if Torah is true, the New Testament program can’t be. I personally believe that if Jesus even existed, he was a Karaite Jew who got a really bad rap by the Roman conquerors.

  • Red says:

    A helpful discussion, as a Southern Baptist seeking to please HaShem, I have looked to 1st century believers and their environment to better understand and follow, but had not considered how more recent history has twisted G-d’s will for us, I guess we all want to hide the villains in our own family tree.